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Thread: Easter Weekend

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    It's Easter Weekend! As of today we are all Covid free and we will be celebrating on Saturday: Easter and Eva's 16th b-day! Im doing Easter this year plus the b-day, so everyone is coming here. But i need to pace myself so this morning i made cabbage rolls and boiled 3 dzn eggs

    Oh and did i mention we are also doing Ukrainian Easter. Im making an Easter basket with the traditional stull .

    If i dont forget, i will take some pictures. Hopefully the Ukrainian Deli will be collecting for the Ukrainian Relief. I have family in Poland, Ukraine and Russia (these 3 countries all share history). I know where the ones in Poland are but ive lost touch with the ones in Ukraine and Russia. Hubby and i talked about hosting a Ukrainian family but at our age it would be very hard. It is a sacrilage that we in Canada have so much and they have lost everything!
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    Wishing you an Happy Easter with your familly @SnowFlakey Stay safe
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    @SnowFlakey first of all how coordinated of everyone to test negative for covid!! Congrats on that ! Enjoy every minute of your Easter weekend celebrations, including the fabulous foods you'll be serving. Happy Birthday to Eva!
    How tragic the entire assault on Ukraine is. Just do whatever you and DH feel you can handle to show support for the families that have fled.

    Have a safe and Happy Easter!!
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    We are celebrating Easter with our Ukrainian refugee who arrived on Wed-last night we had Ukrainian sausage and cabbage rolls with sour cream. I think she was happy to see some familiar foods! She tasted banana bread for the first time for dessert and liked that. Easter dinner will be the traditional fare. Unfortunately she has to quarantine for 2 weeks but it is a small price to pay for the privilege of a 3 year work visa in Canada. We are all thankful. Today we are working on SIN application, applying for a job at the restaurant at the corner etc.
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    Happy Easter and I hope you family is okay @SnowFlakey
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