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Thread: Larger bottle caps on Downy : (

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    How do you add your softener when doing laundry? Measure, eye it from the bottle cap? I used to do but I'm careful now.

    Thanks to my small stockpile, I noticed that P & G changed the bottle caps on their Downy softener. So if you are used to level where the thread stops, you are using more liquid now. Which is a subtle way for them to make you use more and buy more eventually. See the pic...
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    Thanks for sharing that! Will keep my eyes open for stuff like this. I know usually there's the lower ML count ,but this is a new one
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    i thought this once too with a different product (a food product) whose instructions said to use "a cap full" -- come to find out the new cap was taller, but also slightly narrower so the measure to the lip of the cap was actually the same. (Proven by pouring one measure from the old cap into the new one -- and then "scientifically" by using a measuring cup to measure the content was actually about 4oz)

    In the interest of keeping the experience of the recipe mix the same, it ought to be the same... so I dont think it was a conspiracy to make me buy more.
    Seems the cap design change was made taller to accomodate a new "easy pour" spout that was jammed into the into the mouth of the jug. The taller cap had to acommodate for this.

    Now, when they cut the jug size down by 8% without advertising it... it ALMOST went un-noticed, but I caught it. But whattaya gonna do?

    While I'm not sure of P&G's reasoning behind the Downy cap switch... but in the interest of keeping the experience the same, perhaps the same holds true? (might be worth a check) -- I know that if Someone uses "extra" fabric softener in my wash, I notice it.

    However, as for my laundry needs, I have an older cap (one of those kind that come from one of those huge 2-gallon jugs with a dispenser spout) I keep using that cap for my measures and have for years. It's never changed even though I've changed bottles.
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    good eye @cbou ! It is these subtle changes that most of us miss.
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    I've been using one of the three bars inside the Downy cap to measure softener for use on my bedding's rinse cycles. Once I'm done with the bottle, I'll part ways with liquid softener. I find the side pouring spout a huge design issue for me. Can you tell I've tried pouring from the front of the bottle only to dribble a mess from the side of the spout??
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