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  1. So sorry to hear of your Grandpa's passing Beckie, but what a gift to have spent time and made new memories with him. Take care, Hon.
  2. Oh, Beckie, it's very complicated: you melt the soap, colour and fragrance it and pour it into molds! LOL!! the molds I used for these were little plastic storage containers we never use. It's so much fun to layer, swirl, dye, and fragrance them! I hope you try making some, too! But be careful about choosing your bulk soap...there's good and bad ingredients in them, although the prices don't vary at all. Enjoy!!
    My next step will be to make "cold press" soaps from scratch. Now THAT'LL be a little more challenging!
    Here's a good site for how-to/s and cute ideas:
  3. Thank you for the rep, Hon.....guys. Go figure! And they can't figure us out?! Hah!
    Have a lovely day, Hon!
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