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Thread: GPS Recommendations...

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    So this is my problem, I would like to have something that shows me current/updated maps in CAD, sometimes I drive out of town and am not familiar with the roads etc. I would like some direction.
    I went to look at maps..but the problem with those is smaller streets were not ALL displayed..:/
    I purchased a book that has different cities/streets etc. which is more helpful than paper map..but I noticed some errors in the book as well, it shows roads that are in incorrect direction/place..I actually ended up getting lost at one point, odd and frustrating, but a good waste of money : (

    So, I'm thinking what about GPS?
    I have never had one before...has anyone here?
    my only concern is outdated info..would this be a problem, if not, any recommendations? do they update themselves? that would be great.

    I don't know what the best option would be for me..

    (not interested in using smartphone for gps because I don't have a data plan, and don't want to pay a monthly fee just to use one)

    But I'm interested in hearing your GPS experiences?
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    First... Depending on your phone and software, you CAN preload maps so that you dont need to use your data. Google maps can do this on both Android and iPhone...

    Just be sure and disable your phone's data if necessary while you are travelling so it doesnt use it accidentally. (click the top of the article to change to iphone instructions)

    Just FYI: Google maps are updated more frequently than the dedicated GPS-device updates.

    However, if you want to go full-on GPS, then I'd recommend Garmin. and get one that has lifetime map updates.
    I have used Magellan in the past (that was my first brand, i had 2 models of that brand) -- and tried TomTom and ended up returning that after about a week... and wound up with a Garmin. I upgraded to another Garmin after a couple years with lifetime maps... and have had the same Garmin GPS for about 6 years... and updated the maps and software a couple times a year. (the map updates arent a constant update. They only release map updates a couple of times per year, at most.)

    I very very rarely found a road that wasnt shown, unless it was a new development. and if so, it was in a subsequent update a few months later.

    The only reason I dont use it now, is that it finally quit on me. (eventually the internal battery goes, and even though I use it with the power cord in the cigarette lighter, the dead battery prevents it from staying powered on) -- I'm waiting to replace the entire unit, but shopping around until my next road trip.

    If you're shopping, the key feature, I'd say, is the Lifetime Maps... the GPS should last you as long as you keep care of it.

    -- The Traffic feature available on some models is seldom required, and seldom supported (might be in your area) but it's not really that necessary. -- and depending on the model, MIGHT require a link to your phone's data plan, so kind of moot if you arent going to use data anyway.
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    use your phone. if you have one. google maps. shows traffic, detours etc.

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    I love my Garmin GPS. Maps are updated three or four times a year.

    The premium models offer voice control. Handy for adjusting volume, brightness, and destinations hands free.

    I got the DriveAssist 50LMT. It's even got a built in dashcam.

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    Like others said Garmin with life time updates. I had one (Garmin Nuvi 40 LM) from last 5 years and once a year I update that, and thats working perfectly till now like brand new, never lost.
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    Vote for Garmin
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    i am using Google's Application "google maps" to get exact direction of locations i don't knows. I even don't look at the screen because Its voice assistant helps me to find my way to the desired location.

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