I have found lately that at 35 my purchases for Skincare have gone up, obviously LOL, but in all seriousness. I was never one to use more than sunscreen and maybe a mask every week. Now I not only still use sunscreen, but I've upped my mask intake to a few times a week and increased buying things like serums, night creams, primers and anti-aging makeup

So I ask, what is worth buying, worth spending money on, what you can save money on and what you need and don't need.

Obviously most of us are frugal, as am I. Is the fifty dollar creme needed over the comparable twenty dollar creme?

I'm clueless and I am now Middle Aged! (scream)

My problems that i would like tips for...

I get bags under my eyes, I have super dry skin on my face , feet and hands, and i also rash easy to too many chemicals.

Appreciate the input fellow People.