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    on sunday went out walking with hubby and found a cute restaurant that was giving free-samples of wine -so we had a taste -then came home for a father's day supper with
    son and his wife
    first stopped fortinos and ran in for some buns
    oh and (2) honey bunches of oats 2.99-.75=2.24

    then zellers yesterday
    (2) dill pickles on sale 2.50-buy 2 save 1.00=2.00 each
    (2) lysol toilet bowl cleaners-p.m to food basics 1.99-buy 1 get 1=1.00 each
    (4) healthy harvest pasta coupons p.m to no frills 1.50-.75=.75 cents
    (2) truisuit thin crisps p.m to lococos.99-buy 2 save 2.00=free
    (2) kraft bbq p.m to frescho .99-.15 cent cpn-= 84 -my hubby doenst like sweet ray bbq sauce

    then today got up early cause it was super hot-out the door before 9.00 to take 3 bags of donation of clothes from my son/his wife to value village -filled upa card from donations from our house and his for 30% off-dont think i will make it on monday-maybe
    i got
    (1) a pair of new capris from cotton ginny 9.99-2.99= 7.00
    (1) another pair of capris 7.99-2.39= 5.60
    would much rather pay that than 24.99 in zellers or walmart /sears
    (1) new tank top from retimans 3.99-1.19= 2.80
    (1) nice new looking black button down top5.99-1.79=4.20 so for 19.60 got 4 nice items of clothing

    also got my mom pull on capris for 4.99-1.49= 3.50 -she loves them
    and a puzzle for 99-.20= .79 cents

    my moms friend who is in hers seventies told my mom "-you must be desperate to shop there" i smiled when i heard that-nope i am smart -would rather keep more money in my savings than spend it -i would rather spurlge on my road trip with my hubby in the summer months-i am being a smart canuck -all across the board
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    Nice job coupon girl. I'm with you on the savings on the capris. Argh re the comment from your mom's friend. My BIL told me he would be ashamed to use coupons which made me laugh, to each his own lol.

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