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  1. To host on photobucket and use as your signature:

    1. Go to and create a free account

    2. Once your free account is created, log on (if you are not already) and go to "my album" (there are three blue tabs towards the top left, one says home, one is 'my album' and one says find stuff)

    3. You will see a box that say's "Upload to" which has 3 'browse' buttons. Click on one of the browse buttons, locate where your signature is saved, select it and hit ok. Then hit the upload button and it will upload your signature.

    4. Once uploaded to your photobucket account, you can scroll down and you will see the image you just uploaded. Below it is 3 boxes of code. Double click the 3rd box (IMG code) so that it copies.

    5. Go to your User CP on SC and click on edit signature. Then delete your current signature picture (in the upload signature area there is a box to check to delete current picture - check the box and then save signature). Then in the main signature box (not upload sig picture) paste the IMG code you copied from photobucket and click save signature.
  2. Again many many many thanks...........But I don't know how to add to my profile so that it can be veiwed?
  3. You did such an awsome Job THANK_YOU thank-you thank-you!
  4. Color Pink/romantic writing/ I would be happy with just about anything.COOL> Thanks again
  5. Just send me a PM with details on what colour / theme / text you would like on the signature
  6. I would love a signature.........I really don't know how to do very much.I am trying!
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