Dorks are Us

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  1. trucks12trucks
    so to start it off...who exactly understood what littlemoe did?
    i am too dumb and dorky to understand
  2. Littlemoe0
    Thank you trucks12trucks, great idea, Welcome to Dorkville folks. And if you don't understand something or screw up, yep you belong here.
  3. Jezebel
    I kinda know cause as I was deleting some of my sent messages"while multi-tasking" of course I dumped my inbox insteadthankfully I had a backup as I also get e-mail notices so I didn't have to announce my dorkiness as I looked at those then messaged my responses
  4. Littlemoe0
    Been there, dorked that before.
  5. itsjustmebub
    wicked! lol
  6. trucks12trucks
    omg jezzebelle i did the same thing...but i also deleted the messages in my email inbox ( the notification you get when you get a PM)
    i ended up running a recovery program on my email account as its set up on my computer so it stores everthing, even the deleted things somewhere on the hard drive

    i got a years worth of deleted messages now that i thought were permanently gone
  7. Lua
    lol! great group!
  8. Littlemoe0
    see you got me lost already with a recovery program stuff. I'm ready to throw my darn monitor out the window if this darn osd lock message dosen't disappear.
  9. trucks12trucks
    the what message
    haha dont do that!
    it might hit someone

    we need more people
  10. Natalka
    Yay! I don't feel so alone in my dorkiness any more!
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