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  1. your welcome -my son showed me his facebook and the pictures look awesome of my daughter/her hubby in Italy -we gave them euros as a xmas gift which paid for a cooking class they took in rome with a chef -how awesome is that -I miss talking to her but I am sure I will hear all about it when they get home
  2. I hope your daughter has a wonderful trip! I loved Italy, I did the High School trip in Grade 11. Thanks for the 2016 financial resolutions rep and the travel tips on the other thread
  3. love the half off at value village went yesterday and today as hubby's shirt didn't fit him and was overcharged by a buck on my puzzle -got another top today jones of new York 2.99 for a white t-shirt
  4. thanks for the rep -enjoyed your brag about redemption -wish more people bragged -have an awesome weekend
  5. ahhh thanks for the rep -here's to good memories of my mom -thanks for the nice comment too
  6. thanks for the rep -have a great week
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