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Thread: Share Your Breakfast Train *** Going home ***

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    Expired on: Wed, Jul 25th, 2012
    Share Your Breakfast Quest!
    Please read all the rules very carefully prior to riding this train.

    No minimum trade rating!
    I will take a maximum of 10 riders.
    You must send a minimum of 3 point worth of exact wish list coupon per rider, you can substitute with 1 stamp = 1 coupon, please bundle carefully and indicate your alias and to who it goes. No staples!
    Coupons must expire no earlier than 15 July 2012.
    Boarding pass is 3 stamps
    When you send the envy to me please clearly mark INSIDE the envelope your user name and the train name. Make sure you have your envy weighed prior to mailing
    Mail Date is TBD I will pm my addy to everyone!
    You MUST update the Thread when you mail and receive the envy.
    You MUST give rating to everyone!

    Now if you are ok with my rules:
    Please post in the thread if you want a seat and very soon after send me your address and wish list together.

    I need to receive your envy quickly so please no delay!

    Your wish lists must have a minimum of 40 items. NO GC, 5 coupons, need to be easily accessible to avoid a stamp exchange. FPC & HV must be in addition to the 40. Please indicate:

    French: Y/N
    Printable: Y/N
    TFT: Y/N
    Store Specific: Y/N
    Stack: Y/N
    Duplicates: Y/N

    What You consider: (Please be reasonable)
    3 point coupons
    2 point coupons
    1 point coupon

    Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in your envy being returned to you using your boarding pass stamps and loosing any prize that you may have won on this train. I will verify your envy!

    I will not accept responsibility for any postal issues that may arise nor any riders who do not follow the rules.

    Now for the good stuff!!

    Prizes: I will tally point score according to full coupon value. (Only WL coupons will count)
    - Most generous to conductor : 1st pick --> MiaowTheCat - Yogurt
    - 2nd most generous to conductor : 2nd pick --> fitzgirl - 10$ Coupons
    - Most generous to 1 rider : 3rd pick --> MiaowTheCat - 2L Coke
    - Highest value envy sent : 4th pick --> Alicia123 - 10$ Coupons

    Take your Pick:
    - BP returned
    - Spin you win code from advil (if your in QC we will figure somehing out)
    - 10$ in coupons from your WL from me

    Quest: I will pm all of you with a date and time for the quest. In post #3 I will upload the a picture of 1 of my recent shop with clues; you must guess how much :
    - OOP (before tax) :
    - Runner up OOP :
    - Coupons value used in the transaction :
    - Runner up:

    At stake : 4 SYB pins! Note : They will be 4 different winners.

    You have 24 hours to guess (by PM) If you do not respond with in that time frame you lose your chance. WELCOME ABORD!!

    1. pumpkin9211 --> FB left! Thanks!
    2. MiaowTheCat -->
    3. alicia123 --> FB left! Thanks!
    4. Coupmama --> FB left! Thanks!
    5. [email protected] --> FB left! Thanks!
    6. Flyingdutch --> FB left! Thanks!
    7. LauraWill --> FB left! Thanks!
    8. KK7 --> FB left! Thanks!
    9. fitzgirl --> FB left! Thanks!
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    IMLN's wishlist:
    Store specific
    Yes color
    Multiple :
    Yes no more then 2

    Counts as All:

    FPC Any from spend 20$ Pepsico promo
    FPC Any laundry Detergent
    FPC Any Huggies or Pampers
    FPC Any Cat Litter

    FPC Any juice, chewy, chocolate, chips, soda drink, ice cream

    Any code from share your breakfast promo

    Any Kellogg’s love you’re Cereal PIN

    $5.00 Any Maple Leaf
    $3.00 or 5.00 Marc Angelo

    $5 Chapman

    $5 codes

    Counts as 2:
    $ Any type meat (Uncooked, not frozen)

    (Johnsonville, Marc Angelo, Olymel, maple leaf Prime…)

    $ off produce WUB 2 Snack pack

    $ Save _WUB _ Kraft products (not store specific)
    $ Baby: Huggies diapers, training pants, wipes

    (not snugglers or natural or smart source)

    $ Cat: Max scoop litter, Harm&Hammer litter

    $ 1.50$ and over on any granola bars or cereals

    $ 2 on any facial tissue, Toilet paper or paper towels

    $ 2 on any 1 laundry detergent (not tide)

    $ 2 (1kg or smaller) any variety from Janes family products

    $ Johnson baby cream and shampoo (later then june)

    $ Any Soda: 7up, ginger ale or coke

    $ 1.50 Any Alexis de Portneuf fine cheese

    $ Any Glutino or Bogo RRLF

    Pin: Stouffers, lean cuisine (Multiple)

    Call in and mail out from any company

    Counts as 1:

    Any food or drink coupons from Healthy shopper booklet

    $ any shelf oasis juice exp 2013

    $ Tobasco

    $ Silk beverage

    $ Soy frozen treat

    $ Natura beverage

    $ any soy, almond or rice beverage

    $ Philadelphia Cream Cheese

    2$ Dove WUB 2 different
    $ Cheese: Saputo, Armstrong, black diamond (brick only)

    $ 1 Any two ryvita products of 200/250gr

    $ Eggs 12 or 18 (not omega)

    $ .75 Cheese blocks (ziploc)
    $ Frozen fruits RRLF

    $ Frozen veggies

    $ Soup (.50 on 1 min)
    $ Frozen juice

    $ Ketchup

    $ BBQ sauce

    $ Salad dressing (not Newman own)
    $ Deli meat

    $ Old spice (good on deo)
    $ Canned or dried beans

    $ Peanut butter (Kraft or Skippy no natural)
    $ Mayo any
    $ Tuna any (no salad)
    $ 1$ on any Kellogg's, Post cereals (Not great grain)
    $ KD Smart
    $ Flour
    $ Olive oil

    $ Brown Sugar or regular sugar - (Not Splenda)
    $ canned fruits
    $ off chocolate
    $ off betty Crocker snacks (Not value pack)
    $ 1$ and less on any Nutrigrain (no .50 please), Quaker chewy, Fruit Crisp
    $ Chips and Popcorn

    $ 1$ Ziploc WUB 1

    $ High Liner good on ANY or market cut only

    $ Any Hunt, paste & Sauce June exp only

    Any peelie surprise me (only 1 per rider)

    Any 2013 expirees surprise me

    Enjoy the ride code

    Pampers GTG codes

    Aeroplan pins

    Pumpkin's wishlist
    I will accept:
    I will not accept: Printed/Store Specific/French/TFT
    I can't stack (if I listed an UPC its because I want THAT coupon)
    ***If you have a different expiry, please pm me ***
    ~~~~~~ If you are having troubles with my wishlist, pm me-I will do my best to add additional wishes ~~~~~~

    Will Count as ALL
    FPC Arctic Gardens
    $2 Bandaid Call In(J&J-2013 only)
    FPC Beneful WET Dog Food ▀ there is a new Dec 2012 Expiry!
    FPC Cereal(ANY)
    $3 Clean & Clear Call In (J&J-2013 only)
    FPC Coke 2L
    save $3 Edge Shave Gel (any 7 oz/198 g can), 29007761, Dec 31, 2012(from Shoppers Voice)**RLF
    FPC J&J Trial Pack <-- my little sister is having a baby
    FPC Lays/Ruffles/etc (from superbowl promo)
    FPC Mott’s Clamato Shoppers Voice!**RLF**
    Buy (1) 2L Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew soft drink & get (1) Free (max value $2.79), 84211558, Dec 31,2012
    FPC Oasis Juice OR Juice Boxes OR Oasis Smoothies
    $3 Olivieri Pasta or Sauce WUB any Prime Chicken Peelie (Dec 2012)
    FPC Quaker Cafe Squares or Granola Bars
    FPC SmartFood(superbowl promo)
    $2 Stayfree Call in(J&J-2013 only)
    FPC Tea(ANY)
    FPC Trop50(superbowl promo)
    FPC Twistos(superbowl promo)
    ANY FPC for FOOD/BEVERAGE/CLEANING SUPPLIES/BEAUTY/PETS-- I’m not picky when its free.

    Count as 2
    ANY .50+ Call in
    BOGO Arctic Gardens
    BECEL (GOOD ON ANY- not Buttery or Pro Activ)
    BIC Soleil Razors <-(this is a unicorn, I think)
    $6 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
    B4 Campbells Get FREE Buns
    $1.50 off 1 case of Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Canada Dry Green Tea or Canada Dry White Tea Ginger Ale w/ Raspberry! Good on 12x355ml or 10x355ml
    $1 Colgate Palmolive Call in
    $2 Cottonelle (Dec exp)
    BOGO Dempsters
    Eggs... carton... not omega. $1 WUB 2
    $1 Europes Best March 31, 2013 (from Easter Bakefest Booklet)
    .75 Fresh Produce (from Ziploc)
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken(from Ziploc)
    $1 Fresh Chicken(from inside ziploc bags-wave 2)
    $2 Fresh Fruit WUB 2 Snack Pac(Metro Specific is OK)
    $5 WUB 3 Garnier
    $5 WUB 3 Gillette Expiry Oct 31, 2012 UPC: 66008457
    $2 any Gillette Body Wash (excl. trial size) 99599268, May 31, 2013
    B1 Gillette Deodorant G1 Gillette Body Wash FREE (June 30, 2013)
    $2 (on 1) Gillette Deodorant Feb 28, 2013
    $2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor Feb 29, 2013
    $3 Ground Beef WUB Hamburger Helper
    $1 Hain/Celestial
    Hidden Valley,
    save $1.50 any 473 ml bottle of Hidden Valley dressing, 01223750 (from Shoppers Voice)
    $3+ Huggies Diapers (not WUB something else NOT BOXES)(NO INSERTS!)
    $1 J&J BABY CALL-IN(2013-please----trying to stock up for my sister)
    Jello $1.00WUB2 Refridgerated Pudding, Gel or Mousse Snacks upc 05533956 ex.12/31/12
    $2 on ANY Melitta Coffee (Dec. 31, 2012)****RRLF
    MIO Water Enhancer*** RRRLF
    MOUNTAIN DEW $1 wub (2) x 2L Bottles OR (1) 6 x 710ml OR (1) 12 x 355ml October 2012**RRFL
    $2 (on 1) Old Spice Red Zone Deodorant/Body Wash (June 30, 2013)
    $1 WUB 2 RedHots(websaver)*********RRLF!
    $4 Robax (from SpinUWin promo)
    $1.50 Satin Care (2013)
    $2 WUB 2 Smart Food(peelie or other)
    $2 Tylenol Call-in(J&J)
    $1 on Tostitos Salsa, Salsa Con Queso or Spinach Dip (400*645mL) OR Ruffles Dips 425g, 23312568, Dec 31,2012 ▀ I will love you forever & send you a cookie!
    $3 Any Venus Razor Jan 31, 2013 OR Feb 28, 2013
    Ziploc—Save $3 on Bread

    Counts As 1
    $4 Advil Nighttime 10's/20's/40's(Dec 31 13)(from spinuwin)
    $$ Advil Gel Caps
    $1 Always Radiant Pads, Liners or Wipes Sept 30 2013
    Apple Juice (Allen’s or Rougemont)
    Arctic Gardens
    $0.50 Aylmer Accents Dec 31, 2012 *1 per rider
    Baby Food(Jar/Pablum ) <- long expiry please-sister is due in September
    BBQ Sauce
    $1 Beneful WET July 31, 2012
    BOGO Beneful(
    $0.75 Black Diamond cheese 340-500 g Dec 31, 2013 (recipe plus calendar)
    .75 Black Diamond Block Cheese, 340-500g (Dec 31 2013)
    $1.25 WUB 2 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs (Feb 2013)
    $3 WUB Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
    .50 Bush's Beans
    $1 BusyBone July 31, 2012
    $1 Busy Rollhide July 31, 2012
    $.50 Campbell's Chunky Soup 540ml July 31/12
    .50 WUB any Campbell’s Chunky Soup, Ready to use broth, Goldfish Cracker or V8 July 31, 2012
    Canned Veggies(NOT ACCENTS!) (Less salt is A-OK with me)
    $$ Chapmans Frozen Yogurt/Icecream
    $1 Charmin Sept 30, 2013 OR Dec 31, 2013
    $0.25 Chef Boyardee product Feb 28, 2013 (recipe plus calender)
    Cheez Whiz (unicorn??)
    Certo- $1 WUB 2 or any others (for couponing friends, not me)
    Chips(any kind, not WUB)
    Cliff Bars
    $2 Club House La Grille 30 Minute Marinades(inside ziploc bags—wave 2)
    $1 CoverGirl, any product Sept 30 2013
    .75 off WUB2 Christie Cracker Aug.31 '12
    .50 any Crest June 30, 2013
    .75 any D'Italiano Product 7540264 exp. Sept. 30/12
    .50 Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars
    .50/.75 any Danone
    .75 Del Monte Fruit Snacks
    Delissio Pizza
    Dempster’s Buns
    $1 Dole Salad
    $2 off WUB2 different Dove products, expiring Dec.31 '12
    Dr Pepper $2 WUB 4 x 2L or 2 x 12pack AUG 2012***********RRLF
    $1 WYB3 ED Smith 540 ml pie filling Sept 30, 2012
    .75 ED Smith Jam *1 per rider
    $$Europes Best
    $2 Europes Best Fruit Essentials product, Dec. 31, 2012(REDPLUM INSERT)****
    .75 Gay Lea Gold Premium Sour Cream(peelie or coupon) (I am not looking for the coupon)
    $2 (on 1) Gillette Body Wash Aug 31,2012 OR Sept 30, 2012 OR Oct 31, 2012
    .50 off any Goldfish CRACKERS or snacks July 31, 2012
    .75 G.U.M
    Healthy Choice Steamers (WUB 1 only)
    $1 ANY Highliner (not type specific)
    .75 Honey Bunches of Oats Oct 31, 2012
    $1+ Huggies Wipes (not WUB anything else)(NOT INSERTS!)
    Hunts Tomato Paste or Sauce(NOT PASTA SAUCE)
    1.00$ WUB3 Jell-o Powder products, Dec. 31, 2012***RLF
    Jello Refrigerated Products
    $1.50/$2.00/$2.50 Jergens
    Johnsonville Sausage—WUB 1 (any kind except 5 cheese)
    Juice boxes
    .75ó/$1 Keebler Pie Crust
    $1 Kraft Parmesan GRATED Cheese September 30, 2012**RRLF
    $1 Kraft Parmesan (aged grated or shaved, 141gm) Dec.31 '12
    $0.75 Lactantia butter Dec 31, 2013(recipe plus calendar)
    $0.75 Lactantia Butter Sept 30, 2012(from Keebler Pie Package)
    $1 on 4l or 2x 2l Lactancia Milk #13611529 December 31,2012
    Lipton Ice Tea B2G1 FREE on any 12 x 355mL Lipton Iced Tea, Diet Lipton Iced Tea, Lipton Green Tea, or Diet Lipton Green Tea. October 31, 2012.
    Lunch Meat(for sandwiches: turkey/chicken/salami/ham)
    $1 WUB2 OR $1 WUB3 participating Maple Leaf canned meat products Dec.31 '12
    Marc Angelo
    .50+ Marzetti Dip
    $1 Nestea/Goodhost
    $1 ANY Nestea 12 pack product (Dec 31, 2012)
    $1 Nestea PureLife 24 Pack Water(Dec 31, 2012)
    $1 Newman's Own Pasta Sauce/Dressing/Salsa, Dec31/12
    Oasis – Juice Boxes/ $1.50 Jugs/ $1.25 Refrigerated (March 2013)
    $2.00 any OFF product ex.8/31/12 **RRLF (I HATE BUGS)
    B1 Old Spice Fresh Collection Solid or Body Spray G1 Fresh Collection Body Spray Free Sept 30, 2012
    B1 Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash G1 Odor Blocker Body Wash Free Sept 30, 2012
    Olive Oil (any kind, any amount)
    $1 Olivieri Dec 2012 (websaver)
    $1 Olivieri Peelie
    $1 Oylmel Bacon
    $2 Olymel Chicken Wings or Chicken Chunkies (July 31, 2013 #2200264) <- this is the only one I want!
    Olymel Weiners* 1 per rider
    $$ Olymel Peelies
    .75+ any Olympic Product
    $1+ Panty Liners (any brand)(NOT INSERTS)
    $2 Playtex Peelie
    Peelies(for anything—surprise me)*1 per rider
    Pop-any kind (2L or 12 packs WUB 2 is A-ok with me- BRISK is not pop)
    B2G1 FREE Pringles
    $1 WUB 2 Pringles(not snack packs)
    $1 Purex(from sample—not the crystals)
    .50 any box of rice crispies squares or granola bars(161g.-200g) exp/dec 12, 2012
    Sabra Dips
    Salsa(any kind)
    $$ Satin Care Shave Gel (NO INSERTS)
    $0.75Sealtest Sour Cream, 500ml, or Cottage Cheese, 500g,
    Secret Deodorant (NOT insert or clinical- do they exist?)
    Shake N Bake Expiry Dec 31, 2012
    $0.55 on any Skintimate Shave Gel Dec 31,2013
    0.75 any Skippy product (not just the naturals) Dec 31, 2012
    Smuckers Dessert Topping(2013)
    $0.25 Snack Pack pudding Feb 28, 2013 (recipe plus calender)
    Soy Sauce(NOT VH)
    $1 Tampax Pearl Jan 31, 2013
    $1 Tampax Pearl Dec 31 2013
    $2 TamPax Radiant Tampons Sept 30 2013
    Tampax-- NOT INSERT
    Tempra(is this a unicorn?)
    Tostito's/Ruffles B2 G1 Dip Free Exp. June 16, 2012 ******* I will chance this early expiry!!! I love Chips and Salsa!
    .75(ON 1) Triscuit Thin Crisps, 225g, Rice Thins Brown Rice Crisps, 100g, Wheat Thins, 226g, or Ritz Munchables Pretzel Crackers, 200g (05532621, Dec 31 12).
    Tylenol-Infants Only-any amount
    $.50+ U By Kotex(not Tween)
    Uncle Bens “Selected” Rice(NOT JUST BISTRO!) DEC 2012 Expiry ONLY**RRLF!!
    $1 one Venus Razor Sept 30 2013
    $2 (on 1) Venus Embrace Razor Sept 30, 2012
    $1 Vim Dec 31/12(redplum insert)*1 per rider
    Vlasic Pickles $0.50 Expiry Dec 31 2012
    .50 Welch’s ( OR Hang Tags)
    **ANY Gillette/Oldspice with a 2013 expiry
    **ANY Pads/Liners/Tampons/Shampoo(WUB 1)/Razors/Deodorant/Bodywash/Soap/Toothpaste with a 2013 expiry
    **ANY Laundry Soap/All Purpose Cleaner/DishSoap with 2013 expiry

    MiaowTheCat Wishlist:
    French: YES
    Printable: NO
    TFT: NO
    Store Specific: NO
    Stack: NO
    Duplicates: YES, max 2

    J&J $2 Carefree/Stayfree/etc. 2013 exp ONLY
    J&J $3 Aveeno/Clean&Clear/etc. 2013 exp ONLY
    $1+ Colgate Palmolive Call in RRRRLF
    Any call-ins such as ConAgra, Kraft, anything good on food basically
    FPC Pepsi 6-pack or 2l from Pepsi MIR promo RRRRLF
    FPC Tostitos from Pepsi MIR promo
    FPC 2L Coke (from new Old El Paso boxes or elsewhere)
    FPC Nordica Cottage cheese RRRRRLF
    FPC Philadelphia cream cheese
    FPC chocolate
    FPC Olivieri pasta or sauce
    FPC Starbucks Drinks (any)
    FPC Arctic Gardens
    FPC yogurt (Greek good too)
    Kellogg's PINS from Share Your Breakfast Promo RRRRRRRLF
    FPC any ConAgra product
    $5 Chapmans
    FPC Olay or any HV Olay good on the bar soap
    FPC Dove
    FPC Disenfectant Wipes
    FPC Sunlight or other detergent (Tide/Gain)
    $5 Lassonde voucher RRRRRLF
    $3 WUB2 500 ml Haagan-Dazs RRRRRRLF
    $2.50 Kellogg's granola (from Kellogg's mailout) RRRRRRLF
    $5 Maple Leaf chicken products
    $5 Schick Intuition razor or refill (Shopper's Voice) RRRRRRRRRLF!!
    $5 WUB 3 Garnier
    $3 WUB2 Gain July 31, 2012 (believe this is only in French)
    $3 Tide good on 1
    $3 wub 2 Charmin/puff/bounty (from Bounty/Charmin packages)
    Save $3 on Bread WUB any Ziploc RRRRRLF

    COUNTS AS 2:
    $1 any Lactancia 4L or 2x 2L milk Dec 2012 RRRRRRLF!!!
    BOGO Coke or Pepsi (has to be good on diet)
    BOGO Arctic Gardens
    FREE Coke WUB Old El Paso
    $$ good on REGULAR eggs RRRRRRLF
    $2 Highliner good on ANY (shopper voice) RRRRRLF
    $1.50 on chicken from Ziploc box RRRRRLF
    $2.00 Maple Leaf Prime Free Roam Chicken products exp Jan 31, 2013
    $0.75 any veggies from Ziploc box RRRLF
    $1.50 Olymel Smart Nature (gocoupons)
    $1.50 Olympic Krema Exp July 31, 2012 (from Canadian Living Magazine) RRRRRLF
    $1.50 or any $$ good on Legrand pesto RRRRLF!!!!!
    $1 WUB 2 Jell-O Refrigerated Pudding, Gel or Mousse snacks exp Dec 31, 2012 RRLF
    $1+ good on any General Mills RRRRRRRRLF
    $1+ good on any Kellogg's RRLF
    $0.75 General Mills (websaver)
    $1.00 WUB 2 Schneiders Country Naturals hot dogs, Red Hots, Juicy Jumbos, Grill'ems or Ham
    Steaks exp June 30, 2013 (websaver) RRRRRRLF
    $1.00 Canada Dry (good on the 6 x 710ml packs) exp Dec 31, 2012
    $2.00 Europe's Best Fruit Essentials
    $2.00 any Arctic Gardens exp Dec 31, 2012
    $2.00 on fresh meat WUB Pam cooking spray
    $1.50 Alexis de Portneuf cheese
    $2.00 Exceldor ground turkey RRLF
    $1.00 Olymel bacon
    $2.00 Pam spray good on original
    $2.00 La Coupe hair products
    $1.00 Softsoap

    COUNTS AS 1:
    $0.75 any Black Diamond block cheese exp Dec 31, 2013 RRRRRLF
    $1.00 La Creme Cow spreadable snack cheese (websaver)
    $1.00 Olivieri fresh pasta or sauche (websaver) exp Dec 31, 2012RRRRLF
    $1.00 Olivieri natural pasta (websaver) exp Dec 31, 2012RRRLF
    $0.50 good on Leclerc Celebration cookies (NED) RRRRRRRRLF
    $1.00 Kraft any shredded cheese ( NOT the $1 Parmesan
    $1.00 Kraft Habanero Heat shredded cheese exp Dec 31, 2012
    $1.00+ any Cheerios
    $1 Kellogg's Brown Rice Krispes, exp September 30, 2012
    Any $$$ good on Sealtest or Neilson cottage cheese
    $1 Happy Planet, any product exp 2015!!
    $1 Philly Cream Cheese RRRRRRLF
    $1 Europe's Best good on frozen fruit/veggies NOT only the roasted veggies one please! RRRLF
    $1.00 any Arctic Gardens
    $0.75 Lactancia Butter expiry September 30 or later
    $1 Newman's Own 645ml Pasta Sauce, Dec31 2012)
    $1 any Astro NED from Womens' show
    $0.75 Lactancia cream exp Dec 31, 2012
    $1.00+ All-Bran bars
    $0.75 any Christie's product
    $0.50 or any $ amount good on ANY Danone yogurt RRRLF
    Any $ off chips like Tostitos, Ruffles/Lays
    $1 on any Spongetowels exp Aug 31, 2012
    $1 on any 1 Ziploc (websaver)
    $1 Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

    Alicia123 Wishlist:
    Store Specific: No
    TFT: No
    Printed: No
    Stackable: Yes
    Online/insert/all other: Yes

    Count As All
    FPC Quaker instant oatmeal
    FPC Lays/Ruffles/Tostitos RRRRRRLF
    $5 Chapmans RRLF
    Weight Watchers,
    Buy (1) Weight Watchers Smart Ones Satisfying Selections & Get (1) FREE, Aug 31,2012
    BOGO Pepsi Max 2Lt. RRLF
    $1.50 Vh Steamers
    $1/$2 on any Kellogg's product RRLF
    $4 Covergirl (facebook Clairol promo) RRLF
    $3 Venus razor (2013 Exp.)
    $3 Royale NED (good on any Royale products)
    Skintimate shave gel $3 off (7oz/198g can) - exp Dec31/12
    $4 Schick Hydro razor or refill
    FPC/$5 Skinny Cow

    Count As 2
    Huggies call-ins (good on any product)
    $2.50 Rice Krispies cereal
    $2 Cornpops
    $1.50 any fresh chicken purchase
    75c any block of cheese
    75c any fresh produce purchase
    any for gum
    75c any General Mills product RRLF
    any Nutella
    any Tetley tea
    $1 Cherrios RRLF
    $2 WUB 2 dozen eggs RRLF
    $1 Old Dutch chips
    Pampers Kids Kandoo products RRLF
    $1 off any General Mills cereal 345-775g RRLF
    B2 Special K/ Nutrigrain/Rice Krispies bars Get 1lb apples free
    $1 any Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent, 30125490, Dec 31, 2012 RRRLF
    Red rose tea BOGO
    $1 Colgate – Palmolive
    $2 Royale paper towel
    BOGO Dr. Oetker mug cake

    Count as 1
    Any food BOGO’s (surprise me)
    $1 Purex Ultrapacks, 30125520, Dec 31, 2012
    $1 Palmolive
    $1 Fleecy
    SC Johnson,
    $1 off any SC Johnson product, 33685410, Jun 30,2012
    buy any 2 cans and get on can free, 63815636, june 30, 2012
    $1 off any Purex EnviroCare Product , 12105119, June 30, 2013
    $1 Purex Crystals Product, 30125504, Dec 31, 2012
    $1 on multipacks of Mars, Snickers, Twix or large format bags of M&Ms or Maltesers, ?????, Sept. 30, 2012
    Mars, B
    uy 4 Old Dutch Bags (220g) & get 1 M&M's candies stand up pouch (162-230g), 08299390, Sept 30, 2012
    1$ off one McCain ultra thin crust pizza any variety, 04618544, no expiry date
    save 1.50$ on the purchase of any two (2) 135g bags of aero bubbles, 10034196, dec 31, 2012
    Maple Leaf Top Dogs RRRLF
    $0.75 on Cinnamon Pops cereal,
    $0.50 on Kellogg's Cinnamon pops cereal 340g,
    save 1$ on any one (1) package of scott Towels NED
    $0.30 wub (2) Kraft Dinner Cups,
    0.75 off any Cashmere, Purex, SpongeTowels, Fasana or Scotties
    $1.00 off Maple Leaf Natural Selections deli meats, 00605452, June 30,2012
    Maple Leaf,
    $1 WUB2 paticipating Maple Leaf Canned Meat Products, 53547271, Dec 31, 2012 RRLF
    Maple Leaf,
    $1 WUB2 Selected Canned Meat Products, 53547314, Dec 31, 2012 RRLF
    Europe's Best,
    $0.50 on (1) bag of Europe's Best Frozen Fruit, 6060026, NED RRLF
    $1 Europes Best frozen fruit RRLF
    $2 Europes Best (facebook coupon)
    Duncan Hines,
    $0.35 off Duncan Hines Cake Mix, Brownies or Frosting, 63222134, Dec 31, 2012 RRRLF
    Huggies diapers ( Mailouts only)
    Huggies wipes (Mailouts only)
    Huggies pull-ups (mailouts)
    Huggies pull-ups flushable wipes ( Maillouts)
    $0.50 on any Dr.Oetker Mug Cake, 88623580, Dec 31,2012
    $0.50 on any Premium Dessert Mix, 88623577, Dec 31,2012
    Dr. Oetker,
    $0.50 off Mousse, #88623564, Dec 31, 2013
    Dr. Oetker,
    $0.50 off Mousse - 50 calorie, #88623551, Dec 31, 2013
    Dr. Oetker,
    $0.50 off Mug Cake, #88623580, Dec 31, 2013
    Dr. Oetker,
    $0.50 off Premium Dessert Mix, #88623577, Dec 31, 2013
    save 0.50$ wub 2 dr.oetker desserts, 88623333, dec 31, 2012
    Dr. Oetker,
    Save $1 on any Ristorante, Casa Di Mama or Panebello Pizza, 88623186. Dec 31, 2012
    Dairyland lil ones yogurt ( UPC's other than **5070560**)
    50c Minute Rice Cups
    $2 WUB2 participating Kraft products
    Kraft, $1 wub Kraft Dream Whip AND (1) Jell-O Instant Pudding or Jell-O Jelly Powder product,
    Jello $1.00WUB2 Refridgerated Pudding, Gel or Mousse Snacks
    75c Vh Steamers RRLF
    $1 Tostitos salsa
    50c Motts Fruitsations + Veggies RRLF
    50c off Dempster's Original Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns
    75c off Dempster's Deluxe Buns, Thinfuls & Mini Hamburger Buns,

    Thinsations **Tearpad** RRLF
    $1 Old Dutch chips
    $1 Royale paper towel
    Kraft Handi snacks RRLF
    $2 Axe bodywash RRLF
    $2 off WUB TWO Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (excluding 1ct) or any TWO Swiffer Dusters (excluding 1ct)
    $1.50 off WUB TWO Mr. Clean products
    $5 off WUB Venus razor AND any Venus cartridges together
    $1 off Oxiclean Max Force Power Crystals/Packs
    $1 off Oxi Clean Max Force Spray/Stain Spray Etc
    BOGO Pantene
    $1 WUB2 Maple Leaf Top Dogs, Maple Leaf Natural Selections hot dogs or Dempster’s, Ben’s, POM hot dog or hamburger buns (online)
    $1 Magnum ice cream
    $1 Schnieders products (online)
    $1 Swanson skillet meals
    Stouffers Saute Sensations ( if these exist)
    $2 WUB2 Dr. Pepper/Crush RRLF

    Coupmama Wishlist:
    Printables N
    Store Specific N
    TFT Y(must be valid in Ontario) Y
    French N
    websaver,brandsaver Y

    FPC and Call Ins List (Counts as all)
    Schneiders Bacon FPC (from FB via Websaver)
    Cineplex Movie Passes
    $5 Chapmans
    3$ Marc Angelo or $1 counts as 1 coupon
    $3 Primo Call Ins
    FPC Olivieri Pasta
    Playtex bucks ($1=2 coupons)
    $5 WUB 2 Pita Break Pitas RRLF
    $5 Gift Certificate codes
    FPC for Liberte Greek Yougurt or ANY Greek yougurt
    Any FPCs for Glutino, Silver Hills, Eden or Rowe Farms
    FPC any Amy’s product (Company mailout)

    ANY Rowe Farms coupons
    ANY Eden coupons
    Silver Hills bakery, especially Squirrely Bagels
    $1 off any Earthbound Farm Organic product
    $1 off Olympic Dairy products
    Eggs (prefer organic)
    Organic Milk
    Dimpfilmeier Rye Bread
    $1.50 / $2 / $3 Janes - good on any
    Pepsi/Coke/Schweppes product s cans or bottles
    Any frozen Vegetables
    $0.50 Rubicon Exotic Fruit Juices
    Classico, Primo or Catelli spaghetti sauce
    $1 Driscoll berries
    $2 Philippo Berio Olive Oil (counts as 2 coupons)
    $0.50 Maple Leaf Top Dogs
    $2 Prime Maple Leaf Naturally Chicken (counts as 2 coupons)
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken (from Ziploc boxes) (counts as 2 coupons)
    .75 Fresh Produce (from Ziploc boxes)
    Canned Tuna, flavoured is ok, just not Tuna Salad Kits
    $1.50 Orville Redenbacher's on any ONE (1) Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop! mini 8 pack popcorn or 6 pack (Websaver)
    $2.50 Olymel Chicken (GoCoupons)
    Pita Break (RRLF $5 WUB 2 counts as 3 coupons)
    Little Potatoes Company
    $0.50 Italpasta (
    B1G1 Olivieri (Websaver)
    Hellman Mayo
    Miracle Whip
    HEINZ Ketchup any amount
    Skotidakis Greek Yogurt
    Amy’s products
    $0.75 General Mills Select products (
    $2 Kashi Crackers
    $2 Kashi Cereal
    $1 any Amy’s product
    B1G1 Dempsters Bread
    $1 Dempsters Smooth Grains
    $0.75 Dempsters Deluxe buns, thinfuls and mini hamburger buns
    $1 WUB Maple Leaf/Natural Selections/Dempsters
    $2 Europe Best Frozen Fruits (Red Plum insert)
    $2 off Europe’s Best Fruit Essentials or Roasted Gourmet ( Coupon)
    $2 off fresh fruit WUB pudding
    $3 any Maple Lodge Farms or Zahina Halal Brand, Product Voucher from Manufacturer (NED) (counts as 3 coupons)
    $2 WUB2 Smartfood Popcorn
    $1 WUB2 any packages of Schneiders Country Naturals, Red Hots, Juicy Jumbos e.t.c. (Websaver)
    $0.55 Eden Organics (The Healthy Shopper booklet)
    $0.75 Stahl Bush Island Farms (The Healthy Shopper booklet)
    $0.75 Vita Soy Organics (The Healthy Shopper booklet)
    $1 Earth Balance Coconut Spreat (The Healthy Shopper booklet)
    $0.75 any Olympic product (The Healthy Shopper booklet)
    $0.50 Simply Natural Organic salsa, pasta sauce e.t.c. (The Healthy Shopper booklet)

    Orange Juice (100% Natural Tropicana or Simply Orange)
    Kiju Juice (organic)
    Tetleys Orange Pecoe tea, not Herbal, Green or Decaf
    Tasters’ Choice Instant Coffee RRLF
    $1.50 Canada Dry Ginger Ale (case)
    Minute Maid or Nestea drink boxes
    $1.50 off any Silk Soy beverage

    Cerama Brite
    $3 WUB 2 Charmin, Bounty or Tide (from Charmin packs with 2012 or 2013 expiry)
    $6 WUB one Charmin, one Bounty and one Puff (from Charmin packs with 2012 or 2013 expiry)
    $2 Tide any 20 loads or more
    $3 WUB3 Greenworks products (Websaver)

    Cosmetics/Hygene products
    Bella Colour Hair colour
    L’Oreal Excellence or Preference Hair Colour
    $5 WUB 3 Garnier products
    $5 WUB any 3 Gillette products (Oct 2012 exp) (counts as 2 coupons)
    $2 Dove Oil Nourishing Care
    $2 Tampax Radiant
    $1 Always Radiant
    $2 any Softlips product
    $3 off Edge Shave Gel Dec 31’2012
    $2 on Dove ClearTone Anti-Perspirant

    Aeroplan PINs (2 coupons, $2 worth or 2 points)
    Lean Cuisine or Stouffers PINs
    Lunchmate Bucks
    Save $10 off a purchase of $100 at Metro (Ontario Entertainment Book), counts as all coupons
    $5 of any purchase at Oliver & Pets Co. (Ontario Entertainment Book), counts as 2 coupons

    [email protected]
    I can STACK – if wording permits

    Count as all
    Any food FPC
    FPC Pepsi/7UP/Crush/ETC (from superbowl promo)
    FPC SmartFood(superbowl promo)
    FPC Twistos(superbowl promo)
    FPC Quaker Oatmeal (facebook promo)
    Coke classic cans
    Dr. Pepper coupons (Preferably cans)
    Lean Cuisine good on any

    FPC yogurt (from cereal box)
    FPC strawberries
    chapman's $5
    Any manufacturer coupon (mailed directly from the company) **RRLF Bandaid & Tylenol
    Kellogg's $2 good on any (red peelie)
    Kellogg's any $2.50 cereals
    Kellogs FPC
    FPC OASIS Juice (from cereal boxes ?)
    MCDONALDS free fries/ice cream/drink coupon (from Halloween promotion)
    $5 Motrin
    FPC Triscuit Thin Crisps
    fpc from breakfast promo
    $3 Kimberly Clark voucher
    McDonalds McBistro FPC
    any .50+ Call in Coupon good on any of these products: Quaker/Conagra/Campbells/DARE/Heinz
    Cheese - shredded or blocks $1+ (Black Diamond, Kraft, Armstrong, Cracker Barrel)
    Voltaren emulgel RRLF
    KERNELS popcorn seasonings
    Ice cream novelty treats
    $2 WUB 2 Smartfood Popcorn(peelie)
    $0.75 Thinsations (tearpad) (multiples)
    Act II popcorn (must be valid on any type or size) multiples ok
    .75 any GENERAL MILLS ( – multiples ok
    $1 WUB2 Maple Leaf top dogs - multiples ok
    DARE $2 wub 2
    MCCAIN thin crust
    B1G1 Smartfood popcorn (if there are others let me know)
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1
    black diamond cheese (DEC31 EXPIRY,not shredded,GOOD ON ANY)

    Count as 1
    $1+ Babybel Cheese (not light)
    $1.00 Kraft Singles
    Schneiders Hot Dogs
    1.50 Lean Cuisine (good for any)
    Lysol / Clorox wipes
    Sunny D
    Playtex (good for tampons)
    Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen dinners
    1.00 Dare
    Kandoo RRRLLFF multiples ok
    Arm and Hammer Baking Soda (for baking)
    Baker’s Chocolate
    Canadian Tire Money $0.50 +

    thinsations (reasonable expiry date)
    nutella chocolate spread
    $1 eggos
    $2 PAM
    Pogo (good on any size)
    $1.50 mini wheats centers
    $2 janes chicken
    Kettle Chips $1
    Tostitos chips
    Ziploc (baggies or containers) $2 WUB 2 or $1 WUB 1
    Snack Size Chocolate Bars $4 wub 2 (from Bear Paws box)
    Downy – “good on any size/variety”
    Any coupons from Ziploc promo (fresh fruit, veggies, meat, etc)
    Canadian Tire money .50 = 1 coupon $1.00 = all coupons
    AXE - Shampoo/Conditioner only
    Yop, if good on individuals, any amount!!
    Lean Cuisine/Stouffer’s Pins with UPC’s (must have both)

    flyingdutch's WL Coupons: Yes
    Store Specific Coupons/French/Printables: No
    Are you able to Stack Coupons: No
    Multiples: only where I’ve indicated please
    **I can’t stack so specific UPCs are for reference only, so you have an idea what I’m looking for…when in doubt please send me a PM I’m pretty easy going. I do care about dates however, I have a small space where I’m living so I can only store so much.

    FPC/HV (to me)/RARE(to me)- count as all
    $1.50 Canada Dry Ginger Ale
    Philly Cooking Cream FPC
    FPC Coke 2L with Old El Paso kit purchase
    $3 ground beef WUB Hamburger Helper
    Dr. Pepper FPC
    $5/$2 Maple Leaf Prime Portions coupons
    Philly Cooking Cream FPC
    Pepsi FPC from superbowl promo
    Smart Food FPC from superbowl promo
    Smarties FPC
    Trop50 FPC from superbowl promo
    $5 Marc Angelo
    Sweet Baby Rays FPC (exp Dec 31/12)
    FPC Tetley Perk, Bold, or Orange Pekoe 72 ct (Sept 15/12) UPC 08116840

    Count as 2
    $1 WUB2 2L or 2 6x710mL Pepsi Max products
    $1 off any 142g, 200g or 225g Brookside Product (Dec 31/12)
    $1 off any Renee Dressing (multiples OK)
    Europe’s best frozen fruit- exp Mar 31/13 ONLY (not looking for the redplum insert)
    $2.00 Maple Leaf Free Roam chicken (Jan 31/13)
    $1/$1.50 fresh chicken (from Ziploc) (multiples OK)
    0.75 fresh produce (from Ziploc) (multiples OK)
    $2 on fresh fruit wub2 4 packs of Hunts pudding
    $3 Marc Angelo
    Driscoll’s berries
    Jello- powder ($1wub3) (multiples OK)
    $3 wub 2 Black Diamond Shredded or 500g cheese (Dec 31/12) (shoppers voice)
    $5 Claritin (exp Apr 30/13) (from shoppers voice)

    Count as 1
    $1.50 wub 2 Aero Bubbles pouches (Dec 31/12)
    Allen’s Apple juice
    $1 Astro Original (Dec 2013 expiry) (max 2 per rider)
    Black Diamond (must be good on slices and/or bricks only, no cheese strings please) (multiples OK)
    Blue Diamond Almonds NED
    BOGO Beneful wet (looking for the tearpad, expiry Oct 31/12, not the one)
    Bushes beans
    $1 Busy Rollhide
    Campbell’s soup
    Canadian Club BBQ sauce
    any $ off canned fruit (multiples OK)
    any $ off canned veggies (multiples OK) (NOT Alymer Accents)
    $1 wub 2 Certo products (exp Dec 31/12 or any other Certo coupons out there) (multiples OK)
    0.75 when you buy any 2 Christies crackers product (Aug 31/12) UPC 05533389
    Classico Sauce
    any $ off Coke products (must be good on diet products)
    Dare Bearpaws (not cereal and fruit)
    0.75 on any D'Italino product (Sep 30/12)
    0.50 Dempster’s hot dog/hamburger buns (Oct 31/12) (multiples OK)
    Dempsters Oven Fresh bread (are there any out there?)
    0.50 Dare RealFruit Gummies 160 or 180g bag (2013 expiry) (multiples okay)
    0.30 on the purchase of any Del Monte 568mL/4x112.5mL/4x107mL Portable Fruit (Oct 31/12)
    Del Monte canned fruit or refridgerated fruit cups
    Diana sauce or marinade (not gravy)
    any $ off Dr. Pepper products (must be good on diet)
    0.75/$1 on any one pack of Duracell Coppertop battery 6 pack or larger AA or AAA (2013 expiry)
    $1 any package of Energizer batteries (Dec 31/12)
    $1 Fresh Express Salad (Dec 31/12) UPC 87206224
    $3 WUB 2 Haagen-Dazs 500ml Tubs & Multipacks (Sept 30/12) UPC 10035216
    Hamburger Helper
    Helluva Dip
    $1 Head & Shoulders (2013 expiry only please)
    $1/$1.50 Hidden Valley Ranch dressing (Dec 31/12)
    Liberte yoghurt
    Jello- refridgerated (multiples OK)
    Jello- powder (multiples OK)
    Johnsonville sausages (please PM what they are good for it not good on "any")
    buy a package of Jordan’s cereal and save $1 off any yoghurt (Dec 31/12)
    Special K fruit crisps ( OK)
    Kraft Dinner (not cups & not pasta salad thanks)
    Kraft Dressing
    Kraft Peanut Butter
    Kraft Shredded Cheese ( OK)
    Lactaid dairy digestive pills/tablets
    0.75 Lactantia cream (not lactose free please) (exp Dec 31/12)
    Marc Angelo
    McCain Ultra Thin Crust pizza
    M&M candy
    Nivea Men shave gel (unicorn??)
    Oasis juice boxes (max 2 per rider)
    Ocean Spray Cocktails (must be good on diet)
    Oreo Cookies or cakesters
    Parchment paper (unicorn?)
    $1 Pam Grilling or Original (Sept 30/12 expiry or later)
    any $ off Pepsi products (must be good on diet)
    Philly cream cheese
    Philly cooking cream
    $2 any Purina Beneful dry food (3.2-16 kg) (Jul 31/12)
    $1 any Purina Busy Bone dog snack (Jul 31/12)
    $1 San Pellegrino six pack cans(Sep 30/12)
    0.75 any Sealtest Sour Cream 500mL or Cottage Cheese 500g (exp Dec 31/12) UPC 80105103
    $1 off Scotties Envirocare 6 pk (Jun 30/13)
    $1off Smucker's Dessert Topping April 30 '13
    Source Yoghurt
    Stouffer’s pins (1 pin=1 coupon)
    Summer Fresh Dips or Hummus
    SunMaid Raisin Bread
    Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (limit 1 per rider please)
    Tampax tampons (not from inserts please)
    $1 Tetley tea (must be good on orange pekoe) NED
    Thinsations ( or tearpad)
    Tin foil
    toblerone get $1 off fruit
    any coupon for $2 or more on TP (any brand)
    Triscuit crackers
    0.50 wub1/$1 wub2 True Black 1.36L (exp Dec 31/12)
    Windsor salt

    LauraWill's Wishlist:
    -> French Coupons = Yes
    -> Printables = No, except for Scott's
    -> Websaver/Brandsaver/GoCoupons/ = Yes
    -> Stackable = No
    -> Store Specific = No

    Counts as 3
    $3 Nexxus (no size restrictions)
    Roll up the Rim Winners ~RLF~
    $3 Tide
    $5 Chapmans ~RLF~
    $5 Maple Leaf
    FPC Sweet Baby Rays ~RLF~
    FPC's (most any, just msg me)
    FPC Kinder Egg ~RLF~
    FPC Aero Bubbles
    FPC Always
    FPC Beneful Prepared Meals
    FPC Bread
    FPC Cheese ~RLF~
    FPC Philidelphia Cooking Creme
    FPC Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar ~RLF~
    FPC Dove
    FPC Eggo Waffles
    FPC Laundry Detergent
    FPC Lindt Chocolate ~RLF~
    FPC Pepsi
    FPC Perogies
    FPC Popcorn
    FPC Quaker Maple Oatmeal
    FPC Smarties
    FPC Starbucks Drink
    FPC Sunlight Laundry
    FPC Tostitos ~RLF~
    FPC Tricuits ~RLF~
    FPC Twistos
    FPC Vaseline
    FPC for Purina Dog Food (from ~RLF~
    Pin from Kellogg's for "Free Breakfast Item"

    Counts as 2
    Pins from Inside Kellogg's Family Size Cereal ("Love your Cereal")
    $0.75 Fresh Produce (from ziploc) rrlf
    $1.50 Fresh Chicken (from ziploc) rrlf
    $1+ Hamburger Helper ~RLF~
    Unico Call in ~RLF~
    $3 off Bread WUB Ziploc
    $2 Tide
    $3 Chapmans ~RLF~
    $3 J&J Call in
    $3 off Bread WUB Ziploc ~RLF~
    $5 off Blue Buffalo Dog Food (by taking the True Blue test online) ~RLF~
    Aeroplan Code
    B1G1 Arctic Gardens
    B1G1 Sunlight

    Counts as 1
    $1.50 Colgate Advanced (no size restriction)
    $$ off of General Mills
    Mars, Buy 4 Old Dutch Bags (220g) & get 1 M&M's candies stand up pouch (162-230g), 08299390, Sept 30, 2012
    $1 Catelli (WUB 1)
    $1+ Olivieri
    $1+ Shredded Wheat
    $1 Summer Fresh ($1 only, have lots of $0.75)
    $1+ Becel (valid on any)
    $2 Annabelle Eyeliner
    $2 Cottonelle
    $2 J&J ~RLF~
    $2 Royale
    ANY Call in Coupon
    Almay Coupons
    Aluminium Foil
    Arctic Garden's Vegetables
    Arctic Garden's steamed rice
    Aunt Jamima Syrup or Mix
    Aylmer Tomatoes (Not Accents)
    B1G1 Clubhouse Gravy
    B1G1 Healthy Choice Steamer
    B1G1 VH Steamer
    BBQ Sauce (any but Newman's Own) ~RLF~
    Baking Soda ~RLF~
    Beneful Pepared Meals $1+ off or BOGO
    Bull’s Eye bbq sauce ~RLF~
    Campbells Broth
    Canadian Tire $$ (50 cents = 1) ~RLF~
    Canned Tomatoes (not accents)/Vegetables
    Cashmere Toilet Paper (RLF $2 off, will accept early expiry
    Classico Pasta Sauce ~RLF~
    Clorox/Lysol Wipes ~RLF~
    Colgate/Palmolive coupon from Company ~RLF~
    Crystal Light ~RLF~
    Del Monte Canned Vegetables ~RLF~
    Canned/Jar Fruit
    Dole Bagged Lettuce (no salad kits, please)
    Dried Fruit
    Eggs (not liquid, no omega) ~RRRLF~
    Gillette $5 WUB 3
    Goldfish crackers (not graham)
    Haagen Dazs Ice cream
    Heinz Ketchup
    Hellman's Mayo ~RLF~
    Honey Nut Cheerios
    Honey ~RLF~
    I can't believe it's not butter (spray or margerine)
    Imperial Margerine
    Janes Chicken ~RLF~
    Johnsonville Sausage
    Juice Boxes
    Kashi Bars (not Cereal, just bars)
    Kraft Cheese (.75/1.00+)
    Kraft Coupons valid on multiple products
    Kraft or Skippy Peanut Butter
    Lean Cusine Pins from Box ~RLF~
    Maynards Candy
    Nestle Drumstiks
    Nestle Ice Cream
    Oasis Juice (2013 expiry only)
    Old Dutch Tortilla or Potato Chips
    Old El Paso Products
    Peek Freans $1 off
    Pepsi (valid on Regular Pepsi)
    Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    Satin Care ($1.50+)
    Scott Paper Towels $2+
    Shake N Bake (December 2012 Expiry)
    Shoppers Optimum Points (100 pts = 1)
    Skintimate Shave Gel
    Sugar (White/Brown)
    Ziploc $1 off any 1 (no size restriction)
    KK7's Wishlist
    No French-No Store Specific No Printed

    Worth 3 points
    Any FPC for Anything!!!!
    Pins For Free Waffles, Juice ect Please write it down don't just send the cardboard I totaly lost out on a pin from it being folded and unreadable after)
    FPC Maxx Kitty Litter
    5.00 Marc Angelo
    FPC Beneful Wet or Dry Adult
    FPC Friskies Dry or Wet
    5.00 Maxx Litter
    5.00 Cavedish Fries Call IN
    5.00 Chapmens
    FPC 2L/6pack Brisk
    FPC Lays//Smartfood
    FPC Diary Milk Chocolate Bar
    FPC Timothys
    FPC Huggies/Pampers Wipes not refil reg tub
    FPC Maxx Cat Litter or ANY $ Amount
    5.00 Ice Cream
    5.00 any tilex, s.o.s, liquid plumr, lestoil, clorox, pine-sol or green works product

    Worth 2
    J&J Call In No Stayfree or Baby ONLY 2013 Please
    1.00 Nestle Water
    1.00 General Mills
    1.00 Marc Angelo
    Any Call In Surprise Me
    2.00 Pam
    1.00 on ONE Ziploc
    2.00 Eggo's
    1.00 or more Any Kimberley Clark Product
    .1.00 Any 1 Dare/Grissol
    Friskies Dry Food 1.00+
    Bogo Hunts Thick n Rich From Promo
    $2 Kelloggs (mailed from company, valid on ANY of their products
    General Mill Any $ Amount
    1.00 General Mills Peelie
    2.00 Kelloggs Peelie
    $1 Campbells (red coupon, valid on Goldfish, Bisto, Pace, etc.)
    1.00 or 5.00 or any other Palmolive/Colgate Call In Coupons ~~if 5.00 Worth 3
    2.00 Natrel Milk
    2.00 Cottonelle
    1.50 / 1.00 Fresh Chicken
    .75 Fresh Fruit
    Bogo Dempsters Bread----online coupon
    $3 WUB 2 Haagen-Dazs, 500ml Tubs & Multipacks, any
    75 Danone
    -Save .75 on any 1 variety of Premium Plus Crackers (450g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533653
    -Save $2.00 WUB any 2 varieties of Christie Products (115-550g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533695
    -Save .75 on any 1 variety of Oreo Cookies (300-550g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533640
    -Save .75 on any 1 variety of Chips Ahoy! or Chunks Ahoy! Cookies (280g-350g); Expires December 31, 2012; UPC# 05533624
    FB OFFER Bogo Shnieders
    BOGO Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner June 19
    $1 Palmolive Nov 30 this is the new insert coming out if it is for any want if not for any scratch it off lol
    $1 Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes (tub or refill) July 14

    Worth 1
    75 Lac Butter 2013 ONLY
    $1 off Kraft Parmesan (aged grated or shaved, 141gm) expires Dec.31 '12
    1.00 Kraft Parmesan Sept Exp
    1.00$ WUB3 Jell-o Jelly Powder products, Dec. 31, 2012
    1.00 Cashmere even Envio
    1.00 Sponge Towels even enviro
    Buy 2 Save 2.00 Smartfood
    Buy 3 Lays Get PepsiCo 2 Litre Free
    1$ off the purchase of Clorox 2 laundry stain lifter or stain lifter and color reviver
    .75 BD Cheese 2013 NOT NOT Chesestrings
    3.00 Nexxus
    1.00 Always From P&G online
    2.00 Tide P&G Online
    1.00 WUB 2 Schneiders from online
    .75 WUB 2 Christies Crackers
    .75 Dempsters Deluxe Buns
    1.00 WUB 4 Campbells Not Metro Ones
    2.00 Irish Spring
    Milkbone Soft and chewy
    Dempsters White Bread
    1.00 Beggin Strips
    Fancy Feast/Friskies Wet
    Any Reg Natrel Milk for 4 Litres NOT Organic
    1.00 Mars Multipak
    Premium Crackers
    1.00 plus Summerfresh Dips
    75 Block of Cheese
    1.00 Clorex Wipes
    Europes Best Fruit
    2.00 Europes Best From Inerst
    $1 Astro Original 650 g, 750 g or 500 g 11909819 Dec 31, 2013 FROM RECIPE PLUS CALENDAR
    1.00 Asrto Orignal New Tear Pad
    1.00 Nestea 12 Cans
    1.00 Any Astro Peelie or Any Other Source
    .75 Rougemount/Allen's Juice From English Muffins
    1.00 Always NOT Infinity ect Plain Always
    1.00 Wub 2 Friskies Treats
    1.00 Clorex Toilet Dec 31 Exp
    May Family Farms For Meat Not Deli/coldcuts

    Fitzgirl's wish list
    Toonies for Tummies: No
    Store Specific Coupons: No
    French Coupons: Yes
    Printables: No,
    Multiples: NO unless stated

    Count as all coupons
    Kelloggs love your Cereal PIN(will accept more than 2)
    Kelloggs love your breakfast PIN
    FPC for cereal
    FPC yogurt
    FPC eggo ( from kellogg's cereal)
    FPC bananas (from kellogg's cereal)
    FPC instant quaker oatmeal (Facebook)
    FPC Triscuit
    FPC pepsi
    FPC ruffles/Tostitos
    BOGO Peak Ferens
    FPC bacon
    FPC Oasis
    Any FOOD FPC (just ask)

    Count as 2 coupons
    2$ Kellogg’s – peelie\
    3$ aveeno (call-in)
    2$ stayfree (call-in)
    $5 wub 2 stayfree
    Colgate/palmovlive call-in
    $3 Purex

    Count as 1 coupon
    campbells soups/broth upc 00923792, 00923835,
    campbells – buy 4 save $1
    chef Boyardee – multiples OK
    .25+/$1 Hunts snack pack or jello pudding
    tuna- not flavored
    Special K –any from booklet
    $1.50 Rice Krispie Bars (websaver)
    2$/3$/$3.50/5$ Caltrate -12925009,1293263, 12924338, 12924383 , from spin to win 1293234
    1$ Ziploc (wub 1) (websaver)
    2$ Ziploc (wub 2)
    $1+ General mills – good on any product
    1$ Kellogg’s
    carnation Hot chocolate- 1$
    philly dips
    $1 international delight or cafe inspirations
    $2 dove wub 2 different product – multiples OK RRLF
    $1 Sunlight (Dec 2012--UPC:72613594)
    1$ Hunts Thick & rich sauce
    B1G1 Hunts thick & Rich sauce
    .75 Black diamond cheese (good on bricks) – multiples OK
    Dr Pepper, Crush, Mountain Dew ,any amount – multiples OK
    5$ neo citron- (must be good on crystals)
    $1 Jello wub3
    Hormel – toss in the lettuce wub bacon bites
    Sunny D
    Cake mixes (Duncan Hines/Betty Croker)
    $1.50 Sensodyne tp
    Ice cream treats
    Dare (not wub 2)
    $2 Kashi cracker/pita crisps
    .75 Lactancia Cream (not lactose free)
    $1.50 chicken product (Ziploc promo)
    $.75 fresh produce (Ziploc promo)
    Oasis juice
    $1 Purex (laundry) – UPC -30125490 or 30125520
    U by Kotex – tween ok
    .75$ Christie crackers
    . B2G1 free Dr Oetker pudding
    Lays/Ruffles/Old Dutch chips
    Crystal light
    Maple leaf ( Top Dog wieners) websaver
    Miracle Whip
    $1 WYB3 ED Smith 540 ml pie filling Sept 30, 2012
    Splenda – not upc ending 958
    $1 Mio
    Advil cold & sinus
    Dempters buns– multiples OK
    .50 Old ElPaso peelie
    .75 nature valley, old el paso, pizza pops (
    $1.50 McCain Harvest splendor (
    $1 old el paso tortillas (
    .75/$1 cinnamon pops
    $1 Nestea or Goodhost product
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    So here is my shop! I had to make some changes to the guess game. Maxi doesn’t mark on their receipt the amount saved by purchasing on special and I can’t remember for the life of me what they are, so you will only make 2 guess:

    • Guess my out of pocket (no tax)
    • Guess the amount in $ of coupon used

    I will award to 4 different persons, the 2 closest of each guesses!

    • I went to Maxi the 20 May
    • I price matched 1 item from Loblaws
    • I price match 1 item from SDM

    I will be taking your bids till Tuesday morning 8 am.
    Bid by PM only please! You get 1 try only!

    ***You guys did awesome!***

    So here is the recap :

    Salad dressing 1$ x 2 = 2$
    BBQ Sauce 1$ x 2 = 2$
    Becel 2$ x 1 = 2$
    4 apple 1.41$ x 1 - 1.41 (max 1.99 WUB 2 kelloggs bar) = 0$
    Bananas 1.86$ x 1 - 1 WUB 2 V8 = 0.86$
    3 Cucumbers 2$ x 1 = 2$
    Pop tart 2$ x 1 = 2$
    Nutrigrain PM SDM 1.99$ x 2 – 1$ - .50 = 2.48$
    Mini-Wheat 3$ x 4 = 12$ (she wouldn’t let me pm sdm wrong flavour, the right one had no FPC)
    V8 2.77$ x 2 - 5.54 (2 FPC) = 0$
    Resolve 2$ x 1 – 2$ Insert = 0$
    Pam PM Loblaw 3.69$ x 1 - 1$ = 2.69$
    Meat 3$ x 1 – 2$ WUB Pam = 1$
    Coup used : 14.45$
    OOP : 29.03$

    Flyingdutch got the best OOP
    KK7 is the runner up

    Coupmama had the best coupon guess
    Michellederek is the runner up

    I realized that Miaow had a great advantage, living in QC and knowing me personally. She had the best guess at .33 cents difference for my OOP!

    So all 5 will get a SYB PIN congrats ladies!
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Happy mama day!!
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    4 seats Reserved!

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    539 (100%)

    Hello there I would like a seat please
    IMLN likes this.

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    OK I'll play! I will have to PM you my WL later tonight though!
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    Woohoo riders!! Thanks ladies and welcome aboard!!

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    168 (98%)

    I will take a seat pls. if there is still room - will pm WL soon.
    IMLN likes this.

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    Updated WL! Thanks for riding along alicia!

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    C'mon you know you want it!

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    New WL posted!

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    Can I have a seat please?
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    you sure can! Welcome abord!

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    New WL uploaded!

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