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  1. Hi Bumper, to move a thread, you have to ask a mod to do it. Sorry I can't help with this one, maybe try caring, sally888 or amberlab about moving to the section it should go. Have a good night, must of just missed ya, Moe.
  2. Hi LittlemoeO,
    Just wondering if you know how to move a thread to a different section on SC? I need to move a thread I started to the new Shopper's Drug Mart Section, but I can't for the life of me figure out out to do it.
  3. Do you mean the new site? Yes I have, but I have to admit, I am a creature of habit, gotta get use to it, lol. R ya over there posting alot? If so, I will def. check it out again tonight.
  4. Hi Littlemoe,
    Hope you are having a good weekend and enjoying all this great weather. Did you get a chance to check out that new feature Boo added yet?
  5. Just dropping in to say Hi!
  6. Hi ya Bumper, thank you for the bday wishes, and I like the idea of partying all weekend cause it falls on a Thursday, may just have to do that. Take care, Moe.
  7. Happy Birthday. . When your birthday falls on a Thursday you get to celebrate all weekend - enjoy yourself!
  8. That's great Bumper, I haven't been out in a bit, but hoping to score the next time shopping as well. Guessing your finding your way around well, if ya need anything or just want to gab, give a shout, Moe.
  9. Busy day today. Received a really good coupon train and found a bunch at Loblaws. My dining room table is now covered in coupons! I think I'm going to have to quit my day job
  10. Just checkin in, how's things going this week?
  11. Thanks so much for the friend request bumper. Hope you have a great day, talk later, Moe.
  12. I use to do alot of them, went to to coupons, and now am trying to do a few contests each day. Nothing better than getting a winning email saying you won something.
  13. Doing a bit of everything. Coupon trades, tried a couple of trains and chatting in the tea room. Don't really do the contests though, as I never seem to have any luck winning stuff (don't really mind though as don't I seem to have any bad luck either ).
  14. That's great, and I would trade with ya anyday. Glad to hear you are enjoying SC so much, it is alot of fun. Are you just doing the coupons, or are ya trying the contests and gabbing in the tearoom?
  15. Having a blast Littlemoe. Can't beleive all the nice people, great tips and coupies out there. Would love to do another trade with you soon (just working on updating my trade list today, as I've been getting some really good ones lately).
  16. Hi ya Bumper, just checkin in on ya. Looks like things are going great, glad to see. If ya need anything, just give a shout. Take care, Moe.
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