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    hello there! Happy green beer day!

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    hello!!! I is a Mom again ( imagine that at my age ?)
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    Oh no!!! I almost missed wishing you a Happy Birthday!!

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    You made me go look now I am gonna kill you!!! I was avoiding it all week.
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    J'en ai déjà un Mélanie
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    Double pay makes me smile too!! Congrats, way to be motivated. What a brown noser that new guy is, ha ha
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    thanks Arielmac, could not resist ribbing you a bit, like when I " flirted " with the Bell Canada CS to get a rebate, lol!!
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    Got your message, thank youuuuu We were napping when you called, DH just got back from his business trip this morning
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    Oh and let me know if you end up being too sick/or too busy mid-wk to go get it before the special is over. If I don't get sick myself lol, I can pick some up for you and pass them along when we meet.
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    Ughhh, feel better! That explains feeling so tired yesterday
    I had a bit of a sore throat this morning, but have stayed at home all day, so hopefully resting will keep the bug away.
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    Me too! Did you see, Maxi has the Natrel chocolate milk at 2/$3!!! That's $0.75 per container after coupon, woot!!
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    thanks Arielmac for the rep, imagine looking at a pink animal for days, weeks? lol
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    Thanks for the rep!
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    thx for the rep!! TGIF! p.s. i wanted to give u a rep but i got a pop-up saying i need to spread the rep around b4 i can give it to u again
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    Taro's story made me cry . What a beautiful boy! He and Lucky do look much alike, even their "sexy" eyes ('cept Lucky shows a little teeth at the same time). Luck is also about 20lbs larger than Taro but he shmoozes ppl up just like Taro did. Thanks so much for sharing Taro with me.
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    Oh! Thanks for asking her . I don't know why but, although it doesn't make a difference in how we feel about him, I'll always wonder what he's a mix of. I wish I had puppy photos of him too. And I wish I knew where he came from .

    His character is really special. Loves little puppies like much so that he's been a great surrogate for our foster puppies. He's not good with children/toddlers though...he'll try to correct them as if they're obnoxious puppies . Super high prey drive...he'd love to hunt his own meals but too many neighbors with chickens around here, lol.
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    Hmm, yes, I can see that. We did have one of those DNA tests done but it came back inconclusive...3 times. We know for sure there's Chow though. His entire mouth and tongue are completely blue. His eyes are yellow/green. We think he's a cross of lion/coyote with a bit of wuss and momma's boy mixed in there .
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    oh well I know it could still be tons of snow instead so I will not complain anymore. Just glad I ain't walking around in it, that's all.
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    Good morning Ariel, ty for the rep. Coldish rainy day here, yuck.
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    Ariel...just go to ugh...I forget the name of the site every time! Where people sell stuff on line..not ebay...gah!! a search for 'prints photos' and you'll see them being sold, and they're NOT as unique as the ones you take! Etsy!! That's the name! lol!!
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    Wow, then! You have quite the eye for photography...framing pictures...You must be selling prints! If not, you should be!!The one with the cat...the card game...precious!
    Did you study photography? One of our good friends is a professional nature photographer...would you like me to send you his site to see his photos? One of his was the feature photo in a Nokia tv commercial, and another is the cover of (I think...I'm have to look later ( I can't now..I have a sleeping Dachshund on my Canadian Geographic calendar.
    Keep up the great work, Hon!
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    Thank you for the rep, Sweets! Can't rep you back, yet, so I'll just wish you a great weekend!
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    Thank you very very much..
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    Our dog is a Bassett/Beagle mix so he is a "Bagle" (lol). He is two years old and a real good dog, but very restless and needs lots of exercise. Thanks for asking.
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    Thanks for the rep! Hope your week is going well!
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    hey kiddo, thanks for the rep
    hope you all have a great day
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    Thanks for my Friday the 13th Rep. Guess what I ran into our garage door today. Not a good( lucky) day for me. (lol)
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About Arielmac

Basic Information

Date of Birth
August 8, 1975 (48)
About Arielmac
cooking, baking, blogging, couponing, gaming
Trade List:
Lots of Smartsources
Pet inserts from January 2012

FPC for tea (

Baby and Kids

5$ Enfamil A+ exp March 8 2012
3$ Pediasure Complete 4x235ml Exp May 1 2012

(2) %$ Barbie Designable Hair Extensions and doll, Exp Jan 15 2012


5$ Purina Pro Plan for dogs (francais) Exp March 6 2012
(2)3$ Iams Dog food, any size exp Jan 2012
(2)2$ on Cesar dry food (francais) exp Feb 10 2012
(18) 2$ ib Ceasar dey food (francais) exp March 31 2012
0.50 on Iams wet cat food, exp Jan 2012
(2)0.50 Iams Wet dog food, exp jan 2012
3.50$ Purina Puppy or Dog Chow, exp feb 29 2012
(18) 2$ Purina One for Cats, (francais) exp March 1 2012


8$ ONE crest white/whitesrips-2, exp jan 30 2012
(3)1.50$ ONE A DAY exp March 8 2012
2$ Rhianis product (francais) exp oct 31, 2012
2$ Cetaphil cleanser (francais) exp feb 10 2012
3$ Oral-B or Zooth battery brush, exp Jan 30 2012
1$ WB2 Pepto-Bismol exp jan 30 2012
(3)4$ Otrivin Saline Sea Water and Aloe Product, exp March 31 2012
(2)2$ Rhianis product, exp oct 31, 2012
3.50$ Mail-In Rebate Tylonal Body Pain NIGHT, exp feb 29 2012
(2)2$ Metamucil, exp Jan 30 2012
2.50$ Mail in rebate Tylenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain, exp feb 29 2012
2$ cystoplus, exp march 31 2012
2.50$ Mail-In Rebate Advance Imodium, Exp feb 29 2012
3.5$ Mail-in Rebate Tylenol Back pain, exp feb 29 2012
3$ Lactaid exp Feb 29 2012
4.5$ Mail-in Rebate WB2 Tylenol Products
10$ Oral_B pro Series or Triumph Series, Exp Jan 30 2012
(16)10$ Tondeuse BodyGroom Philips, (francais) Exp march 31 2012
(16)5$ taille-repousse Philips, (francais) Exp March 31 2012
(16)15$ SensoTouch Philipsm (francais) Exp march 31 2012
(17) 10$ Sonicare toohtbrush, (francais) Exp march 31 2012
(17) 15$ goLite Blu Philips (francais), Exp March 31 2012
(17) 10$ Ladyshave Philips (francais), Exp March 31 2012
(14) 2$ WB2 Kotex pads, (francais), Exp Jan 13 2012
(15) 2$ WB2 Kotex pantyliners, (francais) Exp Jan 13 2012
(15) 2$ Poise, (francais), Exp Jan 13 2012


(2)1$ on Clorox Javel Ultra (francais), exp feb 10 2012
(3)3$ WB3 green works cleaners (francais) exp feb 10 2012
Buy starter kits get free refill Scrubbing bubbles, exp Jan 14 2012
1$ Pledge cleaner Exp Jan 14 2012
1$ Clorox for toilet (francais) exp feb 24 2012
1$ on Tilex/lestoil/Pine-sol (francais) exp Feb 24 2012
1.5$ WB2 Clorox cleaner for toilet/kitchen (francais) exp Feb 24 2012
1$ Clorox whipe (francais), exp Feb 24 2012
5$ Scrubbing bubbles starter kit (francais) Exp May 5 2012
5$ Scrubbing Bubbles Daily Shower (francais) Exp May 5 2012
0.50 Mr Clean Eraserm exo Jan 20 2012
(17)B1G1 Scrubbing Bubbles (francais) Exp May 31 2012
(17)1$ Scrubbing Bubble recharge (francais) Exp May 31 2012
(2)10$ Swiffer Sweeper Vac Starter Kit, Ep Jan 30 2012
(2)1$ Swiffer Dust and Shine/Duster refills,Exp Jan 30 2012
(2)1.5$ WB2 Mr.Clean products, Exp Jan 20 2012
1.5$ Swiffer Sweeper/Dusters starter kits, Exp Jan 30 2012
(17)B1G1 Canard pour toilette, (francais), Exp March 31 2012
(17) 2$ WB2 Windex, (francais), Exp March 31 2012
(10) 1$ Royal paper towels, (francais), Exp March 31 2012
(10) 2$ Finish Quantum, (francais) Exp Feb 29 2012
(8) 1$ Finish (francais), Exp Feb 29 2012
(10) 5$ on 15$ of Glade products, (francais), Exp jan 31 2012


2$ Duracell Coppertop or Ultra batteries, Exp Jan 20 2012


(4) 1$ off Mars multi-pack/M$Ms or Maltesers standing bags, (francais), exp Sep 30 2012
(10).50 Cavendish potato patties, (francais) Exp feb 2012
(10)1$ Vukka Ravioli frozen pasta, (francais), EXp Jan 31 2012
(5)2$ Janes chicken, (francais), Exp March 1 2012
(10)1$ WB2 VH steamers (francais), Exp may 31 2012
(6) 0.50 WB2 or 6 pack of Pellegrino,(francais), Exp March 31 2012
(6) .50 Oikois Yogurt, (francais), Exp March 31 2012
(6) 75cents WB2 Dr Oetker Shirriff Mousse, Exp dec 31 2012
(8) 30 cents on 1 Dr Oetker Shirriff Mousse, Exp dec 31 2012
(8) 1$ WB4 Campbell soups, (francais) Exp Marxh 31 2012
(6) 1$ on Wilkin & Sons jam, NO EXPIRY
(5) 1$ POM, (francais) Exp March 31 2012
(8) 1$ M$M's (francais) Exp Jan 31 2012
(10) 1$ Wonderful Pistachios, (francais) Exp March 31 2012
(10) B3G1 Knorr products, exp Dec 31 2012
Wish List:
Beneful dog food and treats
Cheese (any kind)

1$ on Cadbury products
Clover Leaf Tuna (not the salad ones)
Crisco Shortening
Beneful Dog food
Flamingo Chicken
Any Kcups coffee
Healthy Choice steamers
Any frozen pizza
Any KD
L'ancetre Cheese
Lady Speed Stick
Oasis Juice
Ocean Spray
B1G1 Artic Garden
1$ simply asia
1$ on Boursin
Marc Angelo
Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal
Kellogg's Mini-Wheats Centres
Mini Wheats cereal any flavour
Kellogg's Cinnamon Pops
Corn Pops any size
Kellogg's All-Bran bars Orange Cranberry
All-Bran bars
Kellogg's Nutr-Grain Superfruit Flavours bars
Nutri-Grain bars
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Granola Bars
Rice Krispies Squares bars
Lactancia butter
1$ on Amooza
0.75 on Catelli

Pretty much any FPC

GC Accepted: Loblaws, Maxi, Walmart, CT, SDM and Tim Horton's

Icoke pins



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