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Thread: To the lady taking ALL the tear pads in Kingston.

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    I have seen you a few times now, taking the whole tear pad. Coupons are for everyone to share, not for one person to make a profit on. I have such a hard time finding good tear pads. I will go into a store the night before and there is no tear pad, I go the next day and there is empty tear pads. It is super greedy and not fair. You drive around in your comfortable car and are able to hit multiple stores in the same morning. I walk everywhere because we can not afford a car and it really ticks me off to see you scoring all the coupons and not even leaving one for anyone else. Please be courteous and take a few. There is no need to take the whole tear pad every time. (Also, to the person who cut the coupons off the Nestea boxes at Food Basics downtown with out purchasing them - It is considered theft because you are destroying the product packaging. If security sees you, you could be in a lot of trouble.)

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    OMG. I knew it! I knew it had to be 1 or 2 people taking EVERYTHING!

    When I started couponing, there was always more than enough. Now I can't find ANY coupons! It's that reason I hate shows like "Extreme Couponers" etc. They brought people out of the wood work, and those people are abusing the whole system. Can't wait for said people to find a new way to make a quick buck and MOVE ON. All fads eventually fade out, so I'm hopeful things will return to normal eventually.

    Everyone wants to save money, that's normal but abusing the sytem or trying to make money (selling on ebay) is a bit much IMO. Oh and the shelf clearing seems to be a problem now to.

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    I haven't found any coupons in the last 6 months except loblaws cz. Napanee is the same way. Very sad.

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