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Thread: Attention Steak Lovers

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    As a steakaholic and after many years of being hounded to produce and market my steak recipe by family and friends, I am finally doing it.

    Need a little help to scale up production. So I started a Kickstarter campaign. Looking for all foodies and steak lovers to view my campaign for potential backing and/or forwarding to others for exposure.

    I am a food broker of 25+ years and have contacts all throughout the industry to get the distribution to all the major grocery accounts in Canada.

    The product is a steak paste in two flavours. Believe will enjoy this recipe. I have perfected the flavour profiles over the past 25+ years to perfectly accentuate the natural flavours of a steak. If you cook my way, it will not matter what cut of beef you use as much as it matters how you cook it, flavour it and plate it.

    If you visit my Kickstarter page, I have a video posted on how to cook the perfect steak, I have cooked steak more ways than most and this is the best way. Even without my steak paste, it will give you the best results, so I hope you get some value from it.

    If you are interested, please visit my Kickstarter campaign and forward to anyone that has interest.

    Please enjoy and I hope I am not offending anyone by posting a Kickstarter campaign here. I am just being pro-active to get this off the ground.

    If you enjoy steaks or know someone who does, take a look.

    Feel free to post a comment or question...positive or negative, I will be happy to respond.

    (AKA STAB for anyone that knows me on Smart Canucks)
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    I did enjoy watching how you cooked the steak, that is how I prep all my beef meats by searing all sides first in my cast iron pan, then for a stew it goes in a slow simmering pot or a pressure cooker for a few minutes. For steak it goes out onto the BBQ after.
    Good luck with your kickstarter campaign...btw is there a lot of sodium content in your steak paste recipe?
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    2023 had better show some promise or else!

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    Thank you...........
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