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  1. I hope you find some! My Loblaws didn't have the 3D white, but I randomly spotted them on an endcap shelf at Independent, so I grabbed them It's a better deal than the regular Crest paste. It seems to be YMMY since it isn't a regular item the Loblaws chain carries.
  2. Thanks!
    I have the $1 Crest Coupons but didn't realize the 3D white was on sale too!
  3. $1 sale on Crest toothpaste at Loblaws/Independent (maybe even RCSS, not sure), coupled with $1 coupon. These were on the boards as you walk into the store and in the aisles too. There may still be some out there, they expire at the end of this month. I also used my student discount to brig down the tax even more. Otherwise, it would have been 13 cents x 20, which is still an amazing deal for Crest 3D white.
  4. Hello! How did you get so many Crest 3D white for cheap?? :D
  5. haha yep, had a crappy week so far, so this makes me feel better
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