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    Bought and tried this yesterday.

    Pillow is nice and firm. Actually feels very nice and comforting.

    Problem 1) the hole for my ear is up too far and in order for my ear to fit into hole I have to stretch my neck like as if I am searching for other planets and stars at night. This also makes my cheeks push up into my eye area and pulls my face out of alignment.

    Problem 2)I am a larger person and it just won't lay straight down my back like it is suppose to. My excess weight pushes it out like a tail.

    Returned it. I was so sad to see it go. I was wanting it to work so badly. I haven't had a comfortable sleep in years. My arm falls asleep before I do which of course means I have to readjust constantly.
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    well this slide sleeper is a cool one to have now for us.

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    I have been using one for a while and love it, it takes some getting used to and time to find the right angle but once you do, its great
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