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  1. Thanks ceil - i have always loved winners (its hit or miss for me in clothing)but the few toys i got for grandkids was great prices .Oh and i am enjoying a large candle $13.00 reg 16.99 vanilla cinnamon scent ,so lovely .Have a great night.
  2. thanks for the rep -nothing like a nice hot bath .Have a great weekend .
  3. ceil -my sister-in-law was in the dark about a lot of financial decisions my brother made -so she was not aware and they did move and lose the house ,they are in an apt now

    I just hate when people say I won at the casino,first off how much did you spent then tell me what you won .
  4. yes i think the popcorn cost me $8.45 with the butter which was .99 cents -but so worth it and i loved downtown abbey movie
  5. thanks ceil -yes i did fall down about 5 steps my bottom is bruised ,but leg is feeling a lot better as its been 5 days since fall,we are going to make the stairs better with a stipple tread on them
  6. thanks for the rep -yes I love bed bath and beyond -I always use their 20% off cpn too -last month got the hand and foot cream from o'keefs it sure is awesome stuff also love indigo -yep some purchases today are xmas gifts
  7. I look forward to seeing the movie on DVD when I can watch at home. I don't have to explain the book title to Mom so the plan is to have the house to myself to watch it (unless of course my laptop is repaired next month, then I can watch it where I like).
  8. thanks for the rep -the movie "book club" was good I enjoyed it
  9. thanks for the rep-yep those bottles/cans do add up
  10. thanks for the rep -yes homemade muffins are the best -love reading about your bottle journeys -keeping our city clean and all the deposits do add up
  11. thanks for the rep -yep Epsom salts help
  12. That's a great use of the oil! Your hair will thank you.
  13. hi-how true kd is okay on the odd night -hubby and I don't like to add to it -he likes his plain and I like ketchup on it -lol
  14. Yes, that is the rewards card. I get asked about it at HBC when I am paying for a purchase. Since I redeem my e gift cards in the store, the question comes up. I have too many loyalty program tags as it is. I'm sure one or two of them will end up being ignored by the end of the year.

    I noticed that on Monday, Hudson's Bay offers a discount to shoppers using the store credit card for payments. I'm not sure Lime Ridge Mall will be open but Square One and Toronto Eaton Centre (they have tourist area designations) will be open on Monday. Other malls are closed except for restaurants like those at CF Sherway Gardens
  15. hey what is the hudsons bay vip card -do you mean HBC rewards card cause I use that and get 2 times the points -thanks
  16. thanks for the rep -yep we do learn from life -lol
  17. I went to Queenston because it was the easiest to get to and I know that location seems to have items I can wear. Fennell location does not work for me (sizes are too small) and Burlington is too far to go by Sunday bus service (but I found last year's winter jacket there).
  18. thank goodness I only bought 2 long sleeve tops for hubby and I at value village -one day before 50% off -oh well say la vie I still love shopping thrift
  19. haha made me laugh -yep nobody asks my neighbour for his opinions or views -thanks for the rep
  20. well I have a hubby that doesn't read books -so may use it for an xmas gift for granddaughter -he said fine
  21. hi-thanks for the rep-yep I guess her mom never showed her how to stuff a turkey (my daughter-in-law) she said they never really had turkey only at xmas growing up
  22. thanks for the rep- yep you are right so quite-so peacefull walking yesterday
  23. Never had the icewine with dessert because that seems like too much sugar. Became a fan of Kittling Ridge's icewine & brandy-(not too sweet and the brandy gives a nice warming feel) when someone gave Mom a gift packaged bottle. You can get a mini-bottle at the checkout end-cap for $3.95 or so to try it.
  24. thanks for the rep=I hate ice wine only drank a bit of it for a toast
  25. thanks for the rep-stay warm
  26. thanks for the tip -I am getting ready to go to sister-in-laws for a bit -out in car (cold) might make me feel a bit better haven't been out since mon
  27. thanks for the rep -how true
  28. thanks for the rep -we walked around the area of albion falls-it really was nice out
  29. thanks for the rep-I don't really have any good cups-lol -no fine china here -but I love the tazeo tea
  30. thanks for the rep -yep not into buying evelyn and crabtree too expensive for me -but in the thrifty thread I posted I got one in Niagara on the lake and she took the 10.00 paper giftcard from 3 years ago-nice treat for in my purse in the winter time for 5.00 I figure
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