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  1. Nope, not part of any other coupon sites, just this one really. I don't have a ton of coupons, but a bunch that I know I'll never use. Hopefully there will be a meet up this weekend and I can share them out.
  2. Hi! I'm just in the process of getting my wishlish/tradelist together again I've been on a bit of a hiatus since my daughter was born! I should have it done in the next day or two. Do you belong to any of the FB Barrie coupon sites?? There are a number of others we could get together with
  3. Looks like we are the only ones interested in a coupon swap. DO you have a wish list I can see if I have anything that you may be interested in . My mum was just up for a visit and brought a bunch of stuff with her.
  4. Thanks for the rep!
  5. Welcome to SDM Refer a Friend Group 12 :D
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