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  1. Hello! Thanks for the cute pics on my page. Geez it's been months since I've looked at my profile lol. Just busy with life and pop in to check the deals weekly
    hope all is well and enjoy your Thanksgiving!
  2. Natalka, thanks so much for the Birthday wishes & post in the Tea Room! I've been so busy I didn't see it until now lol...Very much appreciate all the kind words & thoughts! Thank you! Had a great Birthday weekend also!
  3. Thanks so much for the rep!
  4. What a cute pic above! Thanks for the rep and the explanation - sometimes the SDM stuff is baffling for me...
  5. Thanks for all your reps! Love the quotes! Have a great weekend too!!

  6. Thanks for the rep & the quote! How true!! Its so hard to lose someone close & even tho most of us didn't know NancyM its like family here! so she will be truely missed!

    LOL at your pic!! Looks like he is enjoying the pie!!! haha
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