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  1. Thanks for your help with the rep button and all the other info for navigating the site in the link you sent me. This is going to save me a bunch of time on all kinds of stuff I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to do! Really liking this site too and will like it even more now, great people and great ideas.
  2. Your welcome! Its at the bottom of the persons post here is a brief discription from the site: Reputation button: () This is the button you use to add to someones reputation. When you click on it a little menu will pop down and you can select either positive or negative. You also have the option to leave a message
    Here is the link to teh thread, it has great info!

    I am addicted to this site, so many nice ppl!! I am sure you will love it...I started in October
  3. Thanks for the rep Vee Vee. How do you leave someone a rep BTW (just learning SC still)?
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