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Thread: Chef's Plate: Eating for Free- Saving Time and Money!

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    My colleague from work has been raving about this program called Chef's Plate. You can order meals online and they are delivered right to your door. There is no commitment so you can order as many or as little times as you want. All ingredients are individually packaged and only take approx 25 minutes to prepare. I signed up today and got my first 4 plates free!! Which is two nights (2 plates/night). I had to pay the $6 shipping fee.. but $6 for two nights meals is amazing! Plus I wont be throwing away leftovers of something that we might not of loved, and I don't have to purchase a whole lot of groceries to try one meal. I am so excited about being able to try new meals, my first order will be delivered on the 5th of January.

    Right now the company is trying to expand so they are offering 4 free plates as a referral code when you sign up, then when someone signs up using your code you get 2 free plates. I live in Cambridge, Ontario and am not positive where all they deliver to but it is definitely worth checking out.

    I am just SOOOOO excited as I love a good deal and I love food! Stay tuned for photos once I receive my first box and whip up a tasty meal. I picked the steak and the ginger chicken.

    here is the link to the website:

    To get your first 4 plates free here is my code, make sure to tell your friends your code once you sign up so that you can keep the savings rolling in!:

    ***removed referral link, please post it in the signature***

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    I just started using Chef's Plate - they deliver all the ingredients (meat/fish/veggies/flour/butter etc) in a cold box (freezer packs) that you need with a recipe card once a week and you get to choose 2 or 3 meals per week out of 6 choices.

    It is amazing - dinner in less than 30 minutes without the grocery shopping for about $10 a plate. Hubby and I found making it together to be quite a bonding experience (!) and we learned some new cooking techniques - red wine glaze etc. And the recipe cards are beautiful and worth keeping!

    It's only in Ontario right now, but if you want a referral link for 4 free plates ($44) it's in my signature line below. You can stop /pause the subscription any time, although I promptly restarted it the second week after i found it so good. The website is very easy to use and the communications via email are very straight forward.

    Can people also share other meal delivery links through this thread of places they have tried anywhere in the country?

    Anyone tried Farm Fresh?

    Also, I contacted them - they don't take anything back... so the ice packs: they are non toxic and so you can open them and run them down the sink with water, or keep them for keeping your lunch cold or summer picnics or free cycle them. The ziplock backs are useful and i reuse them. The boxes can be recycled. We're on our 3rd week now. Love learning new techniques for cooking and I've replicated a few of the recipes by myself by going to the store to get eg. the salmon. But it's sometimes still cheaper to get the chef's plate!! Thanks for using my referral link below!!!

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    Thanks! Sounds like something I'd love to try!

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    Use Promo Code at and get 4 FREE Plates on your first order. That's FREE $44 Worth of Food.
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    You need to have a referral link to get the 2 free meals for 2 people, feel free to message me for my link (referral links not allowed here).

    You will automatically get 40% off your order if you go directly through the site

    This week a friend introduced me to Chef's Plate. It's a subscription box for Ontarians, that delivers meals!

    The meals aren't ready to eat, but take no more than 30 minutes to prepare from the time you open the ingredients to the time you put it on your plate. All of the ingredients are portioned out and then you just follow the recipe that comes along with it.

    And they deliver right to your door in a refrigerated box!

    All you do, is choose the plan that's right for you. Each plate (person to feed) is $10.95 and includes all the food to make the meal. Shipping is free, except for the 2 person 2 meal a week plan, where the shipping costs $6.

    One of the really nice things about the program, is that you can pause, skip or cancel at any time.


    -you get a recipe card, step by step directions
    -choice between six meals
    - locally sustained meat without antibiotics
    -arrives fresh in a refrigerated box and left at your door
    - delivered in Ontario

    The first 4 plates (2 meals for 2 people) are free, but you have to pay $6 for shipping.

    They have a really awesome referral program where each person you refer gets 4 free plates and you get 2 for referring them!

    I'm happy to share my referral link, just message me and I'll happily pass it along, or click the link in my signature
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    Just a mom looking to save and earn enough to stay home with her kids.

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    I just wanted to post how much I am enjoying our family's Chef's plate subscription!
    We've been using it for two months now; and really enjoy the ease of weekly dinners!

    We both work full-time so we often found ourselves coming home to the question "what should we eat tonight".
    Chef's plate is awesome because you pick the recipes (from their weekly subscription) they deliver the fresh ingredients (including high quality meat).

    I was skeptical at first, cost, commitment etc.
    A few of my co-workers used it so I tried it.
    There is no commitment, you can cancel or pause anytime (we were on holidays last week, paused it, no issue).
    Cost is 66$/week (taxes in) for 3 meals for 2 people.
    It feels like we are eating restaurant quality meals.

    Anyways, just thought I'd share in case anyone was looking and it and not sure.
    Here is my referral link; if you use it, you get 3 plates free (essentially your first week is 33$).
    I'm also up for chatting with anyone that may have questions.

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    I tried it and I was not impressed with it. they use all previously frozen meats. if i'm paying a premium for the service the least i would expect that they would use fresh meats. I also tried good food and they use fresh meats. there about the same price as chefs plate

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