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Thread: Dreamcatcher1962's Back on Track VWT- Envies Heading Home

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    Expired on: Tue, Jun 5th, 2012
    I will take 10 rider's for this train plus myself for a total of 11

    Please read the rules carefully before joining

    Newbies Welcome

    No Minimum Trade Rating required, BUT, No Negative Feedback.

    You will send each rider 3exactcoupons from their wishlist.

    Wishlist's must have 40 items or more
    FPCs are to be above the 40 required.
    Maximum of 3 Specific UPC's- Make Wishlists reasonable. We don't want this to be a stamp train

    Please do not request Gift Cards for this train.

    FPC's = 3 Coupons
    1 New Stamp = 1-2 Missing coupons
    Coupons are to expire May 31st or later.

    Please note that I make a point of checking all coupons to ensure they are correct.
    If you do not follow this rule, I reserve the right to return your envie home to you using your boarding pass.
    I know people make mistakes and will work with you to correct any made, but I will not use my own coupons to correct your mistakes.

    If a rider agrees to accept an early expiry you MUST send me the pm showing the acceptance.

    Please Sort and label to/from with baggies or paperclips. No saran wrap, tape or staples please.

    4 New Postage Stamps (3 to return your envie home and 1 for me as conductor)

    Any FPC for any product on my wishlist (no stamps required)
    $2.00 CT Money (no stamps required)

    Prize for Most Generous to Conductor - A Surprise pkg of Coupons (may or may not be from your wishlist)
    * Coupons must be from my wishlist and meet the same expiry date as for the train to qualify*

    Prize for Second Most Generous to Conductor - A Package of Stickers

    ***Mail Date Will be Friday April 13th***

    Please leave feedback for your fellow passengers and conductor.
    If you have any questions please let me know.

    Please PM your wishlist and mailing address to me and post in this thread for a seat.
    Please also post in this thread once you have mailed your envie.
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    Trade List /Wishlist:

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    Under the Tuscan Sun - lol, I wish !
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    Reserved for Riders List

    Rider's List

    1.fitzgirl - mailed Apr 13 Received Apr 23
    2.rancid162001 - mailed apr 13 - Received Apr 19
    3.nadiabreckon - mailed Apr 14 - Received Apr 20
    4.chatykaty - Mailed apr 13- Received Apr 19
    5.JMarshall - Mailed Apr 16 Received
    6.Hydroxybutane - mailed Apr-Received Apr 23
    7.hijinx25 -Mailed Apr 14 - Received Apr 23
    8. Bricon1621 - mailed Apr 13 - Received Apr 18
    9. Mandolimed - mailed apr 13 - Received Apr 20
    10. Dreamcatcher1962
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    Trade List /Wishlist:

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    Jan 2011
    Under the Tuscan Sun - lol, I wish !
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    450 (100%)

    Dreamcatcher1962’s Wishlist
    TFT/Printables/Stackable/Store Specific – No
    French/ – Yes

    Aeroplan Pins 2 Pins = 1 coupon
    .75 Allens or Rougemont 2L Pure or 1.89 L
    .75 Any Fresh Produce
    Armstrong Cheese Block
    Balderson Cheese Block
    $1 Beggin Strips
    $1 Beneful Prepared Meals
    BOGO Beneful Prepared Meals
    .75 Black Diamond Cheese Blocks 340-500g Dec 31/13
    .75 Black Diamond Cheese Slices June 30/12
    Blue Diamond Almonds (NED)
    $6 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs ( 2013)
    $2 Cashmere TP
    .75 Catelli (good on any product)
    $5 Chapmans =3 Coupons
    .25 on 1 Chef Boy R Dee Feb 28/13
    .75 wub 2 Christie Crackers (Aug 31/12)
    .50 Chunky Soup,Ready to use Broth, Goldfish Crackers or V8 July 21/12
    $1 Colgate Total 125-170 ml Dec 31/12
    $1.50 Colgate Total 125-170 ml Dec 31/12
    $2 Cottonelle TP
    $4 Covergirl
    .75 Crisco Shortening
    .50 CT Money = 1 Coupon
    $1 Dempsters Bagels (websaver)
    $2 Dial Bodywash, 8pk soap
    .75 D'Italiano (any product) Sept 30/12
    $1 Dole Salad
    $2 Dove Body Wash (wub 1)
    Eggs (regular shell, not omega or liquid)
    $2 Finish Jet Dry May 31/12
    $3 Finish Quantum
    $5 wub 2 Finish Quantum , Powerball or Gel Tabs
    $1 French's Mustard Dec 31/12
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken (from ziploc box)
    .75 G.U.M products March 31/13
    $3 wub 2 Gain
    $5 wub 3 Garnier = 2 Coupons
    $2 Garnier Peelie on Shampoo
    $1 General Mills Cereal (good on any) June 30/12
    $5 wub 3 Gillette = 2 Coupons Will Take Mulitples
    $2 Gillette Body Wash (on 1) = 2 Coupons Will take Multiples
    $1 wub 2 Graves Apple Juice
    Hamburger Helper
    $2 Highliner 215-700g, Incl 227 Market Cuts Dec 31/12
    $1 Highliner 215-700g, Incl 227 Market Cuts UPC 12605169 or 12605190
    Hot Dogs ( Larsen or Maple Leaf Top Dogs
    $5 Ice Cream (from Cereal Box) = 3 coupons
    $2 Irish Spring Body Wash 443-532 ml or Antiperspirant/Deoderant 92g Oct 31/12- Multiples welcome
    Janes Chicken -$1, $2 or $3 not FlatJacks
    $2.50 Jergens Moisturizer Dec 31/12
    .75 KD Smart
    Kraft Peanutbutter
    .75 Lactantia Butter Sept 30/12 or Dec 31/13
    $1.50 Lean Cuisine (good on any)
    $1 Marc Angelo
    $3 Marc Angelo
    $5 Marc Angelo = 3 coupons
    .75+ Michelinas
    $2.50 Mini Wheats
    $1 Nivea Shower (Go Coupons)
    $1.25 Oasis Juice 1.75 L 2013 exp
    $1.50 Oasis Juice 2.63 L 2013 exp
    $2 Olay Body Wash
    Old Dutch Chips B4, Get 1 M & M's Stand up Pouch Free Sept 30/12
    Old El Paso
    $2 Old Spice Body Wash (on 1) will take multiples
    $2 Orville Reddenbaucher (Conagra )
    $1 Palmolive Dish Soap (ss insert)
    B1G1 Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner - Multiples ok
    $1.50 Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner June 30/12 - Multiples ok
    $4 Pantene Peelie = 2 coupons
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese (must be good on regular)
    Pin Code Kelloggs “Love Your Cereal” Promo **RRLF
    Pin for Free Breakfast item from Cereal box
    Pizza Pops
    Premium Plus Crackers
    Red Rose Tea - BOGO
    $2 Resolve (if there are any)
    $2 &$3 Royale
    $5 Scrubbing Bubbles Extend A Clean (July only)
    Secret Deoderant (not clinical)
    Shake n Bake
    BOGO Snuggle
    Sobey`s $ off Groceries - rrlf Multiples welcome
    Sobey`s Cent of Gas at Irving .02+ RRLF multiples welcome
    $2 Stayfree
    .50 Stride Gum (May 1 ok)
    Sunlight - BOGO
    $2 Tide or Tide Powder (on 1)
    $3 Tylenol Arthritis 50 caplet +
    $3 Venus Razor (2013) Will take multiples
    $2 VH Sauce (wub 1)
    $1 Vim
    .75 Wonder Bread
    $1 Ziploc (wub 1)
    $1 Colgate Palmolive Call in = 2 coupons
    $2 J & J Call in - good on Listerine or Stayfree = 2 coupons

    Orville Reddenbaucher Popcorn (not smartpop) = 3 coupons
    Any Laundry Detergent = 3 coupons
    Food- Please check with me first = 3 coupons
    for any product on my wishlist = 3 coupons

    Mandolimed's Wishlist

    Toonies for Tummies: No
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: No
    Printables: No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: Yes
    Online Coupons: Yes

    If I ask for a certain UPC (or ask not for a certain one, but you have another please PM me and check) …

    Thanks in advance! I don’t want my list to be too hard for anyone.

    *RRRLF:* (multiples accepted on these!)

    ~ AYLMER ACCENTS ( or 50c label) {countas 2}

    ~ AYLMER ACCENTS (insert) (not booklet ending in or*59*) {counts as 1}

    ~ CAMPBELLS; 50c any (1) product UPC *00923792* (multiples accepted!) {count as2}

    ~CAMPBELLS chunky soup {count as 1}

    ~DEL MONTE Fruit Snacks websaver or 75c tearpad (or any other not UPC ending in *73) {count as 2}


    ~ SIMILAC $10 Cheques~ Would be so grateful for! {count as all}
    ~ SIMILAC $5 magazine coupon {count as all}

    ~ PAM (valid on Original) not UPC ending in *70* or *81* {count as 2} {{multiples!!}}
    ~ PAM $1 (from Easter Bakefest booklet UPC *44406628*) {counts as all} {{multiples!!}}

    ~ VH sauces (not ending in *96-OK with Indian/Thai!-limit 1 insert/rider){count as 1}

    ~ GAY LEE Spreadables (just *NOT* UPC ending in *63 or *76 {count as 1}

    ~V8 Fusions (any but not: light products or UPC *44 or *22 or no printables)

    ____{Count AsALL-Thankyou!}____

    $10 SIMILAC Cheques.
    (please NO Similac Mom/NO Ready-to-feed Nursers/NO $1/)
    Inserts OK. Lactose Free OK. Must be good on powder tins.

    SIMILAC $5 magazine coupon
    $5 Similac Sensitive Lactose free coupon (its blue-Aug 2012 expiry only)
    $5 Similac Cheques

    $5.00 MAPLE LEAF Prime Portions
    $2 NUTRIGRAIN Superfruit
    $2 Pam (good on one)
    PAM $1 (from Easter Bakefest booklet UPC *44406628*)

    $$ off GROUND BEEF wub Hamburger Helper
    $$ off GROUND BEEF wub El Paso
    $$ off CHICKEN wub El Paso

    NORDICA Cottage Cheese FPC (Facebook Offer)
    OASIS Juice FPC
    PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese/Cooking Cream FPC
    ANY* FPC Breakfast Items (from cereal boxes)

    MCDONALDS free fries Halloween coupon
    TIM HORTONS Roll Up The Rim wins

    Almost any food FPC~just no Greek yogurt, please PM me

    GILLETTE $5.00 WUB 3 Oct 31, 2012

    ____{Count As 2}____

    Apples: Buy any 2 Nutrigrain, Special K, All-bran or Rice Krispie Bars & get 1 lb. of apples
    AYLMER ACCENTS ( or 50c label) {multiples!!}
    $0.75 fresh produce (ziploc) {multiples!!}
    $0.75 block cheese (ziploc) {multiples!!}
    $1.50 fresh chicken (ziploc) {multiples!!}
    ARMSTRONG cheese
    AUNT JEMIMA syrup
    ARCTIC Gardens BOGO
    BECEL (good on original-NOT buttery)
    BOLTHOUSE farms (good on refridgerated salad dressing) {multiples!!}
    BLACK DIAMOND cheese-any but NOT ending in *23) {multiples!!}
    CAMPBELLS ; 50c any (1) products UPC 00923792 {multiples!!}
    DEL MONTE Fruit Snacks websaver or 75c tearpad (or any other not UPC ending in *73) {{multiples!!}}
    EGGS (fresh $1wub2 dozen-heart & stroke calendar)
    JANES Chicken $2+
    JOHNSONVILLE (good on breakfast sausage)
    MARC ANGELO $1 {multiples!!}
    PAM (valid on Original-*NOT baking*/not UPC ending in *70* or not *81*) {multiples!!}
    KERNELS popcorn seasonings
    KRAFT shredded cheese $1
    KRAFT Parmesan (aged grated or shaved, 141gm) DEC.31/'12

    Heinz Baby Cereal (valid on Step 2)

    MCGAVINS bread basket (coupons from Entertainment Book Edmonton)
    OLYMEL bacon
    OLYMPIC sour cream
    QUAKER chewy granola bars

    V8 Fusions (any but not: light products or UPC *44 or *22 or no printables) {multiples!!}
    V8 {any but not ending in *22 or *31} {multiples!!}
    VH Steamers (NOT UPC ending in *38 or *12 or *00)

    $3 wub any 2 Bounty, Charmin or Puff
    $2+ HUGGIES valid on Size 3+ (no inserts please)
    ZIPLOC $3 on bread
    ZIPLOC $2wub2
    $2 ROYALE ( on paper towels or toilet paper-not april 30 expiry?)
    $3 Similac Cheques
    TIDE $3+ wub 1

    ____{Count As 1}____
    AYLMER ACCENTS (insert) (not booklet ending in or*59*)
    VH sauces (not ending in *96-OK with Indian/Thai!)
    BLACK DIAMOND Cheese strings (milk bag ) $1
    CAMPBELLS chunky soup 50c
    CATELLI 75c
    Celebrate tomatoes, buy 3 get free V8
    DARE $1 on all participating Dare and Grissol products (All You Need Is Cheesemagazine) UPC *11624657*
    DEMPSTERS Oven Fresh bread
    EGG Creations (*NOT ending in UPC *46 or *59) french toast blends ok
    FRENCH'S yellow mustard $1 (Dec 31/12 expiry)
    GAY LEE Spreadables (just *NOT* UPC ending in *63 OR *76)
    HEINZ *anything
    HUNTS paste
    HUNTS tomato sauce (not ending in upc *67*)
    HUNTS BOGO Thick N Rich
    HUNTS Thick n Rich (wub paste ok)
    HUNTS SNACK PACK (any $ value)
    LACTANTIA COFFEE Creamer (not lactose free)
    MAPLE LEAF BACON (not ready crisp, not natural selections)
    MCCAIN thin crust
    MCCAIN HEALTHY HARVEST $1.50 or $1.00 ( teapad ending in *46 )
    OASIS Juice boxes
    OASIS with 2013 expiry
    OLIVIERI pasta (
    PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese
    TABASCO (dec 2012 expiry)
    THINSATIONS (limit 1 per rider please)
    save $1 on fresh produce wub2 V8 or Vfusions-but *NOT ending in 14

    COTTONELLE $2 (Dec 2012 expiry)
    CREST Pro-Health Rinse $1 (P&G brandsaver insert-OK with May 31/12 expiry!)
    FRISKIES canned wet cat food
    $1 HUGGIES valid on Size 3+ (no inserts please)
    MAXX scoop cat litter
    SIMILAC $1 coupon
    ZIPLOC coupons

    French: N, Printables: N, Store specific: N
    TFT: N, Stack: N

    Counts as all coupons
    $2 kelloggs red peelie
    Any FPC
    $2.50 Kellogg's Corn Pops, any size (From Kelloggs Promo)(April 30, 2012)
    $2.50 off Rice Krispies cereal, any size
    $2.00 off any Nurti-Grain Bars, any size
    $2 tide
    $5 Prime Chicken(any of them is fine with me)
    $2 Bandaid Call in (J&J)

    SC Johnsons mail outs
    $6 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
    $2.50 offMini-Wheats cereals, any flavor, any size
    $3 J&J -good on Aveeno/Lubriderm, etc.
    $2.00 rice Krispy treats
    $5 maple leaf marinated boneless seasoned chicken
    $5 maple leaf portions
    $2 & $3 Royale
    B1G1 Sunlight
    B1G1 Snuggle
    Counts as 1 coupon
    $1 on any 2 packs of Schneiders Lunchmates
    $1 or $0.75 on any SnackPack Pudding 12 pack
    B1G1 Free Arctic gardens products Dec 31/12 expiry
    $1 Old dutch chip
    BOGO Gillette Razors
    $3 Clean & Clear (J&J)
    $1+ Colgate Palmolive Call in
    B1G1 Dove Chocolate Bars
    $5 WUB 3 Gillette
    $2 Stayfree Call in (J&J)
    $2 Tylenol Call in (J&J)
    $1 Dole Salad
    Marc Angelo
    $2 Oasis Juice
    Ziploc-Save $3 on Bread
    $.50 CT money = 1 coupons
    Conagra mail out
    Quaker(good on any)
    Koolaid jammers
    $1 Chef Boyardee
    aunt jemima pancake mix or syrup
    $2 wub 2 dare
    $3 janes chicken
    Stouffer's PIN's
    Aquafina Vitiamin Water
    b3g1 Sunkist Fruit Snacks
    $1 sunkist snacks
    Skippy Peanut Butter
    $0.50 Hungryman
    $1 Yoplait
    $2.00 Janes
    lunchmate bucks
    McCains Pizza
    soft soap
    $1 ANY royale product (not just TP)
    Buy 4 old dutch get free M&Ms
    $2 cottonelle TP

    BOGO amooza (no $$ off please)
    $3 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
    $1 off any charmin product
    $1 energizer max batteries
    $1 catalli pasta (
    Spin to win advil coupons
    $4 ground beef WUB taco kit
    icoke pins)
    Eggs $1 wub 2 dozen -(tear pad)
    $1 on 4 campbells soups(1per rider)any new ones?
    .50 leclerc product
    .25 chef boyarde
    $2.00 Eggo waffles 16 pack
    $2 Olay Bodywash
    $1 nutrigrain (websaver)
    Oasis jugs -(2.63L),$1.50 March 2013
    Oasis cartons -(1.75L),-$1.25 March 2013
    $1 Scott Towels (tearpad, not printable)
    .50 or .75Oasis 960ml
    allans apple juice
    2.00 Garnier Peelie on shampoo products
    1.00 Garnier Peelie on shampoo products
    2.00 Kashi Crackers
    2.00 PAM Spray
    5.00 WUB 3 Gillette (oct 2012

    2.00 Gillette Body Wash
    2.50 Jergens (dec 2012)
    1.00 White Swan
    3.00 Febreeze Home Collection(Feb 28/13)
    Live clean (no inserts)
    $1 Tampax Pearl Jan 31, 2013
    $1 Tampax Pearl Dec 31 2013
    $5 WUB 3 Garnier
    Colgate Palmolive Call-in $1
    Old Spice (2013 expiry)
    ANY huggies amount (no inserts or yellow peelies)
    $1-2 Conagra
    $2 stayfree (call-in)
    $5 wub 2 stayfree
    Schick razor or refills (NO $2 or printable)
    .75 armstrong cheese
    maple leaf hotdogs (websaver ok)
    $1 nestle water
    Dove (No Men's)


    Wishlist / Gopoupons / Websaver/ P&G - Yes
    Stackable - Yes
    Tearpads - Yes
    Printables – No
    TFT’s – No

    FPC, Call in, HV (counts as all)
    Aveeno call in $3
    Cracker Barrel FPC
    Dempsters FPC
    Filippio Berio Olive Oil – Dec 2013 expiry – save $2
    Garnier - $5WUB3
    Gilette B1G1 free Mach 3 razors
    Kraft cream cheese FPC (not cooking cream)
    Maple Leaf Prime Chicken good on Boneless, Skinless Breasts - $5
    Nutella (does this exist? LOL)
    FPC Dempsters
    FPC Eggos
    FPC Quaker – not chocolate chip oatmeal
    FPC Sunlight Laundry Detergent
    FPC Kellogg's (good for ANY kellogg's product,
    $5 Chapmans
    $5 or $10 Pampers call in

    Counts as 2
    Cracker Barrel Cheese (blocks)
    $1.00 Heinz any product (no expiry)
    John Frieda $5.00 wub2
    $1.00 Billy Bee (no expiry)
    Dare MIR
    Sunlight laundry detergent - $1 +
    Dial - $2.00 on any Dial body wash or lotion(345 ml or larger), 1.18 L liquid hand soap refill

    Counts as 1
    Activia yogurt - $1
    Apples – WUB 2 Kellogg’s nutrigrain bars, etc.
    Armstrong cheese – good on slices
    Bananas – from cereal boxes
    Campbells soups 0.50 chunky soup only – will take multiples
    Catelli SMART pasta (not whole wheat please) – will take multiples – tear pad or websaver, any denomination
    Christie crackers WUB 2 is good! – multiples happily accepted
    Clubhouse gravy B1G1 gravy product only
    Colgate Total - $1
    Crayola – any for markers or crayons only
    Danone 0.75 off any product
    Danone Danino - $1
    Dempster’s bread $2 WUB2
    D’italiano - $0.75 off any product (multiples A OK!)
    Dole – pineapples
    Europe’s Best frozen fruit or veggies
    General Mills cereal – all Cheerios varieties
    Gerber’s ANY toddler food
    $2.00 Gillette body wash
    Goldfish crackers ONLY (no grahams) – multiple A-OK!
    Heinz baby food/cereal
    Heinz toddler food/snacks
    Hunts Snack Packs - pudding
    Jane's Chicken
    Lactantia butter Sept 30, 2012 expiry only
    McCain ultra thin crust pizza - $1.00 – not printable
    Nestea or Dole drinks – $1 or B1G1
    Nestle icecream treats
    Oasis juice
    Oasis juice – juice boxes or junior juice – must be good on any variety
    Olivieri fresh pasta – not lasagne noodles
    $1 Olymel bacon
    Pampers diapers – cruisers only and not when you buy wipes, diapers, etc. with expiry in Aug. 2012 or later and must be $2 or more please
    Pampers Gift to grow points - from diaper packs count as one coupon, 4 x wipes count as one coupon
    Pampers wipes $1+ - not WUB
    Philadelphia cream cheese (pls. no dill only)
    Purex - toilet paper (not laundry soap!) - not enviro care
    Silver Hills bread
    Soft Soap hand soap only
    Spongetowels - on regular only, not enviro care
    Uncle Ben's $0.50 only UPC #08299417- expiry Dec.31 '12 – or any other coupon that is good on Natural Select (not Bistro Express etc.) – I do not own a microwave!
    Veggies (Fresh or Frozen)
    Villaggio hot dog or hamburger buns
    Wonderbread - $2 WUB2
    Ziploc (not when you buy 3) – websaver OK!

    Hydroxybutane's Wishlist
    French: No
    Printable: No
    TFT: Atlantic Canada ONLY
    Store Specific: No
    Stack: No
    *If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact*

    Wish List

    1. Aluminum Foil
    2. Baby Bonbel cheese
    3. Bag to Earth Compostable Bags
    4. Bread – whole wheat or whole grain only (no Jack’s please)
    5. Catelli Pasta (Healthy Harvest is fine)
    6. Chapmans
    7. Cheese – BLOCKS (Kraft, Armstrong, Cracker Barrel) NO ADL
    8. Cheemo Perogies
    9. Coke/Diet Coke or Coke Zero
    10. Dare or Grissol $1.00
    11. Dempster’s Bagels
    12. Dole Bagged Salads
    13. Dove or Dove’s Men
    14. El Paso coupons
    15. FPC: ANY FOOD, others please contact
    16. Frozen pizzas
    17. Eggs (the liquid ones are fine too, no Egg Whites or Omega Pro)
    18. Graves Apple Juice
    19. Healthy Steamers
    20. Imperial Margarine
    21. Irish Spring soap or bodywash
    22. Juices (not V8)
    23. Kashi Crackers $2.00
    24. Kraft Shredded Cheese
    25. Kraft Peanut Butter
    26. Lady Speed Stick
    27. Marc Angelo
    28. Nutrigrain Bars
    29. Olymel Chicken ($2.50 or more)
    30. Pads (NOT POISE or LINERS)
    31. Pepsi/Diet Pepsi
    32. Premium Plus Crackers
    33. Purex (must be on Zout)
    34. Quaker Granola Bars
    35. Quaker Oatmeal
    36. Salad dressing
    37. Spectro Gel
    38. Tampons (Tampax or U-by-Kotex)
    39. Tide/Sunlight (MUST be the scent free-hypoallergenic..Free or Natural)
    40. Tortilla CHIPS (like the nacho chips)
    41. Ziploc Bags


    Wish List

    Toonies for Tummies: Yes For Atlantic Canada
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: No
    Printables: No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: No

    Counts as all

    $5 Chapmans
    FPC Coke from OEP
    FPC Dempster's Bagels
    FPC Dr. Pepper (Facebook/
    FPC Eggo's
    FPC Green Giant wubHH
    John Frieda, $5 wub (2) John Frieda hair care products, Jun 30,2012
    Lindt FPC
    McDonalds McBistro FPC
    FPC Oasis Orange Juice Premium only
    FPC Olivieri pasta/sauce
    Olymel VIP Coupon
    FPC Quaker Instant Oatmeal
    $3 Sponge Towels WUB2 Dec Exp.
    FPC Smarties Eggs
    FPC - Superbowl Promo

    Counts as 2

    Amooza BOGO
    Fresh Chicken $1.50 (Ziplock Box)
    Green Giant Vegetables WUB HH
    $3 Ground Beef WUB HH
    Healthy Choice Steamers ( BOGO
    J&J Call-in Stayfree / Carefree / OB
    Kellogg's $1 Red Peelie
    Maple Leaf Canned Meat $1.00 WUB2 Exp Dec. 31, 2012
    Old Dutch B3G1 M&M's Free Exp Sept 30, 2012. RRLF

    Counts as 1

    Allen's, $0.75 on Allen's 100% Apple Juice 1.89L or Rougemont 2L, Dec 31,2012
    Armstrong Cheese Block, snacks or slices
    Barbours Peanut Butter $.50
    Black Diamond, $0.75 on any Black Diamond cheese
    Block Cheese $.75 (Ziplock Box)
    Bush's Beans
    Campbell's Soup (not broth)
    Canadian Club BBQ Sauce $.50 Exp Sept 31, 2012
    Campbell, save 0.50$ on 540ml chunky soup, July 31, 2012
    Cashmere $2.00
    Catelli $.75
    Christie Crackers
    Cloverleaf Tuna (not flavored or salad kit)
    Cora's Kids Meal (Bear Paws Box)
    Dairy Milk Bar $.50
    Del Monte Fruit Snacks $.75 WUB1 Exp Sept. 30, 2012
    Delmonte 1$ WUB2 refrigerated fruit cups 215ml
    D'Italino any product
    Dole Salad
    Dr. Oetker Mug Cake
    Dream Whip / Jello
    E.D Smith Save $1 WUB 3
    Fresh Produce $.75 (Ziplock Box)
    Garnier $5 wub 3
    Glutino Or Gluten Free Pantry Item $1.00 Off 3/31/2013
    Gold Fish Crackers $.50 (not Grahams) July 31, 2012
    Greenworks Save $2 WUB 2
    Hamburger Helper
    Healthy Choice, $1 Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers , Sept 1, 2012
    Helman's Mayo from Chicken Package June exp 2012 or any other
    Highliner Save $1.00 on any 215g-700g Product.
    Hormel Real Bacon Bits or Real Bacon Pieces $0.50
    icoke iTunes Pin only (says iTunes in the cap)
    Jane's Chicken
    Johnsonville Sausage (ground or whole)
    Lactantia Butter
    Marc Angelo
    Maxill Flosser Pic $.40 Exp Dec. 31, 2012
    Minute Rice (good on white)
    Oasis Orange Juice Premium only $1+
    Old Dutch Potato Chips $1.00
    Purex Crystals
    Purex Laundry Soap
    SC Johnson $1.00 +
    Spongetowels $1.00 (4's or 6's)
    Thinsations ( or websaver)
    Tide (no inserts)
    Vlasic Pickles $0.50 on any
    Ziplock (must be good on sandwich bags) Multiples ok
    Ziplock $3 bread coupon

    chatykaty wishlist
    YES to
    No to P&G new wording!!(use of more than one manufacturer
    coupon per product purchased is strictly prohibited)
    NO to printed
    No French
    NO to Toonies for tummies
    No store specific
    Stack: YES!!
    FPC catlitter
    FPC kitten chow
    FPC huggies pullups/pampers
    FPC K-Cups
    Who am I kidding,,, pretty much all FPC except smellies
    FPC from anything listed below
    FPC for mcdonalds mcbistro sandwich!!
    COUNT AS 2
    Colgate call in coupons from company
    Kimberly clarke call in from company
    glade call in
    congra call in
    unico call in
    J&J call in coupons
    $1.00/$5.00-Marc Angelo
    2.50 mini wheats centres-kellogs box
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken(from Ziploc)
    Europe'sbest, Save $1 on frozen fruit or veggie product, exp. Mar 31/13
    Old dutch $1 RRLF
    VH indian sauces $2wub1 ONLY
    Kellogg's B2 Nutri-Grain bars,Special-K bars, All-Bran bars, or Rice Krispies bars and get free apples (1lbup to a maximum value of $1.99)June 30,2012
    $5.00 WUB 3 7th generation products

    COUNT AS 1
    french fries -not yam ect just potato
    Honey nut cheerios RRLF
    bread.. Just white/grain reg bread/ no rye
    1.00 el monterey products
    .50 alymer accents
    Triscuit thin crisp crackers
    sweet Baby ray's BBQ sauce
    campbell soup- not light*not broth WUB is ok
    $0.75 Catelli Pasta (Tearpad)
    $2 wub 2 dare
    $2 PAM
    $0.50oasis 960ml
    $1.25OASIS JUICE nutrisource
    $1.50OASIS 2.63L MARCH 2013
    $1.25OASIS 1.75L MARCH 2013
    Bush's baked beans
    Heinz beans buy3 save $1 buy5 save $2 *or what ever is out there for Heinz beans
    peanut butter-not adams/or whipped/natural
    1.00+Purina Cat/kitten chow *not purina one*
    Huggies pullups-no inserts
    $1 off Pull up moist wipes (49101746
    $2 off Pull ups jumbo pack or larger (49101720, 49101733)
    arm &hammer cat litter
    Post cereal (good on any)
    Kellog’s cereal (good on any)
    General Mills Cereal (good on any)
    1.00 special k fruit crisps
    .75 GUM
    Greenworks cleaners $3 wub 3 (websaver) or any other?
    VH indian sauces .75 tearpad
    cheemo perogies
    .75 Lactania Cream(from the carton)
    $2WUB 2 dove products RRRLf

    Nadiabrekon's wishlist

    Online: Y
    French: N
    Store specific: N
    Printable: N
    Multiples: N
    Stack: N

    Coke FPC
    Dry Cat food FPC
    Cat Litter FPC
    ANY grocery FPC
    $5 Chapmans

    $5 WUB3 Garnier
    BOGO or $0.75 Thinsations
    BOGO Peak Freans
    $1/$2 Old Dutch
    $1 WUB2 Pepsi 2L
    $2 J&J Call-ins
    Betty Crocker cake mix or icing
    Milkbone dog treats (any)
    Pampers or Huggies training pants (no diapers, not WUB wipes)
    Huggies or Pampers points
    Huggies or Pampers wipes ($1 off or more)
    Tampax Tampons
    Mini Wheats (no centres)
    Corn Pops (no cinnamon)
    Shake N Bake
    Barelli Pasta
    $1 Nutrigrain (Websaver)
    Dempster's Bread (good on any)
    Catelli Pasta (any)
    $1 Hain Celestial (good on any)
    Coolision yogurt
    Oasis juice (good on 946ml)
    $2 any Tide (P&G Ok)
    BOGO Club House gravies
    $1 Colgate-Palmolive Call-in
    Hunt's Thick and Rich
    Any pasta sauce
    Chef Boyardee
    $1 Arm & Hammer cat litter
    $2 Whiskas dry cat food
    $1 Marc Angelo
    $2 Jamieson Vitamins (peelie)
    $1 Philly Cream cheese (good on any)
    $1 ANY Dare
    $1.50 Ginger Ale (regular or flavored)
    Stouffer's Bistro
    Lean Cuisine
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    Betty Crocker Fruit snacks (good on any)
    Aeroplan Pins
    Icoke Pins
    Pepsi/coke products
    $1 Arctic Gardens
    BOGO Arctic Gardens
    Gain Laundry detergent
    Satin Care shave Gel
    Aylmer's Tomatoes
    Janes (good on any)
    Nutrience dry dog food (good on any)
    Canadian Tire $$

    Rancid162001 Wishlist

    online coupons=yes
    tft= no
    store specifics= no
    printables= no
    french =no
    stacking= no
    counts as all
    fpc any food
    $5 chapmans
    fpc coke/pepsi
    fpc kitty litter
    fpc lays
    fpc trop50
    bogo coke
    campbells soup voucher from company
    colgate-pomolive call in
    playtex call in
    roll up the rim win coffee

    counts as 2
    $2/$3 j&j call in
    bogo beneful prepared meal
    bogo gillette razors
    bogo snuggle
    bogo sunlight
    $3 huggies peelie
    counts as 1
    allen's juice
    arm & hammer laundry soap
    beneful prepared meals
    bush's beans
    campbell's chunky soup
    canadian tire money .50
    catelli pasta sauce
    ceasers bistro
    cheerios (any)
    .75 cheese blocks (ziploc)
    christie crackers
    clorox wipes
    club house gravy
    $2.50 corn pops
    cottenelle wipes
    cracker barrell cheese blocks
    diaper genie elite II refills
    $3.50 dog chow
    dove ( womens only)
    $1 french's mustard
    .75 fresh produce (ziploc)
    gain laundry soap/fabric softener sheets
    gerber puff snacks
    $1 grill 'ems
    hambuger helper
    $1 honey bunches of oats
    $1+ huggies wipes(baby or moist wipes)
    huggies etr codes (diapers & pull ups only)
    .50 hungryman
    icoke pins (1 pin =1 coupon)
    juicy jumbos
    kibbles n bits
    kraft dinner (box no smart)
    kraft wub
    lysol wipes
    maple leaf top dogs
    mccain french fries
    mccain pizza
    michelina's entrees
    $2 minute rice
    oasis juice
    ocean spray
    $1 old dutch chips
    $2 old spice
    olymel (no ham have enough)
    pamers gtg codes (diapers and easy ups only)
    $1+ pampers wipes
    philly dip
    pop (any)
    prego pasta sauce
    premium plus crackers
    quaker granloa bars
    quaker wub
    ragu pasta sauce
    raisin bran
    shake n bake
    special k (original or good on any)
    stagg chilli
    st.ives facial scrub
    sunny d
    sunrype juice
    trop50 (any)


    Toonies for Tummies: No
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: Yes
    Printables: No
    Multiples: Yes
    Count as all coupons
    Old Elpaso free movie snack
    Kelloggs love your Cereal PIN(will accept more than 2)
    Kelloggs love your breakfast PIN
    FPC for cereal
    FPC yogurt
    FPC eggo ( from kellogg's cereal)
    FPC bananas (from kellogg's cereal)
    FPC instant quaker oatmeal (Facebook)
    FPC Triscuit
    FPC pepsi
    FPC ruffles/Tostitos
    FPC frozen veggies (wub HH)
    BOGO Peak Ferens
    FPC bacon
    FPC Oasis
    Any FOOD FPC (just ask)

    Count as 2 coupons
    2$ Kellogg’s – peelie
    3$ aveeno (call-in)
    2$ stayfree (call-in)
    $5 wub 2 stayfree
    Colgate/palmovlive call-in
    4.00 Mars Bars(Bear Paw Box)
    2$/3$/$3.50/5$ Caltrate -1293263, 12924631,12924338, 12924383 , from spin to win 1293234
    $3 Purex
    Count as 1 coupon
    BOGO gravy mix
    campbells soups/broth upc 00923792, 00923835,
    goldfish -– not graham
    chef boyardee
    .25+/$1 Hunts snack pack or jello pudding
    tuna- not flavored
    Vector 2$
    Special K
    $1.50 Rice Krispie Bars
    1$ Ziploc (wub 1)
    2$ Ziploc (wub 2)
    1$ General mills – good on any product
    1$ Kellogg’s
    carnation Hot chocolate- 1$
    philly dips
    1$international delight or cafe inspirations
    1$ Aero bubbles
    hormel bacon bites
    $2 dove wub 2 different product
    $1 Sunlight (Dec 2012--UPC:72613594)
    .75 stagg chili (not Ontario)
    1$ Hunts Thick & rich sauce
    B1G1 Hunts thick & Rich sauce
    Uncle Ben's rice (good on any)
    Dr Pepper or Crush
    5$ neo citron- (must be good on crystals)
    1$ dove hair product
    Sunny D
    Cake mixes (Duncan Hines/Betty Croker)
    Frosting miracle whip
    Black diamond cheese
    $3 Venus razor
    $1.50 Sensodyne tp
    Ice cream treats
    Dare (not wub 2)
    $1.50 Orville Redenbacher
    Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce
    .75 Lactancia Cream (not lactose free)
    Bick’s (good on pickles or relish)
    Oasis juice
    $1 Purex – UPC -30125490
    .75$ wub 2 Christie cracker
    B2G1 free Dr Oetker pudding
    Lays/Ruffles/Old Dutch chips
    Crystal light
    Tetley infusion
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    ll join, please!
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    Great, glad to have you on board
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    sent pm

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    Welcome Aboard Bricon
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    Happy Easter -Bump
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    me please!!!

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    this is awesome! join today!
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    Welcome aboard hijinx25.

    Just to let everyone know that I am going to change the mail date for this train.
    Once it is full, I will post the mail date.
    Thanks for your understanding.
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    I'll take a seat please! Sending over my info and list

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