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  1. Hey!
    Got your message, thank youuuuu We were napping when you called, DH just got back from his business trip this morning
  2. Will do, thanks.
  3. Oh and let me know if you end up being too sick/or too busy mid-wk to go get it before the special is over. If I don't get sick myself lol, I can pick some up for you and pass them along when we meet.
  4. Ughhh, feel better! That explains feeling so tired yesterday
    I had a bit of a sore throat this morning, but have stayed at home all day, so hopefully resting will keep the bug away.
  5. I would need to go but I have been sick since we came back, I have a nasty fever and I have been sleeping non stop since. Went straight to bed when I got home, woke up at 8PM, back to bed at 11PM, up at 5 am then 7 AM, then 11 AM until 1pm and I just got up again. So I am not going out today!!! But I have to remember to go this week!!!
  6. Me too! Did you see, Maxi has the Natrel chocolate milk at 2/$3!!! That's $0.75 per container after coupon, woot!!
  7. I had so much fun yesterday!
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