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Thread: PC Optimum Help

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    Hi guys,

    I searched and went through lots of threads already and seem like I can't find a solid answer so I apologize if these questions have been answered already.

    I have two questions hopefully you lovely canucks will be able to help me with.

    1. If I have an offer that is "Earn x,000pts when you spend $xx.00 on anything in the store" and use coupons and free product coupons towards that will I still achieve my bonus points? To my knowledge as long as the subtotal cost reached the amount of items picked up, the payment method whether cash/coupons/gc still lead to earning the full pts.

    2. Prior to the new program the redemption took money off the subtotal, so if cost was $170 before tax, after tax total would stand at $192.10 and if you used your pts you would pay $21.10 as the sales tax. My experiences at Loblaws has been they calculate all the taxes and applicable fees THEN take the total off, so if cost was $170 and $192.10 after taxes I could use $190 of my points and pay $2.10. Is that the same concept applied at Shoppers aswell?

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    #1 - yes, coupons count as cash and work toward your subtotal
    #2 - no. SDM redemptions are same as before. Pts will pay subtotal, but not taxes and deposit.
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