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    I will be taking 6 riders

    BP is 2 stamps or 2 Wish List coupons
    No Exp before Feb 28/2017
    Post ins and outs in thread
    Post in thread and email addresses when signing up for this train
    Please leave feedback
    Mail out in 24 hrs of receiving

    FPC Chocolate milk
    SDM points
    P Stamps
    FPC Shampoo
    FPC Conditioner
    FPC Bassili's Best
    $5 Colgate-Palmolive
    FPC Colgate-Palmolive
    FPC Dare/Grissol
    FPC Dr Oetker Rising crust
    FPC Dr Oetker Ristorante
    FPC Egg Creation
    FPC Haagen-Dazs
    FPC Kellogg's
    FPC King Cole tea
    FPC Kisko kids/Mr Freeze
    FPC Marc Angelo
    FPC Mars,Snickers,Twix,etc.
    FPC McCain Deep N Delicious
    FPC McCain pizza pockets
    FPC McCain Superfries
    FPC McCain Cool Quenchers
    FPC McDonalds McCafe Espresso drink
    FPC Dove
    FPC Astro Kik
    FPC Biore
    FPC Arctic Gardens
    FPC Carl Buddig
    FPC Cavendish Frozen Potato
    $5 Burt Bees
    $5/$10 Maple Leaf
    $4 chicken product
    $3 Aveeno
    $2 Stayfree
    $5/$4 Chapmans
    $5 Oasis juice
    $2 Advil
    $3/$4 Advil nighttime

    BOGO Klondike
    $2 Sweet Baby Rays
    $1 Starbucks iced coffee (tearpad)
    $1 Cheemo perogies
    $4.50 Claritin
    BOGO Bassili's Best
    $1 Allen's juice
    $1 Arctic Gardens
    $1 Tensor Brand/TruFit
    $1 Becel
    $1Club House
    30c Down Under Naturals
    50c Carnation Hot chocolate
    30c/75c Cavendish
    $2.50 Claritin
    $1.50 Cottonelle
    $3 Cottonelle
    $2 Covergirl
    $1 WUB2 Dare Candy
    50c Dare
    $1 Dare cookies
    50c Del Monte juice
    $1 Diana sauce or marinade
    30c WUB2 Duncan Hines
    75c Egg Creation
    $1 Egg Creation
    50c Europe's Best
    $3 Filippo Berio Olive oil
    75c Fleischmann's pizza yeast
    $3 Folgers coffee
    $1/$2 Gay Lea, Nordica, etc.
    $5 Goddess Garden sunscreen
    50c Habitant ketchup
    50c/$1 Hain-Celestial
    $1 Homel Compleats Microwave meals
    50c Hunt's manwich
    $1 International Delight
    $1 Islands farms ice cream
    $1/$2 Janes Chicken
    $3 Children's Advil
    75c Keebler waffle cones
    75c Keebler ready crust
    $1 Kellogg's cereal
    $2 Kellogg's any prod.
    50c Kellogg's crisps
    15c Kraft
    $1 Listerine
    $1 Marc Angelo
    50c Maple Leaf Natural Selections
    50c McCains pizza pockets
    50c McCains fries
    $2.50 Minute Maid/5Alive
    $2 Aveeno body wash
    $1 WUB2 Manwich
    Purex laundry soap
    Carnation hot chocolate
    $1 WUB3 Jello
    Bread any (not WUB3 )
    BOGO Healthy Choice gourmet steamers -printable
    $1 Any Tetley Signature collection tea 20s, exp Dec 31, 2016
    Pop good on case
    Minute maid frozen juice
    $2.50 maple leaf bacon
    Philadelphia cream cheese block
    Black diamond cheese slices
    Kraft cheese wiz/slices
    $2 Maple Leaf bacon
    Buy 2 Get 1 Free *Available on any variety of 375 g (uncooked) or 65 g (precooked) Maple Leaf or Schneiders bacon product.
    $1.00 Philadelphia Cream Cheese 250g (brick) Printable
    Lays chip or Doritos
    Aunt Jemima syrup
    $1 McCain Deep N Delicious cake
    $1.00 off any one 12x341ml Minute Maid, Fruitopia, or Five Alive product - 65314698 - March 28 2017
    $1.00 on Playtex Sport tampons, Playtex Gentle Glide tampons, OB tampons, Carefree liners or Stayfree pads - 29010992 - December 31 2017
    Glad, $1.00 Glad Cling Wrap, 01226850, March 31 2017
    Glad, $1.00 Glad Cling Wrap, 01226889, March 31 2017
    Tetley - $1.00 off any Tetley Auyrvedic Balance Tea 20s - 08117234 - December 31, 2017
    Dr. Oetker Ristorante Frozen Pizza
    Kraft $1 on Parmesan cheese 05548877 exp June 30/17
    $2 Folgers Ground Coffee exp May 31/17 30404742
    75 cents Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares bars Brown Rice 160g exp July 31/17 71581532
    .50 cents box of Welch's Fruit Snacks & Welch's Fruit'n Yogurt exp Feb 10/17 94802000
    $1 WUB2 Wonder Bread Loaves exp May 31/17 7540

    Rider List
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    Seat please

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    Seat please!

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