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  1. hey Carla -thanks for the rep -great seeing you on here again
  2. Hello! I've been doing great!! Just busy with life lol....I sell Scentsy warmers now since June & been doing alot of baking for a bake sale tomorrow! I'm still couponing but haven't had alot of time to be on SC much lol...Hope all is well with you too!
    Looking forward to redeeming tomorrow 1x $210
  3. hey carly how are you doing??
  4. thanks carly -for the valentines wish -you have a great valentines day
  5. Hi! Thanks...yes its been stressful dealing with losing my SDM points! but still trying to get them back! got our baking done & just need to wrap some gifts.
    Merry Christmas to you & family!
  6. hey carly hang in there-you must have a lot going on -try to enjoy the holidays with loved ones
  7. Thanks! I tried to get the Axe bw travel sizes but all 3 stores were cleaned out!! Lots of couponers here, lol
    Looking forward to Mega Bonus weekend too!!
  8. hey carly i was so glad to get the 3,000 points on the 3 -axel body wash that was the trial size -that i got for free-after my 1.00 cpns-i know how it feels to you-awesome
  9. Thanks for the rep!! What coupon did you use on the Club house chickhen spices!! I love those!!
  10. thanks carly for the thanksgiving wishes -i have to work all weekend -having my family on monday
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you & family! Going to be a nice weekend!! Mom, DS & I are headed to my sisters near Fergus on Saturday...might make it to St Jacobs too!

  12. thanks for the rep carly
  13. thanks for the nice rep -i just went back to work after the summer i had -so too tired to shop shoppers
  14. thanks for the rep-way to go on zellers deals
  15. thank you for the rep
  16. thanks for the rep
  17. carly have a great one -i know you will!
  18. Oh glad your mom's surgery went well too!! Yes, its exhausting & stressful waiting all day at the hospital!!! Treat yourself to a Calgon day!!! We need to pamper ourselves too!!!
    I went to SDM Smashbox gala & makeover last night...walked out with $200 of stuff & used my points!! hehe My treat for my Birthday today!! lol
    Have a great day!!
  19. opps forgot-so glad your aunts surgery went well-take care now
  20. thank you carly for being so nice and asking how my mom was -her surgery went great she has a new pacemaker and is good for another 7 years-i am exhaused i spent 7 hrs at the hospital -but came home to one of my trains getting home -that always puts a smile on my tired face
  21. Hi! Thinking of you & your mom today...Hope all goes with with her surgery....Thanks for your kinds words & prayers for my aunt....she had her brain surgery in Hamilton yesterday & things went well...still along haul ahead for her...All the best & prayers to you & family!
  22. thanks for the rep carly -wow you are certainly right -cranky people -i just want happiness-i am too busy taking my mom for needles -working -and her operation tomorrow-i am exhaused-but i still love s.c
  23. thanks for the rep carly -i might not make the next red at shoppers working 8 hours that day -plus gotta save
  24. thanks for the rep-way to go on your win
  25. Thats sounds nice!! Enjoy your weekend too!!! I went back to Zellers bill $67 - coupons = $6.97 & used the purina one coupons to pay for my stuff!! haha
  26. right back at you-have a super great weekend -today we are going to see our daughter in toronto-spent the day taking my mom out yersterday
  27. Thanks for your comment...outta reps for ya!! Have a great weekend!! The weather is so nice today!!!
  28. Awwww thanks!! I love helping out mom & my family with freebies & such!! Yesterday she was going to go to SDM to get dish soap, smellies etc for her office & I said, no no!!! I have the stuff here, lol so i made up a baggie of items for her! Told her to just shop at my store!!! haha
    Have a great week too...looks like the sun is coming out & no rain so far!!!
  29. you are an awesome daughter -had to tell you that -have a great day and thanks for the nice rep
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