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  1. Thanks for letting me know you found it in the Mexican aisle. I thought I was going blind! I haven't seen it in any stores in my area, so no freebie for me this time around!
  2. I havent been to SDM since the beginning of the month. I used the 4k bday coupon and bought the Cadbury chocolate (the week it was on CO51) and that's been it... I did receive a good personalized coupon this weekend; 8k wus 30$. I was going to use it (I think it's one of the better ones for the amount that I shop) but it was just too nice this weekend to be indoors But now I wonder when I'll get this offer again...they dont seem to come by too often! My SDM activity has been crickets, so I really dont have much to contribute on the thread, other than post my offers lol
  3. Lol. I am really stocked up for a long time and I always keep saying that I will not buy paper towels again, but when an opportunity comes when I am getting such a good deal and especially when I am not even using my money for these deals (i used rebate money. Remember? ), I have to say yes to the deals.

    BTW, why am i not seeing you that much on our sdm forum? Don't you love sdm anymore?
  4. Oh Amira! I love how you used every possible space available to store your paper towels! I saw the first pic (toilet paper/paer towels) and then scrolled down and couldn't help but laugh. You are pretty stocked up!
  5. Lol. I had raccoon eyes today trying my new ysl palette. Then i started blending it out and fixed it.
  6. oh how I wish, I could get up in the mornings...hop into a chair and have a beauty team style my hair, do my makeup and set out my clothes for me! lol
    That would make life sooo much easier
    I need to follow more videos and keep at it - it's trial and error! by the way, I have had 'raccoon eye' moments too!
  7. Thanks a lot d.ot for liking my make up. I have really put my hard work and hard earned pocket money in this maje up. Thanks a lot to sdm for giving out awesome deals and points offers that we can get most of our money back in points.

    I am not an expert in putting on make up especially eye shadows, i keep on watching youtube videos and learn from there. For example, stila in the light palette was my first ever eye shadow palette (high end). I never knew how to use it and always ended up looking like a raccoon when putting it on. I started watching youtube videos and watched them so many times and practised it so much that i don't need any videos to use that palette now.
  8. hahaha thank you
    I am pretty good at doing other people's makeup but can never make it work on my own face! Youtube videos are inspirational, but it also doesnt end up looking quite the same when you try to replicate it Your colors are so pretty though...I could just look at them all day haha
  9. Awwwwwww.... damn those high value revlon coupons! As long as you are happy, we'll try to be happy too! Lol.

    well let's see if anyone else wants to put on some weight or not! Hehehehehee
  10. My mission failed lol
    I exerted much will power in avoiding any chocolate purchases...but gave in when I saw Revlon makeup marked down. Since I had 5$ coupons, I decided it was the perfect time to pick up a few items! I'm gonna do some crunches because right now the thought of chocolates is making me put on weight lol
  11. Hi d.ot,

    I posted my msg on our sdm personalized offers thread so that everyone could read it. Things are not looking very good for now, but I am still hoping to get in on this deal.

    So are you back from your sdm? Did you buy these chocolates? How did it go? Can you please post a picture of chocolates you bought so that everyone will know which chocolates are included in this promo. My manager didn't know what type of products are included in this offer.

    Waiting impatiently to hear about your experience (hopefully good one) and see the pics too. Don't forget to tag me in the post so that i get to know about it as soon as you post it. Lol.
  12. How was your sdm recon mission? Have you selected all your chocolates?! lol
    I have a food and snack coupon for todaY (no Friday offer), so I think I will check out what my store has this evening...
  13. Yes dot. That's the sad part that we will still survive without SDM. We have a very thick skin!

    I am very scared of my hubby. He has been asking me to stop collecting and start spending points for so long. If i tell him that i have enough for 5 big redemptions.... oh my! I am going to have a lot of this -> from him.
  14. Time to redeem, redeem, redeem!
    It's sad when you think about it...I only recently (last year) discovered how to maximize the points. Oh well, we'll survive like we always do. I hope they retain some of the promos that made Optimum so worthwhile!
  15. No Pledge for me, unfortunately
    I literally have no room to stockpile so many cleaning products! It's a great money maker though
  16. Absolutely dot! Let's talk about my mighty self! Lol.

    I use swiffer steamboost mop in my house and i don't feel the need for any other floor ckeaning product but i wanted to buy pledge only because i wanted free money. Thanks to a very generous SC fellow member, she sent me 4 $5.00 off coupons and now i have 4 pledges in my stockpile and i don't even want 5o donate them because i want to use them but i don't "need" them.

    I just spray it on my floor and use my steamboost on it as i used to do before pledge. Nothing extra ordinary with this pledge stuff!

    Did you manage to get any pledge and free money?

    When i saw that $3.00 rebate on any 2 SC Johnson product...i was like..."oh no! Not again! No more glade aerosols plz!" Lol.
  17. heh...somehow I feel they wont all the used for cleaning, more for overage than anything else...but I may be wrong
  18. I think a few breathing techniques and perhaps a chant like "Op-ti-mum!" should get me through it lol
  19. Oh Amira - I think I remember why I asked about the PC financial card lol (I think I am slowly losing my mind )
    I was wondering if I could use the same email address as I do with my regular PC card to get the 2 sets of offers? If not, I will need to make up an email address *just* for the PC financial card and that would be annoying
  20. Ahhhh i see! You are a very smart person to get no free debit card. Why not? Totally agree to what you said.

    I am glad that you have a lot of pc cards. It tells me i am not alone in my loyalty points collecting madness. Lol
  21. Thanks Amira
    I got suckered into the financial card because the same rep *always* sees me at Loblaws haha
    I figured, why not? No fees, no pressure. I can just use the debit for my Loblaws-only purchases and get a tiny bit of points in the process (I think it's 5 points per dollar spent). You are absolutely right to keep them separate. I also have a few PC cards from my family. I seem to be getting better deals here in Ontario than they are able to get in Quebec, so as of now, I basically spend the money and they get the points lol
  22. Hi dot! I don't browse pcplus forum as much as i do with sdm forum. But today i paid my honorary visit to p plus thread and got to know that you are trying to link your pc financial card with your pcplus card. Why are you doing that? I know it will save some space in your wallet by having one card instead of 2 byt believe me, having 2 cards is better than 1 card.

    2 card will give you 2 sets of offers but 1 card will get you 1 set of offers. It is exactly like sdm. But the problem is that pcplus offers are not very interesting. So you definitely want to get as many sets of offers as you can get.

    Look at me! I am ready if someone at pcplus wants me to see a pychologist. Lol.

    I have my pcfinancial card, my hubby's pcfinancial card, my yahoo pcplus card and my gmail pcplus card. Yahoo pcplus offers (only 4-6 exactly same offers all the time) made me apply for another card and niw they send me a little bit better offers.
  23. It was a total of 2 hrs (both ways, not each way!). I dont have a car, and Purolator was in the middle of nowhere in a sketchy industrial area. If I had a car, it would have taken 30min in total. But yes - the shoes fit
  24. haha I'm sure your in-laws appreciate your money saving savvy! And probably awesome gifts too
  25. Oh thank you so much for your nicest comments i have ever gotten. We'll probably not meet but i hope you meet my mommy in law and tell her all these nice things about me. Lol
  26. Yesss! Let's hope for some goodies I was lazy earlier this week, so I left my shop until today. I have 2 personalized offers I want to claim but it's -32 outside...brrrrrrrrr!
  27. Lol. You know i don't even use a lot of coupons because i have a problem with java thing on my computer. I just got in contact with a trader on SC who can print coupons for me, so now i can be a coupon queen in near future.

    But till then i get my couponing satisfaction by using sdm coupons and using their points coupons on top of their points promo etc. I am fortunate that i have a little bit extra money to spend so that's why i able to make $57 or $50 shops at sdm.

    Well enough with my boring talk...... let's talk about good things...! Friday! Tomorrow is THE DAY! Sdm coupons! Lol
    I love Fridays not only because they are the weekend, but also because they bring sdm emails for us. So exciting!
  28. "True satisfaction comes only when you know for sure that you are getting the best value for your money!"
    Sooo true! Aren't you the couponing savant
  29. Yes!! Now let's hope the product does what it claims to do
  30. Thanks - the money making shops don't come around too often, so when they do, it's like a mini celebration
    I can now use the extra to cover some produce which is expensive at this time of year! Thanks for your rep, hope you're having a great day
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