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    Wow, thats crazy!!! I use BP coupons & coupons all the time & no problems...maybe they are just jealous of your savvy savings!!! Boo on them...find another store that welcomes you & your business!! They can't take your points so check on the 29/30 June for your points!!

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    Thank's everyone! I would return everything but, then I wouldn't get my 20X at all. I can however say I will never visit that store again! I have 3 more shoppers within 10 min. of me so, I will take my business to one of these other stores. I am still pissed! That manager was a complete b***ch and always looks miserable!

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    Sorry to hear about your experience yesterday.

    At the bottom of my receipt from yesterday they had a part where it said Please tell us about the service you received in our store today and you could win 1 of 50 prizes of $1000 in gift cards double your chances of winning by going online at or call 1-800-701-9163. then there was your certificate #.

    You could enter a contest and air your griefs with them at the same time : )

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