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  1. The problem with the pictures you saw, they were worked on in a way that the size they come out is not common. Because my resolution was so low, resizing them is not working well either.
  2. Ariel...just go to ugh...I forget the name of the site every time! Where people sell stuff on line..not ebay...gah!! a search for 'prints photos' and you'll see them being sold, and they're NOT as unique as the ones you take! Etsy!! That's the name! lol!!
  3. I did one class in High School but that is pretty much it. When I moved to Newfoundland I purchased a cheap digital camera so I could email pictures to my family. The camera was so cheap I had to digitally work them and it started a new hobby/passion for me. I did get a better camera since but not good enough to be featured in any magazine or selling prints. I just have fun with my memories :D
  4. Wow, then! You have quite the eye for photography...framing pictures...You must be selling prints! If not, you should be!!The one with the cat...the card game...precious!
    Did you study photography? One of our good friends is a professional nature photographer...would you like me to send you his site to see his photos? One of his was the feature photo in a Nokia tv commercial, and another is the cover of (I think...I'm have to look later ( I can't now..I have a sleeping Dachshund on my Canadian Geographic calendar.
    Keep up the great work, Hon!
  5. Yes I did, thanks!
  6. Thank you for the rep, Sweets! Can't rep you back, yet, so I'll just wish you a great weekend!
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