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    I'm supposed to be doing a road trip from Toronto with the destination of Canmore, Alberta to arrive July 1st. Due to the recent flooding there, I am not sure whether to proceed or not. It looks like there has been severe damage there. I have been watching the news a lot but would like to hear from people living in that area. I know a lot of people are in danger and have been evacuated out of their houses, I'm so sorry you guys have this going on there. I hope you all stay safe. I've already bought tickets to the stampede as well as reserved parking for July 6th.

    Please if anyone can shed more light on this matter, I would be greatly appreciated to hear from you. I know that you can't get into Canmore or out as of right now with transcanada being closed.

    It doesn't show anywhere that I can find, information for travellers. I know they are doing their best to clean up the floods, it's just frustrating not knowing whether to plan on coming still or not because the whole reason we're doing the road trip is to see Canmore, Banff, Jasper, High River etc.

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    I don't live in the flooded areas of Calgary and we have been banned from downtown so I don't really know how bad things are. I'm just seeing what everyone else is seeing on tv.

    Were you going to be staying at hotels or camping? You might want to check with your hotel/campsite to see what the state is. I know that right now they are letting people out of Canmore but no one into it. I also think it might depend on where you are staying.

    I know that the Stampede will go on come "Hell or High Water".

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    Maybe check with tourism Alberta

    I know Banff has its own site

    Check for the other communities, too - even on FB and/or twitter.

    This week, my sister was to be travelling to Calgary from Saskatoon with my niece to see the college she'll be going to in the fall, etc. - and the hotel called them and cancelled them, saying they were full of people who were displaced from their homes because of the flooding.

    Good luck! It's too bad this has all happened just at the time of your planned trip - it's an absolutely amazing area to travel through and enjoy!

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