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Thread: Swagbucks Search & Win v4 - everything Swagbucks related!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheriLyn View Post
    New to Swagbucks, and just wondering do they send out T4s for Swagbucks or it is just considered cashback/rebate?

    Also, anyone know how Swagbucks searches work? Or have any pointers?
    I've searched through their site's search bar and no luck with points.
    No T4 (T5).
    Would love some pointers on the search. I usually get 1 search every 2 days.

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    My advice for searches, it can take as many as 20 to 26 searches to get your search Swagbucks. I search each day for a variety of recipes and stagger them out. Lately, I've only been getting one search win per day and the amount is usually small, perhaps 5 or 6 SBs. In the good old days, you could get 3 per day and the amounts would vary for each win. When they have the special collector bills, you usually get bigger amounts but I find it hard to get the whole series with only one win a day!!

    Good luck with your searches!!


    p.s. I find some great ideas for dinner doing all those recipe searches!!
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    anyone having trouble redeeming the monthly bonus? It flashes on my daily goal for me to redeem but once i click it, nothing happens.

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