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  1. And hello to you, too!
  2. Just dropping by to say hello! Hope you have a fantabulous week.
  3. LOL that thread just reiterates how big of a tool she is!! Never been so glad to be banned over something! But I'm glad to be back!!!!!!
  4. Welcome back! If you want to read about my own little dustup, go here:

    The fun begins on post #11. I had the temerity to question whether the thread belonged in the Canadian Coupons forum.
  5. Ty! Totally glad to be a member of the JFTR survivor's club! its atrocious how long she's gotten away with . I have wanted to say so many things but just haven't because I was constantly getting in trouble from certain admins/mods when I would say anything. To many bloody fricking cliques on here. All I know is I won't lose anymore sleep over anything anyone says to me on here. Nor will I EVER let her get the best of me again. Hugs! And thanks again so much!
  6. Welcome to the JFTR survivors club! You simply said what was on the minds of so many people.

    I noticed your absence and I'm so glad that you're back. Yes, we have to share this site with some people that are like overblown characters from a Simpsons episode. They say "Don't feed the trolls!" but they will feed on us anyway. Just hold your nose, keep going and at some point you may start to laugh at her. Like so many of us are doing now.
  7. You are such a sweetheart! Its funny how many people have left Reps to me over this stuff. ALL agreeing. Its so sad how this site has gotten so bad with just a few people. After what she did to me I didn't know if I would ever get back on here.It was so nasty and I actually lost a lot of sleep over it. How people on here could think I was sooooo bad when I wasn't doing anything wrong. But I did and when I did...I realized how many people on here I met and have become friends with. And that she wouldn't care if I left...but the friends I made on here would so I came back. Anyway..sorry for all the blah blah. Hope you have a wonderful day!!
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