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    yep get out and enjoy "doors open" -free in hamilton and area today free tours of museums-battlefield,ancaster musuems,dundern castle-etc a whole bunch of free buildings to visit
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    Keep an eye open for any May 18 listings-sometimes Dundurn Castle or other Hamilton Museum might be free for International Museum Day, if Ontario budget cuts did not cancel the program.

    Yes, Doors Open is a great way to be introduced to local museums you may not usually see but then if one gets your attention, you'll follow its exhibits and other programming for future paid visits.
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    We had a super busy doors open this weekend! We had almost 2000 people at our museum over the weekend, by far the biggest doors open in years. If you missed this weekend though, the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology has a free weekend coming up on May 26/27 - 11am - 4pm. The museum will be open for tours, the meccano guys will be there and the model boat buiilders and...the mini ride-on trains will also be there- all free!! (And you can ride the trains as many times as you like

    Enjoy, hope to see some smart canucks there!
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    Aww I missed it yesterday, but thanks OP.
    ..and thanks for the info Ciel and sweetproserpina
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