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  1. Of course! I signed up for a few baby clubs, all when I first got pregnant. But they've all started sending now that my due date is closer. So I'll keep my fingers crossed yours comes soon!
  2. I didn't consider that! Maybe its coming soon then lol. Thanks so much
  3. You should call them, because I just got a package from them last week. A bag, a change pad, some formula, a bottle and a coupon for goodstart. No food yet but thats cause Baby isn't even born yet I imagine. Try calling and seeing why yours is delayed. I signed up monthes ago but they just sent it now because I'm closer to my due date .
  4. I kind of did but I'm not sure if the program has changed. Five years ago, the only way I knew you could get those jarred food coupons was to join Nestle's baby program and they'd send you a bag, change pad, formula, coupons, bottle, etc,. Then as the baby grew, they would send you more coupons for formula and baby food. I applied for the same program again a few months ago and still haven't received anything.. and apparently they don't send you the same things they used to send. I was thinking of calling and asking them where my package is but I'm just interested in the baby foods, not in using any of their formula products. May do that on Monday *shrug*
  5. You could always try emailing or calling and ask. Wouldn't hurt!
  6. Haha yeah I stopped wondering about people! I wonder if Gerber sends out coupons for their baby foods.. may be easier than getting what I'm looking for here Not many people have them!
  7. I don't understand people sometimes. If you want to trade then trade. If not, shhh and stop being fussy!
  8. lol I asked these two people about their Gerber coupons and they were so fussy and greedy *shakes head*
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