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  1. Friday rep for you! Yay to feeling better!
  2. Thank you. I've a ways to go yet, but I'm starting to feel better - finally.
  3. Happy that you gave fresh air a chance to help you feel better!
  4. Thank you. It's warm, & I did sit out for awhile, but then, back to bed.
  5. See if you can slip ginger (ground or fresh) into some soup soon to see if you get a break in your cold/cough. I'm seeing on Twitter the marvels of drinking celery juice. To me, a can of V8 juice is tomato celery juice with too much salt. Is the air warm outside where you are? 20min ought to help give you a change of scenery. May you feel super duper soon!
  6. Thanks 4 the rep.
    I think I'll live. I've been really sick, but I think I'm on the mend. This cough & tight chest are still pretty bad, but I've been in bed for over a week now, thought I'd try staying up for awhile.
  7. Friday-the calm after the windy days and no rain. Rep for your long weekend-have some fun!
  8. Thank you for the rep. How is your mid-week going? Seems a day early. Last week, it was a day ahead (like something out of a storybook).
  9. Aww! Maybe a Canada Goose will walk by on the lawn on its way to a pond, like one did this afternoon at my place to get across the road.
    Sunshine will come with Mr. Wind and dry that lawn soon.
  10. I tried to mow my back yard, but the lawn mower just sunk in all the water.
  11. Seize today if the weather's drier or lighter in rain! I made hay by cutting grass while sun was over the front yard. Fun.
  12. More rain tomorrow followed by snowy slop. Make hay today while sun shines!
  13. Yesterday was a treat! Today is sunny too-think I have a sun or windburn as a result. Have to remember sunscreen! Getting your vitamin D fix is good!
  14. Played a $1 scratch ticket (someone loaned me 10c) and I won $1 back. Gave the person 25c. Not a pot of gold but it was fun. Hope you found something wonderful today on St. Patrick's Day!
  15. No sun here, just a very cold wind. Hit about 80km / hr. Uncomfortable walking.
  16. Not too bad today but one cannot walk in that windchill with heavy bags. My fleece gloves are about -10C worthy then circulation comes into play. Hence my liking that sunshine being outside when I am outdoors!
  17. I agree. It would be great if it could remain like this, and across the country.
  18. I turn the clocks ahead before 9pm and seem to have managed the time shift.
    But I'd like Canada to be on standard time across the land-all the provinces & territories would have to think the same, not just think about the US.
  19. Yes, busy Friday! You'll want to enjoy the clock change with feet up in your favourite seat and just be!
  20. Well let's see, I took my car into the shop, and waiting for a call that it's done; did some cleaning, and a real estate agent is coming by to assess my house - what price I should ask for when I list. So, it feels like it's been a busy day.
  21. Good afternoon, 22hicks! Have to remember to check PC Plus and Sobeys offers. Not chasing deals today! What's on your agenda for the day?
  22. It's the wash, dry and snow edition of the weekend. Huffing clouds are really vocal right now!
    Keep warm
  23. The sunshine is out so that makes the day better. Made sure to have breakfast before 9am when the drama began today. Drama is mostly over-just waiting for last signoff.
  24. Very glad to have a child's plastic snow shovel in a cheery colour. It's lightness makes heavy snow a tad easier to move around in nooks and on hills. Heads up on ice dams on the rooftops! Drip drip drip freeze here.
  25. Today calls for either toast & tea or a bowl of buttered popcorn and second viewing of Star Trek Beyond. Umbrella Tuesday-keep dry!
  26. I was restless last night too despite warm flannel. Must be the dark chocolate in the Nourish bars I had after 8pm (caffeine).
  27. Guess lots of pizzas will have been enjoyed by Blue Jays' fans who watched the game!
    Happy you are happy about the game outcome!
  28. T'was a good day! May your Thursday be a SmartCanuck one!
  29. Sunny & breezy here for Tuesday! Great day to check out the "new" Homesense and Marshalls stores in my town. Not looking forward to the rainy days to follow. Should think about fall bulb planting...
  30. Sunny today as the 30% POP happened in the morning. Enjoy today as much as possible!
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