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Thread: Loan issues

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    So I had a loan and owed $3000 left. A few months ago I got a call saying that it has been paid off. I called back and double checked with the lady to make sure it was right and she said yes it's paid. Thank you and not to worry. Then a week later they sent me my papers saying it was paid. Today I get a call saying it was a mistake and they want their money back. I told them I have papers saying it's paid off. Can I do that? Or can they force me to pay off a loan that I have papers for that says it's paid?
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    I would strongly suggest taking advantage of The Lawyer Referral Service. A free 30 minute consultation with a lawyer is free for the asking. Ask someone with training in the legal field. We may have suggestions, but you simply cannot beat a legal opinion. It is offered by The Law Society of Upper Canada (the professional organization of lawyers in Ontario), and is totally legit.

    Helps that it is free!

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    OP, have you paid of the loan or do you still owe? If you still owe, be on the up and up and pay them back. If you have paid them, then show them the proof with your receipt.

    Problem solved.

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    Dh suggests taking a photocopy of your paper that shows that you have already paid the loan with a lawyer's business card (in the photocopy), then send the bank the photocopy of the document.
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