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  1. thx; enjoy ur day
  2. thanks, I'm in rep jail; have a good hump day
  3. Thank you; I hope u & ur family have a great Easter !!!
  4. Thanxs fur the repping,,,,I only post on the Q thread,,,, not much but I am around. cheers
  5. thank you; I was looking 4 ur posts to rep u, but can't find them. The one on Q I've used & u can't rep the same post twice. Where else do u post ?? What station ?? Enjoy the sun, even though it's cool.
  6. thank you; have a great w/end
  7. g.m., thanks for the rep
  8. thanks, just going out to clean my car; can't wait to put the top down & just drive !!
  9. the sun, the sun !! have a beautiful w/end
  10. thank you; have a great one !!
  11. thanks 4 the rep, hope ur day's going well
  12. thanks; here's to a QUITE, but busy Friday
  13. thx; springs coming - really
  14. thanks; have a great day
  15. right back @ u
  16. a late thank you for the rep
  17. thx - tgif
  18. thank you - g.m. - happy hump day
  19. thanks 4 the rep; g.m.
  20. thanks again; have a good eve
  21. thank you = g.m.
  22. g.m. & thx 4 the rep
  23. thank you 4 the rep; hope u have a good day
  24. thank you; enjoy this sunny Tues
  25. thx
  26. thank you - have a great day
  27. g.m. thx 4 the rep
  28. thx 4 the rep
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