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  1. Thank you for the rep boost, hope you have a great weekend, Moe.
  2. You will do great with the train, they get addicting too. If you need anything, just give a shout, glad to hear you are really enjoying sc, Moe.
  3. I'm doing great thanks so much for you help, I even joined a coupon train! I am like a real SCer now! I still get lost in the boards sometimes, but maybe that is half the fun.
  4. Just checking in to see how things are going for you, and that your finding your way around ok, Moe.
  5. Hi cheeps, yes LD does let you stack coupons, now I can't where I am, but as far as I understand, say you want to buy a glade product, you can use different coupons as long as the upc codes are all different, for example, a glade candle, you may have a couponspecific for that, then a $2 off any glade, and then another $1 off any glade, as long as the upc codes at the bottom of each coupon are different, you can use them all on that one product. I know it works well for diapers, wipes, dove products, other shampoos, body washes, old spice, gilette, laundry soap, toothpaste, smellie stuff, and even pet food and some certain grocery's, as long as ld carries it. When and if you are ready, I will find someone on here that is the stacking queen to answer some questions for you. Where (province)out west do you live?
  6. Hi thanks for the welcome, I'm trying to understand the whole stacking thing with coupons, I've a London drugs near me and I'm kind of sure that is one of the needed things to be able to stack, not sure which coupons can stack on others though.
  7. HI cheeps and Welcome to SC. If you need any help, please just give me a shout. Have a great weekend, Moe.
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