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  1. Taro's story made me cry . What a beautiful boy! He and Lucky do look much alike, even their "sexy" eyes ('cept Lucky shows a little teeth at the same time). Luck is also about 20lbs larger than Taro but he shmoozes ppl up just like Taro did. Thanks so much for sharing Taro with me.
  2. What I saw with my BFF's Jindo is they have quite the personality. Taro was a rescue too. This is what she said about him after he passed: and you can see his farewell video too:
  3. Oh! Thanks for asking her . I don't know why but, although it doesn't make a difference in how we feel about him, I'll always wonder what he's a mix of. I wish I had puppy photos of him too. And I wish I knew where he came from .

    His character is really special. Loves little puppies like much so that he's been a great surrogate for our foster puppies. He's not good with children/toddlers though...he'll try to correct them as if they're obnoxious puppies . Super high prey drive...he'd love to hunt his own meals but too many neighbors with chickens around here, lol.
  4. I asked my BFF, she used to have a Jindo and I showed her your pic she said: Jindos are relatively new to North America (so not in the DNA files) - and being an Asian primative, it's possible the dark tongue and mouth is jindo, not chow. Either way, he's very handsome. ;0)
    He is indeed handsome and he does remind me of her Taro
  5. Hmm, yes, I can see that. We did have one of those DNA tests done but it came back inconclusive...3 times. We know for sure there's Chow though. His entire mouth and tongue are completely blue. His eyes are yellow/green. We think he's a cross of lion/coyote with a bit of wuss and momma's boy mixed in there .
  6. Oh my, he has some Jindo in him, doesn't he? Gorgeous pose too!
  7. Thanks for the rep.
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