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    Werd on the street... ya?


    However, I'd love to see how the one girl at East Hill does with this... she was tough on me telling me "coupon is only good for what's pictured if it says 'any'"... hmmm, lol.

    So the same rules as b4... the P&G wording is out, so diff UPCs... or diff media sources?
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    Honestly I don't know.I went this morning to pick up a few things and asked the cashier if they would be allowing stacking again and she had no idea what I was talking about.I guess I will wait and see, If they do I am sure the coupons will be behind customer service again! This is going to be interesting!
    I went to customer service right before they quit stacking and the CS was one rude B. I had asked if they had a certain Kraft coupon that they had advertised in their flyer and her exact words to me were "of course we don't have any Kraft coupons, you coupon people have taken them all, and by the way you can't use them on Kraft dinner" Usually I'm not short on words but I just shook my head and walked away.
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