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  1. Weather rollercoaster for another week! Love the sunshine today but I needed to have gloves and forgot them. Oh well, the heat returns next week.
  2. When summer brings its "A" game to September 2017-beverage companies rejoice as humans try to stay hydrated...hope you are hydrated and keeping cool in the heatwave. Two more days-counting down on the calendar.
  3. I sure hope it does; you've had this long enough.
  4. So-so weekend. Still blowing cold saliva like mucus on what is day 5 or 6 now. Carrying tissues when I go out and get stuffy ever so often. Will have curried lentils tomorrow-expecting tumeric to help.
  5. I felt good that some of the cleanup got done. Still have to corral some things in my room (IKEA fairy, come on down!).
    I salute your resolve to stay in bed. Sometimes bed is best when not feeling the best.
  6. No, not really. Spent most of the day in bed.
    But I bet you felt good after the "stuff" was cleaned up.
  7. ​Yesterday was clean stuff up day! Warm/hot too. Did you have some fun yesterday?
  8. I hope you do, but this cold weather I'm sure isn't helping much.
  9. Wishing you an awesome weekend in return, @22hicks! I'll be happy to lose this cold soon :0
  10. Happy Friday night, 22hicks! Severe storm warning on now for Southern Ontario. Hope you got any outdoor tasks done so the rain can do its thing.
  11. I hope it improves there for you.
  12. You and your puppy were taking turns making sure you were both comfortable? Helps to have a little company when there is pain. Or illness.
    On edge over recent drama at home. I don't see a way out yet.
  13. On edge? About what?
    Mine wasn't great. Had a surgical procedure, so was in some pain, and, my puppy Jake's been ill for the past week.
    So, all & all the past 2 weeks actually svcked, but I think we're both getting better.
  14. How was your weekend?
    My weekend was ok. Nothing exciting. Still feeling a little on edge.
  15. I love the sun, but where there's a will, there's a way.
  16. Yes, the day needs momentuum. Found some at the mall in the a/c while browsing. Where did you find your momentuum today?
  17. Yes to sunshine and the outdoors (and cool beverages as required). Glad you are feeling better.
  18. Great. I've been outside most of the day. It was so nice having some warm weather at last. No way I'm staying in, I've waited too long for this. I can stay in all winter.
  19. ​6am walk to library to beat the heat and to return books. Keeping cool indoors-thankful for chilly wind again! How are you doing today?
  20. It's a lovely weekend weatherwise and the grass got cut yesterday. Much will be awesome should I find cash to buy more Pepsi Throwback but otherwise it's not happening today.
    Wanting you to feel absolutely fabulous soon if not today!
  21. Friday rep for you! Yay to feeling better!
  22. Thank you. I've a ways to go yet, but I'm starting to feel better - finally.
  23. Happy that you gave fresh air a chance to help you feel better!
  24. Thank you. It's warm, & I did sit out for awhile, but then, back to bed.
  25. See if you can slip ginger (ground or fresh) into some soup soon to see if you get a break in your cold/cough. I'm seeing on Twitter the marvels of drinking celery juice. To me, a can of V8 juice is tomato celery juice with too much salt. Is the air warm outside where you are? 20min ought to help give you a change of scenery. May you feel super duper soon!
  26. Thanks 4 the rep.
    I think I'll live. I've been really sick, but I think I'm on the mend. This cough & tight chest are still pretty bad, but I've been in bed for over a week now, thought I'd try staying up for awhile.
  27. Friday-the calm after the windy days and no rain. Rep for your long weekend-have some fun!
  28. Thank you for the rep. How is your mid-week going? Seems a day early. Last week, it was a day ahead (like something out of a storybook).
  29. Aww! Maybe a Canada Goose will walk by on the lawn on its way to a pond, like one did this afternoon at my place to get across the road.
    Sunshine will come with Mr. Wind and dry that lawn soon.
  30. I tried to mow my back yard, but the lawn mower just sunk in all the water.
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