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Thread: Question - Was anyone able to get Purex at SDM for .77 with emailed coupon?

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    It's great that folks are able to get good deals with these coupons. I could be wrong, but my guess is that SDM is attempting to limit the coupons to one per person (regardless of making multiple visits etc). As in, get the email, print it and use it only once. I realize there are many ways around this. My only intention is mentionning this is that the coupons do track back to your Optimum card. As SDM has done in the past, it's possible for them to either a) reverse/remove any points you may have earned as a result b) stop issuing you these coupons or c) close your Optimum account.

    Sorry to be a killjoy but SDM has in the past taken this sort of action.
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    I called SDM's 1800 number for an unrelated issue and asked about the personalized coupons. The kind man told me that the coupons may be used more than once, however, not to go crazy with them (no shelf clearing). I would hope people don't abuse these coupons. As katie333 mentioned, they can track your activity, so it's really at your own risk.
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