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    Thanks a lot,
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    Hi I receive today your mail with some extra inside! Very happy of this first trade...
    Thanks a lot, and I'll let you a positive score...
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    hi, can you tell me what page on facebook you are using, u can friend me at [email protected]
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    Looking forward to getting the coupons. Will let you know when they get here thanks again for the trade
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    Hi, I just found out that we can no longer coupon stack with P and G coupons, it says so on the back of mine. A lot of companies are now making it so you cannot coupon stack with their coupons, what have you heard ?
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    Hi, I was just wondering if there are problems with the site, I just added more coupons to my list , but when I go and check out the trading page the last trade it has is Jan 29th, and when I did a search for my list it said I don't exsist ? Thanks for the positive, Lisa
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    Hi, Just got your mail, yours is in the mail, and THANKS , you sent some extra and I don't think I have any of them. I might just be able to get a free big bag of cat food yet, lol. Hope you are having a good day and that you are getting some of this sunshine too.
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    Hi , hope winter has not hit you to hard, heres a list of ones I would like
    (2)Bounce dryer bar or dryer sheets .50 exp Mar 31/12 UPC 63658109
    (1)Bounce sheets any or Bounce Bar .50 exp Jun 30/13 UPC 63655823
    (3)Iams dry cat food (1.5 lbs or larger) $3 exp Mar 31/12 UPC 64156981
    Take a look at mine and see if any of the new stuff is any good for you.
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    i would like the followinf id possible
    1 majesta bathroom tissue 1.00 off
    3 friskies dry cat food 1.00 off
    2 whiskas dtry cat food 2.00 off
    let me know if thjis is possible....

    here is my address send me yousr please
    Tina Rose
    P.O.Box 310
    Western Bay,NL
    A0A 4J0
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    hi i have the following coupons if you are interested in a trade.
    .50 on all bran bars exp.dec 11
    2 nutri grain superfruit bars .75 exp nov 13
    sunlight laundry det 1.00 exp nov 29th
    2 honey mustard dipping sauce 1.00 exp oct 29
    o'oreal expertise 2.00 exp nov 13
    3 save 1.50 0n any 2 frenchs mustard exp oct 29
    3 orville popcorn save 1.50 exp nov 1,11,11
    2 save 1.00 on post hunny bunches o's exp nov 20,29
    let me know if you are interested and it what ones and let me know the dollar amout i could choose from you if you want to do a trade..thank you.
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    Thanks for the trade, received them today. Will leave you positive feedback thank you
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About dhendrix45

Basic Information

About dhendrix45
Seeking job as an Accountant, Bachelor Degree in Accounting, divorced
Vernon BC
gardening, travelling, shopping
Trade List:
RLF DOVE, Live Clean, laundry detergent, Huggies, Diaper Genie refills
TRADE LIST: will accept SDM points on trade, 70 points per $1 of coupon value, and new postage stamps
(03)AcneFree product any $3 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 79508315
(01)Airwick Canadian Parks Series product mail-in-rebate, receive up to $15.50 to cover cost of the product, postage and taxes by mail exp Aug 31/15 (purchases must be made between Jun 10 & Aug 31)
(01)Always Discreet Liner or Pad product (not valid on other Always products) $2 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 0037000-200158 (mailout)
(01)Always Discreet Underwear product $4 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 0037000-200159 (mailout)
(01)Arm & Hammer Spinbrush or Replacement Heads adult or kids $1 exp Dec 01/15 UPC 65334565
(01)Billy Bee Honey 375g $1 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 20905499
(01)Centrum product any $3 exp Nov 30/15 UPC 12926985
(03)Chef Boyardee 418g-425g can .50 exp Sep 28/15 UPC 44409731
(04)Clover Leaf Gourmet Flavored White Tuna 142g $1 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 25409710
(04)Clover Leaf Smoked Oysters or Smoked Mussels .40 exp Mar 31/16 UPC 25409286
(01)Club House Pure Vanilla any $1 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 20905486
(02)Crisco One-Cup Stick All-Vegetable Shortening $1 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 51527844
(02)Eagle Brand Dulce De Leche Caramel or Chocolate Flavored Sauce $1 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 51527831
(03)Fleischmann's Beehive or Crown product any .50 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 67901164
(01)Folgers coffee product 750g $1.50 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 30404117
(05)Garnier Fructis product any $1 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 46970129
(03)Garnier Fructis product any $1 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 46970116 (tearpad)
(03)Hawaiian Punch product any 1.89L or 6x296mL $1exp Sep 30/15 UPC 22225173
(04)Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing 473mL any $1 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 01228449
(02)Hydralyte (prevents dehydration due to diarrhea) $2 on any exp Dec 31/15 UPC 23400154
(02)Jergens BB Body, BB Protect OR BB Hand Perfecting Skin Cream $2 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 60001267
(03)Kashi Seven Grain with Quinoa crunchy bars (200g) $1 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 71580180 (tearpad)
(04)Kellogg's All-Bran cereal (380g- 670g) $1 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 71579939
(05)Kellogg's Special K Protein Morning Shakes or Kellogg's To Go Breakfast Shakes 4x296mL (1.18L) $2 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 71580092
(01)Kikkoman Sauces any $1 WUB2 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 17902494
(04)Live Clean Fresh Face products $2 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 04206532 (insert)
(01)Live Clean Fresh Face products $2.50 WUB2 NED UPC 04200619
(04)Live Clean Spa Therapy products $2 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 04206545 (insert)
(01)Maple Leaf Prime Stuffed and Marinated frozen chicken breasts any flavor $1 UPC 00606527 NED
(01)Martinelli's Sparkling Juice 25.4 oz bottles $1 WUB2 exp Dec 31/15 (hangtag)
(03)Mazola Oil 1.42L or 1.18L $1 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 67901151
(01)Nescafe Specialty Variety (any Cappuccino or Latte variety) $1 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 10038390
(03)NetiRinse product any $3 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 60319933
(03)Ocuvite Adult 50+ Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement $8 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 74212284
(01)Omega Pro 500g liquid egg product .50 NED UPC 42404167
(01)OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder any $2 exp Oct 31/15 UPC 65334554
(01)Pedigree Care & Treats products B1G1 FREE (maximum value $6) exp Nov 1/15 UPC 08312277
(02)Polysporin Eczema Essentials product any $3 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 04391513
(01)Purina Dog Chow (any size, any variety) $2 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 27678334
(01)Purina products $2 WUB $10 of participating Purina products exp Oct 31/15 UPC 27679571
(01)RestoraLAX any $3 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 60319454
(03)Robax product any $3 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 12926826
(01)Robin Hood Quick Bread product any .50 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 09244812
(01)Simple Face Care product $2 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 89289485
(01)Stevia in the Raw OR Sugar in the Raw product $1 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 51527860
(01)Trojan Lubricant any $2 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 65334536
(01)Trojan product any exp Dec 31/15 UPC 65334538
(03)Typhoo Tea 80ct regular or decaf .75 NED UPC 07505212
(04)Typhoo Tea 80ct regular or decaf .75 NED UPC 07505212 (different coupon from above but same UPC)
(01)Uncle Ben's Bistro Express Sides products (240g-250g, any flavor) $1 WUB2 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 08311942 (tearpad)
(02)Veet products any $1 WUB2 exp Sep 30/15 UPC 06557586
(12)Vlasic Pickles 1 litre jar any $1 exp Dec 31/15 UPC 63222418 (tearpad)
(02)Webber Naturals Omega-3 Supplements $2 exp Oct 31/15 UPC 43404315
(02)Webber Naturals Omega-3 Supplements $2 exp Mar 31/16 UPC 43404490
(01)Ziploc brand containers any $1.50 WUB2 exp Aug 31/15 UPC 33693444
(01)Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Manual or Battery Brush or Replacement Head $1.50 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 65334542
(04)Black Diamond Cheesestrings (16 or 28 pack) $1.50 WUB2 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 46217224
(01)Colgate Total Advanced Health 170mL toothpaste $1 exp Jul 6/15 UPC 80006620
(01)Colgate Total Mouthwash $2 exp Jul 6/15 UPC 80006622
(01)Cesar wet individual tray (100g, any variety) B2G1 FREE exp Jul 4/15 UPC 08312121
(01)Cesar wet multipack, any variety $3 exp Jul 4/15 UPC 08312088
(03)Del Monte Fruit Cans /Jars (398mL, 796mL or 540mL) $1 WUB2 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 44409715
(07)Dove hair OR skin care products any $1.50 WUB2 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 89289455
(01)Iams dry food for cats (1.3kg-10.7kg, any variety) exp Jul 31/15 UPC 08312176
(01)Iams Purrfect Delights or Purrfect Delicacies wet food B5G1 FREE exp Jul 31/15 UPC 08312189
(01)Iams dry food for dogs (4.2kg-17.5kg, any variety) $4 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 08312192
(01)Newman's Own BBQ Sauce any .75 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 36305663
(03)Newman's Own Pasta Sauce or Salsa .75 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 36305706
(01)Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Aerosol $1.50 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 33694779
(03)Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Aerosol or Trigger B1G1 FREE exp Jul 31/15 UPC 33694610
(01)Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner Trigger $1.50 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 33694766
(01)Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel B1G1 FREE exp Jul 31/15 UPC 33694779
(01)Snuggle product any $1 (excluding 20 count) exp Jul 31/15 UPC 72615199
(01)Thera Pearl Reusable Hot/Cold Therapy Product any $3 exp Jul 26/15 UPC 07906842
(04)Van Houtte K-Cup Packs $3 WUB2 exp Aug 1/15 UPC 1190424
(01)Vileda Bee mop $3 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 30004841
(01)Vileda Oskar broom $2 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 30004867
(01)Vileda ProMist mop $3 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 30004854
(01)Vileda Super Twist mop $2 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 30004870
(01)Weetabix 400g or any size Alpen or Grainshop cereal $1.50 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 84304243
(01)Weetabix 400g or any size Alpen or Grainshop cereal $1.50 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 84304256
(02)Windex triggers any $2 WUB2 exp Jul 31/15 UPC 33694593
Wish List:
Unilever insert

There may be some new tearpads I donít know about that I may want, so it helps to see your TRADE LIST.

Allergy products such as Reatine, Aerius, Claritin
Aveeno including baby
Dove bar soap, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, Menís Dove
Garnier hand lotion & Fructis shampoo
Gillette products $5 WUB3
G.U.M. Dental products
Huggies diapers & Pampers
J & J callins (Aveeno and baby products)
Live Clean including baby (not Spa or Fresh Face products)
L'Oreal Hair Expertise
Lubriderm hand lotion
Mitchum deodorant
Oil of Olay bar soap, body wash
Sensodyne toothpaste or any for sensitive teeth
Softsoap hand soap & body wash (or any brand of foaming hand wash)
Tom's of Maine toothpaste
TRESemme good on any
Vaseline Intensive Care lotion

Activia Greek yogurt
Becel margarine
Bullseye bar-b-q sauce
Bush's beans
Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios, Rice Chex, Special K, Shredded Wheat
Chapman's frozen dessert products
Cracker Barrel Cheddar Cheese (individually wrapped portion packs or block, not cheese slices)
Christie Rice Thins
Fresh fruit, salads or vegetables
Kozy Shack tapioca
LaGrille spices
Lipton pyramid tea
Melitta coffee
Mott's applesauce
Nature Valley Granola Thins
Oikos Greek yogurt
Orange juice - Tropicana
Oroville Redenbacher microwave popcorn
Peanut butter- natural such as Adams
Salsa, tortilla chips, pretzels (not WUB)
Silver Hills bakery bread
Smuckers jam
Sparkling mineral water- Perrier, Nestle
Stash tea, Tazo and Tetley tea
Tuna, salmon (not flavored)
Van Houtte k-cups
Weight Watchers products such as Smart Ones except Satisfying Selections,
RLF Weight Watchers breads
Yoplait Source yogurt

Arm & Hammer fridge deodorizer
Arm & Hammer laundry detergent or any brand that is unscented
Cascade dishwasher detergent or any gelpacs
Bathroom tissue
Dishwashing liquid-Palmolive, Sunlight, Dawn, Ivory
Greenworks good on any, or dishwashing liquid, not spray cleaner
Kleenex or Scotties facial tissue multi-paks, not individual boxes
Mr Clean
P & G inserts
Sunlight laundry liquid (not large size jug or scented)
Swiffer refills
Toilet Duck type liquid toilet bowl cleaners
Tinfoil , plastic wrap, garbage bags
Vileda or Mr Clean rubber gloves
Woolite or Ivory laundry soap


RLF: Curel, Jergens, Aerius, Claritin, Reactine, Live Clean, Simple, Belvita


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