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Thread: How would you combine a graduation/birthday.

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    GOOD lUCK AND HAVE FUN! Don't worry about the weight no one is going to notice and you have so many other accomplishments completed for this party, just be proud of what you did do and the 5 pounds.
    I have a good solid 20 pounds to lose and I just consider my body to be a work in progress and I know it will come off, I just don't need the stress of a specific time frame.

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    well a final update on the party.. it was yesterday. and minus a few glitches... we forgot pick up the helium graduation balloons ordered and paid for a month ago.. but no biggie there, we never lit the candles in the centerpieces, no biggie, I DEF. should have made more cupcakes as they were a HUGE hit.. and everyone was gone by 10:30 so our 'dance party' ended quickly. but all in all it was awesome. only one person didn't show up. (no surprise a story i won't get into) but we did have some surprise guests that made it worth it. the food was fantastic thanks the restaurant. TONS of laughter and chatter.. his slide show was great.. minus the 15 minute lawl as my hubby had to run home to retrieve the USB stick the pictures were on... but lots of awws and giggles, many compliments on it. everyone was commenting on how great everything looked. 'such a nice job'.. he now has a signed matt for his grad picture to hang. plus i had everyone sign a card at their tables individually with a note or something special and WOW. those im sure will def. be a wonderful treasure for him to enjoy later. many tears shed reading those. even my son while setting up yesterday afternoon commented 'wow mom you really did do alot'.. lol. yes son i did. it was nice to know he noticed work i did. some very special bonuses/blessings also.. my youngest surprised us all and after we were done and cleaning up he completely cleaned every table and had all the dishes etc' organized on one table and was helping me get all the stuff put away and clearing all the linens. i was shocked. he was taking pride in that. as well he may have a little Ft job in the works for the summer... in addition my oldest impressed many people with his dj'ing talents and also may have scored a few 'gigs'. im so proud of both of them. all in all it was a great night. if i can get my camera to work later once we've put all the stuff away.. i'll download a few pics.
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