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  1. thanks for the wishes -have a merry xmas ,too take care
  2. It took me a long time to get over my head itchiness.....I blame mine on garner fructis prize that I won.....scent and extra body aggravates my scalp. Using Nexxus so far and seems ok for dry hair. Good luck and you will find the book to be very enlightening on personal care products. Have a merry Christmas!
  3. barbis9-thanks for the rep -I put my name on hold for the book "beyond soap"i think I am #20 in line -my doctor said to try dove baby shampoo and dove body washes =maybe a tip for you who knows ,I am using the baby dove shampoo and my head is not that bad except when I pick at it when itchy -ohhh life
  4. thanks for the rep -have a great weekend
  5. thanks for the rep have a great evening
  6. thanks for the lovely congrats on me being a nana again -so nice to hold a newborn again
  7. thanks for the rep -have a great day
  8. thank you my doctor was right a good 4-6 weeks for my arm to heal its been 4 weeks now -just the very tip is a bit sore -at least I can put on my own bra now -lol had to have hubbys help for a few weeks there-have a great weekend
  9. thanks for the rep -I guess I spent a fair little bit on line before xmas(plus shopped a bit for hubby and I -we needed new clothing) -hey 36.00 ebates cheque was nice to recieve
  10. oh no worries -the paint can tip -well its a little thick but hey its for the basement (only did 2 opposite walls too ,but that's okay)-I had a friend that told me she mixed like colours and did her family room to use up paint -lol
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