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Thread: quick question

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    Aww, if you had finished the transaction I guarantee those points would have been there.

    I also skip the $10 GC promos if using coupons because we all know how different cashiers have different rules. Last time during the GC offer, I redeemed points for a purchase and the cashier handed me the GC. I told her I was redeeming and didn't think I should get the GC and she insisted saying I do get it. At another store, the cashier handed me the GC and then once I told her I was redeeming, she took it back.

    In the case of BP wus $50, I'm sure the cashiers are told it must be $50 after coupons. I have had some cahiers get really nasty and insist so I wait patiently for them to complete the transaction and then show them my receipt

    The inconsistency of the SDM promo rules drives me nuts!

    Quote Originally Posted by Declans Mom View Post
    saven raven, good point but nope didn't buy anything that is excluded... u know she rang in all my stuff and usually in my experience it shows on the screen the bp's etc but this time it didn't show them so i asked her if they were added and she said no because you are spending below 50- i said in the past i've always got the points when using coupons to lower my oop and she said no not this promo..... so being that I've never done this particular bp promo (usually they give the gift cards for the spend 50 promo's in BC) i thought that maybe it had different rules so i said ok and grabbed bunch of milk to put my total up over the 50 and of course got my bp's

    what i should have done was just completed the transaction and i bet any money the bp's would have been there on my reciept

    i was so excited that they are now giving the bp's instead of the gc's and then so disappointed thinking that darn it and now i realize two things--- the cashier probably didn't know you got the bp's when using coupons to lower your oop and secondly that maybe their screens don't show the bp's unless the cashier goes into a certain area to see that info (this was a new sdm that i don't usually shop at so maybe new cashier? not quite as experienced with the tills?)

    i had a brain fart! should have just let her finish transaction

    thx everyone

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    The 20x events are way better than the 8000bp. You still have to spend $50 but you get 10 000bp. I feel like SDM is tricking people by only offering 8000 pts.

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