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    Aquafina Plus+ Vitamin Enhanced Water - available in Orange Tangerine, Pomegranite Cherry, Blackberry Grape, Citrus Twist, and Berry Burst.

    It contains antioxidants and vitamins as follows: (DV = daily value)

    Vitamin C - 148mg 250% DV
    Vitamin B1 - 5mg 20% DV
    Vitamin B5 - 3.5mg 50% DV
    Vitamin E - 3.2mg 30% DV
    Vitamin B6 - 1.2 70% DV
    Vitamin B12 - 1,5mcg 70% DV

    Each 591ml bottle contains 100 calories, and it says on the bottle that the recommended dosage for an adult is to drink 473 - 591 ml twice daily.

    I have tried all the flavors with the exception of Blackberry grape, the store didn't have that one. It has a nice light taste, not too sweet. It reminded me of Gatorade or Powerade, but without the salt. Personally, I used to love sports drinks, but the salt in them made me retain water, and it didn't have the vitamin boost, so I bought them mainly as an occasional alternative to soft drinks, after a strenuous workout, or as so many people recommend, as a hangover cure. I think this water can replace all of these things.
    Aquafina plus+ does contain some sugar, but not as much as juice. Its sweetness is subtle. I did not see an artificial sweetener listed in its contents, which for me is also a bonus because I am sensitive to them, and I also don't like the chemical aftertaste. I have been able to find them at most stores, so they are widely available, and they are reasonably priced. At the convenience store by my place they are 1.29 a bottle,(they have a large markup), but if you buy them in a case of 4 or 6 at wal-mart or someplace like that, they can be found at reasonable (cheap) prices. I found a pack of 4 for .99 cents there once!
    For the most part, a multivitamin and a glass of water will do for me, but when I want a refreshing drink when I am out, and instead of those 100 calorie snacks, I will be reaching for this vitamin water instead of the soft drink from now on. (the snacks didn't feel me up as much as this big bottle of water did...).
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    I LOVE the pomegranate cherry!

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