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Thread: February 2019 Frugal Chatter (we love deals)

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    Hereís my February savings $336.99 in total
    $100.48 coupons
    $12.13 10% off Tuesday at Sobeys
    $20.90 CO51 Cheque
    $50.00 Air Miles
    $70.00 PC Optimum
    $80.00 earned through Swagbucks
    $3.48 SCOP @ WM

    Iím currently saving up my gift cards to buy a better vacuum.
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    good morning all. easy day for me. tonight dh and i are having a date night. a long over due date it should be nice.

    plan is to go to foodland , before date. get that done. tomorrow is costco , and shoppers. costco with my mom. i wont be getting very much there
    i am really watching my groceries. i am taking advantage of a few deals, airmiles and pc plus points. but really paring down the groceries
    successes for last month...
    i did very well on groceries, i was able to send extra money to moragtage ,
    fails.. not as much $ to loc - but i have a plan to fix that.
    and way to much garbage. hopefully my composter will defrost at some point and i can use it again.

    thats it from me.
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    I know - wrong section - but couldnít find the topics in the Tapatalk app

    Iím looking for a new washer/dryer - and wondered if anyone here has/had an all in one front load unit? Or a Bosch apartment sizedset - with the convection drying.

    Thank you

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