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    My wishlist is posted with my trade list. Thanks
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About bree7631

Basic Information

About bree7631
I love saving money and would like to trade coupons with others to help me save on the items I need.
Trade List:
-FPC 2 nights free camping at holiday trails
-FPC Free Coffee at Petro Canada
-9x icoke pins

Discount/Rebate Cheques
-Lepage Ultra Gel Control Super Glue: $5.00 Off
-Similac Infant Formula ANY: $5.00x 14(Oct.1/13-Jan. 31/14)
-Similac Infant Formula ANY: $10.00(Nov.5/13)
-Similac Mom: $10.00 (Nov. 5/13)
-Ensure Cheque: $4.00x2(Oct.6/13)
-Ensure Cheque: $3.00x4(Nov.29/13 & Jan.31/14)


-Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Trigger Cleaner(Sept.1/13)
-Glade Jar Candles (Sept.1/13)
-Windex Trigger Cleaner(Sept. 1/13)
-Toilet Duck Thick Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner(Sept.1/13)

-PediaSure Complete:2x $2.00(Dec.31/13)
-PediaSure Complete: $3.00(Feb.28/14)
-Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink: $5.00x3(Dec.31/13)
-Gerber Baby Cereal ANY: $2.00x2(May 31/14)
-Nestle Good Start 2 Formula: $7.00(July 31/13)
-Nestle Good Start Alsoy Formula: $5.00x2(May 31/14)
-Nestle Good Start Formula ANY: $5.00x3(May 31/14)
-Heinz Baby Food Jars and/or pouches: Buy 8 save $1.50x6(Sept.30/13)
-Heinz Baby Cereal: $1.00x6(Sept.30/13)
-Baby Gourmet: BUY 5 GET 2 FREEx 4(March 1/14)
-Boogie Wipes: $1.00(June 30/14)

Johnson & Johnson

-$2.00 OFF one of the following brands: Splenda, Benylin, Motrin, Tylenol, Sudafed, Fleet, Benadryl Nizoral, Anusol, Pecid Complete, Combantrin, Lactaid, Imodium, NicoDerm, Nicorette, Reatine, Sinuab OR Zantac
-$3.00 OFF one of the following brands: Clean&Clear, Lubriderm, Neutrogena OR Aveeno

Medication/Meal Replacement

-Robax Caplets: $4.00(Aug.20/13)
-Robax HeatWraps: $3.00 (Aug.20/13)
-Advil Nighttime: $4.00(April 30/15)
-Robax: $4.00(Sept.9/13)
-Boost Meal Replacement: $2.00(March 31/14)
-Ensure scFOS: $3.00(Nov.30/14)
-Maxidol: $1.00(Dec.31/13)
-Zantac: $3.00x2(Dec.31/13)


-Playtex Gentle Glide 360 18 or 20: $2.00(Dec.31/13)
-U by Kotex: $1.00(March 31/14)

Shampoo/Conditioner/Hair Colour

-John Frieda Luxurious Volume BUY 2: $5.00 (Dec.31/13)
-Tresemme: $1.00 (Dec.31/13)

Lotion/Body Wash/Face Wash:

-Ivory Body Wash, Bar, or Hand Soap: $0.50x8 (Aug.31/13)
-Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer: $2.00x3 (Sept.30/13)
-Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle: $3.00(Dec.31/13)
-Nivea Aqua Effect Product: $1.00(Dec.31/13)
-Nivea Aqua Effect Gel, Toner AND Cleanser: $5.00(Dec.31/13)
-Sudocrem: $1.00(Nov.30/14)
-Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 500ml: $3.00 (Dec.31/14)
-Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion or Cream: $3.00 (Dec.31/14))

Kleenex/Toliet Paper/Paper Towels/Napkins

-Royale any size 3 ply bathroom tissue: $1.00(Dec. 31/13)
-Bounty 6ct. or larger: $1.00 (Aug.31/13)
-Royale buy 2 grande royale signature products: $1.00x2 (Dec. 31/13)
-Royale 6 pack or larger or 6 boxes of ultra facial tissue: $1.00x3 (Dec. 31/13)
-Royale 3ply signature dinner napkins: $1.00x3 (Dec.31/13)
-Royale any size paper towels: $0.75x3 (Dec.31/13)


-Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal: $1.00(Sept.1/13)


-Europe’s Best Frozen Fruit or Vegetables: $1.00(July 31/13)
-Fresh Express: $1.00 (Dec.31/13)
-Fresh Express: $0.35 (Dec.31/13)


-Dairyland Li’L Ones: $0.75 x3(July 31/13)
-Iogo: $0.75(Aug.31/13)
-Egg Creations: $1.00 (Aug.31/13)
-Iogo: $0.75x5 (Aug.31/13)
-Sunrise Super Squeezies: $1.00(Sept. 30/13)
-Sunrise Tofu: $1.00x36
-Armstrong Cheese: $1.00x2(Oct.31/13)
-Mozzarella Pizza Mozzarella: $1.00x2(Oct.31/13)
-Sunrise Tofu: $0.50x4(Dec. 31/13)
-Becel/Imperial any size: $0.75 (Dec.31/13)
-Becel 1.5 lb or more: $1.00 (Dec.31/13)
-Gay Lea gold sour cream: $1.00(Dec.31/13)
-Sunrise Tofu: $1.00(Sept.30/14)

Perishable Drinks

-Lactantia Lactose Free Milk: $1.00x2(Aug.31/13)
-International Delight ANY: $0.75x2(Oct.31/13)
-Milk 2 Go: $0.75x2(Oct.31/13)
-Dairyland Organic: $1.00x2(Oct.31/13)
-Neilson TruTaste 2L or 4L: $1.00x2(Oct.31/13)


-VH Sauces ANY 2: $2.00x4(July 1/13)
-VH Indian Market Sauces ANY 2: $2.00x4 (July 1/13)
-VH Thai Market Sauces ANY 2: $2.00x4(July 1/13)
-Del Monte Vegetables ANY 3: $0.75x4(July 1/13)
-Hunt’s Original Tomato Sauce ANY 2: $0.75x4(July 1/13)
-Aylmer Accents Products ANY 2: $0.75x4(July 1/13)
-Keebler Ready Crust: $1.00x6 (Sept.30/13)
-Special K Cracker Chips BBQ or zesty southwest: $1.00x2(Sept.30/13)
-Special K Granola Bars: $1.00x2(Sept.30/13)
-Aylmer Accents Tomatoes ANY 2: $1.00(Dec.31/13)
-Cream of Wheat Variety Pack: $0.75(Dec.31/13)
-Tabasco Sauce: $1.00(Dec.31/13)
-Hellmann’s: $0.75 (Dec.31/13)
-Clover Leaf flavoured tuna BUY 3: $1.00(DEC.31/13)
-Clover Leaf flavoured tuna BUY 2: $0.50(Dec. 31/13)
-Oasis Junior Juice: $1.00(June 30/14)


-Dr. Oetker Shirriff Mousse: $0.50x2(Dec.31/13)
-Dr. Oetker Premium Desert Mix: $0.50x2(Dec.31/13)
-Dr. Oetker Mousse 50 Calories: $0.50x2(Dec.31/13)
-Dr. Oetker Shirriff ANY 2 pudding or pie filling mix:BUY 2 Get 1 FREEx2(Dec.31/13)


-Glutino: $1.00 x2(June 30/13)
-Dempster’s WholeGrains or Whole Wheat: $1.00(Dec.31/13)


-VH Steamers: $0.75x4(July 1/13)
-Europe’s Best Frozen fruit or vegetables: $1.00x3(July31/13)
-Cavendish Farms Potatoes: $0.75(Dec.31/13)
-High Liner 215-700g: $1.00 x3(Dec.31/13)
-Arctic Gardens: $1.00(June 30/14)


-Pam Original Spray: $1.00x4(July 1/13)
-Fantastik Cleaner ANY: BOGO(July 11/13)
-Finish Quantum: $1.00(Aug.31/13)
-Woolite: $1.00(Dec.31/13)

Glade/Pledge/Fabreze/Ziplock/Cooking Spray

-Reynolds Parchment Paper or baking cups: $0.50(Dec.31/13)


-Iams Dog or Cat Food: $1.00x4(Aug.31/13)
-Beneful: $1.50(Dec.31/13)
-Maxx Scoop cat litter: $5.00(Dec.31/13)
-Purina Optimal Start for all puppies: $3.00x2(Feb.22/14)
-Purina One Smartblend cat food: $3.00x2(Feb.22/14)
-Purina One SmartBlend dog food: $5.00x2(Feb.22/14)
-Purina Advanced Nutrition kitten chow 1.8kg: $1.00x2(Feb.22/14)

-Pampers swaddlers, sensitive or cruisers: $2.50
-Pampers swaddlers or cruisers BUY 2: $5.00
-Pampers Buy one get FREE wipes
6x $7.99 Sears Baby Photo Package(1-8x10'',2-5x7',4-3.5x"&16 wallet)
2x $10.00 0f thyme maternity
1x $10.00 off Munchkin Diaper Pail
6x $5.00 off Similac Sensitive
4x $5.00 off Similac Ready-to-Feed
4x $8.00 off Any Enfamil Infant Formula
3x $7.00 off Any Nestle Good Start Formula
2x $5.00 off any Nestle Good Start Formula
2x $5.00 off Gerber Toddler Drink
2X $5.00 Cheque off PediaSure
1x $3.00 off PediaSure
1x $2.00 off PediaSure
1x $5.00 off when you buy 2 packs of pampers swaddlers or cruisers
1x FREE wipes when you buy pampers diapers
1x $2.50 off when you buy pampers diapers
1x Baby Gourment buy 5 get 2 FREE
3x $8.00 off Enfapro A+ Powder
1x $4.00 off Enfagrow A+ Powder
6x $4.00 off Enfamil D-Vi-Sol/Tri-Vi-Sol or Poly-Vi-Sol
6x $2.00 off Prenatal vitamin
6x$1.50off Heinz Baby Food Jars/Pouches when you buy 8
6x $1.00 off Heinz Baby Cereal
6x $1.00 off Orajel Teething
6x $1.00 off Pediatric Electrolyte
1x Heinz Baby Food Pouches: BUY 4 GET 1 FREE(April 12/13)

5x $10.00 off Fisher-Price products
valued at $50.00 or more
6x $10.00 or 10% off

$5 off purchase at
15% off at

I have this fantastic coupon book for Shoppers Drug Mart for trade it includes these coupons:

-2x RECEIVE 1,500 SHOPPERS OPTIMUM POINTS when you spend min. $15 on baby products
-buy any HUGGIES Diapers get 3000 Shoppers Optimum Points
-buy PAMPERS SWADDLERS get 3000 Shoppers Optimum Points
-buy HUGGIES NATURAL CARE BABY WIPES get 2000 Shoppers Optimum Points
-buy PAMPERS WIPES get 2000 Shoppers Optimum Points
-buy ZINCOFAX ORIGINAL get 1000 Shoppers Optimum Points
-buy JOHNSON'S BABY get 1000 Shoppers Optimum Points
-buy AVEENO BABY get 1000 Shoppers Optimum Points
-buy MUSTELA get 800 Shoppers Optmum Points
-4.00 off Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy
Wish List:
Coupons I am interested in:
-Chapmans $5.00 COUPON
-Frozen Foods
-Canned Foods
-Sweetened Condensed Milk
-Canned Tomatoes
-Ragu/Pasta Sauce
-Tomato Paste

-Downy Unstopable Sample
-Finish Quantum Sample

Please let me know what you are interested in and lets make a trade!


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    Hi everyone I am hoping to learn lots from those who are "experts" in saving money :-)
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