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  1. Actually heading home in a little over a week. Plan on staying 2-3 weeks. Can't wait. I don't get on here much either. I've been on more in the past week then I have in the past 4 months lol. Its just not what it used to be on here and I don't like the new format of everything at all. But I suppose change IS a necessary evil. I'm glad your having a good summer. Miss talking to you! Do you have FB?
  2. thanks for the summer wishes! I hope you're having a great summer also Have been home lately? I haven't been coming on here much since the new year and to be honest I can't figure out what I'm doing with my time LOL!
  3. Hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer!
  4. nice to 'see' you again! things arre going well and busy. how 'bout you? have you been back home lately? how is your husbands course going?
  5. Just dropping by to say hello! Hope your doing well!
  6. Sending Wishes for a 'stuffed' Thanksgiving !!!!
  7. Just dropping in to say hello! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!
  8. Thanks..I sincerely appreciate that. I didn't report for the simple fact that this person is well known on the forum and has been here longer. So I don't feel that I would even get anywhere reporting it. Do you have Facebook? I'm on there if you have it and want to add me as a friend! Same name as here of course LOL
  9. Well I'm really going to miss what you have to say. It's too bad people have to be nasty. Have you reported the other person? I hope so. I think you have excellent advice and are a valuable member of this forum. Matbe it just needs some time.
    'see' you around
  10. Hey! The trip was good..just been getting everything unpacked/put away and doing some shopping. I won't be posting anymore on here though. One to many jerks. Its funny how many people use coupons the wrong way and when you try and tell them anything then your the bad person. One person on here has really driven me away from this site so I just get on once a day and check stuff but I refuse to post anymore unfortunately other then about the local group meetups. I won't even post on anyone else's brags now. Such is life though!

    So how are you fairing? Did you get the bad storm last night that we did? Our electricity was out for a god 6 hrs almost! And the weather is still terrible here. Take care!!
  11. Hi Ashley, how was the trip? Look forward to your posts!
  12. hey, thanks for the rep! I forgot to add that it was too bad about your pics. It happened to a friend of mine and she emailed everyone she knew to see if they had any pics of her little guy that they could send her.
  13. OMG! I'm such a tard!! I sent 2 meesages to myself and they were supposed to be for you.LOL
    read your post about your scrapbook deals from your previous workplace. wow, I have a lot also from being a CTMH rep. Do you take pics of the stuff you make? I try to. I'd love to see the card you made for the spring challange. I'll post a suggestion on the spring card thread that we should all post pics of the cards we receive. Have a great day!
    this was 7:30 this am
  14. Hope your having a great week!
  15. Thanks! I enjoy posting them! I love reading other people's as well. Its so much fun!
  16. always enjoy reading your posts
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