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Thread: Shoppers Drug Mart (ON, gta) March 14 - 20

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    Expired on: Sat, Mar 21st, 2020
    Okay, last one for this batch! But, check back later if you want to see FreshCo, and probably RCSS. (I have to see what flyer guy just dropped off.)

    Don't think I spotted any gc deals, but PC coffee is back to $6.99. (I'm still enjoying a huge stash from @thor9 , sent a while back. I'm down to 2-3 cups in the morning/afternoon, switched to tea at True Love is...understanding...for now...!)

    Health news: Thanks for the continued good will. Meant to reply last week, but I keep falling And when I think about just adding to my thread in the Tea Room, I feel like burying my head in the sand. I feel like I've been operating at 70% capacity since January, but part of that HAS to be in my head. I've been really lucky, so far -- not brave at all! My surgeries have had been virtually painless. (My throat is almost recovered, but it's mostly the grossness of dealing with a lingering cold/phelgm).

    My approach to the surgery was that it was IN/OUT surgery, so generally not difficult. And, I'm not the one who has to do the work, so why worry? All I have to do is wander to the OR (they make you walk there), and let them sedate me. (Oh, they have awesome heated was like Club Med...but, better! Club Medical.) I just assume I'm going to wake up later. (And, if I don't, it's not my problem anymore.) cough, cough. The surgeon asks a test question, "So, what are we doing here, today?" I was stunned the first, if you don't know, I'm worried now! The 2nd time, I just said, "Hopefully not a lobotomy." (Surgeon supplies the word I'm looking for)..."Yeah, that!"

    If there's a 3rd time, maybe she really will give me a lobotomy just to get rid of my bad jokes.

    And that's my cue....check back a bit later, I'll have FreshCo at least...if no one posts it before I make it back. Cheers!
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    Thank you again for posting

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    Oh cyn I'm so happy to hear you in good spirits you got this stay positive thanks for the update we worry about you u know

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    thank you ,very much appreciated -take care

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    Thanks for the update and your great sense of humour! Hope the healing goes well.
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